Have You Been Drinking Flame Retardant?

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

gatorade692(KTLA) – The makers of Gatorade say they will no longer be using an ingredient linked to flame retardant in their sports drinks.

“Brominated vegetable oil” is a synthetic chemical that has been used in Europe as a flame retardant.

The company says it has been exploring a way to remove the ingredient for more than a year, without affecting the flavor of their drinks.

More than 2,000 people signed a petition on change.org, asking Gatorade to remove the chemical.

A spokesman for the company says the new drinks will roll out in the next few months.

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    • eganmedical

      You bring up an excellent point! Let's all go to change dot org and create a petition demanding that cities, towns and counties all across America stop providing convenient access to flame retardant by delivering it via a complex system of underground pipes to people's homes so that all they have to do is turn a knob and the toxic stuff comes our and starts flowing.

      Then, we'll target one to all grocery stores, pharmacies, gas stations and anyplace else that sells flame retardant in a bottle and demand that they stop selling it too.

      An international ban on swimming in lakes, rivers, oceans, seas, swimming pools, ditches and creeks would naturally be the next step after this.

  • guest

    Most Flame Retardants are also non-toxic due to safety codes. So its no surprise that you might see some cross over with foods or drinks. Just more hippies freaking out without doing research or knowing there elbow from there. Well you know the rest. Unless your a dumb reactionary hippie.

    • goodguest

      OK Bubba, you go ahead and keep drinking the Bromide. Being dismissive about "hippies" not doing THEIR research — what about about yours? If you read before commenting, you would know the substance is BANNED in Europe and Japan. Tons of medical research linking it to myriad heath problems. Let me guess — besides this local Simi Valley TV station, your trusted source of information is Fox, perhaps?

    • eganmedical

      Gatorade is being singled out because Change dot org attracts a demographic of people who don't think for themselves, and can be guided like a herd into doing whatever is asked of them so long as you tell them its good for the children.

      Someone who either despises people and companies that succeed for whatever reason, or a competitor like Coke or Pepsi (whichever owns Powerade) probably got someone to infiltrate their circles before exposing the fact that Gatorade uses an ingredient that's used in other products that are completely unrelated.

      These people don't actually stop to consider the possibility of there being no adverse health effects due to consumption of the chemical. It's used in FLAME RETARDANT, and these people have been conditioned to think that any person or entity that earns money must have done something nefarious in order to get it.

      Does this answer your question?

  • Buck Turgidson

    So, has brominated vegetable oil actually been shown to have any unhealthy side effects? Or is this just more ignorant hysteria about OMG! CHEMICALS IN OUR FOOD!

    Here’s a headline for you to pursue: they coat fruits in WAX! WAX is used in CANDLES for pete’s sake, it has no place in our FOOD!

  • cateblanchett068

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  • DaveDragon

    Excerpt from: http://voices.yahoo.com/the-dangers-additive-brom

    I've taken the liberty to include the list of the effects of BVO are from the Natural Thyroid Choices Website This websites primarily discusses about the soda Mountain Dew, but it can pertain to any of the drinks that contain BVO in them.

    Abdominal cramps
    Blurred vision
    Constricted pupils
    Cyanosis (skin blueness)
    Heart beat malfunction
    Tremors of the tongue and eyelids
    Muscular cramps
    Respiritory difficulty
    Slow pulse
    Vomiting (1)

    Other possible side effects I found listed in other sources also includes birth defects, growth problems, memory loss and fatigue (2) & (3)