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Hazmat Scare Forces Evacuations in Simi Valley

SIMI VALLEY (KTLA) – A hazmat scare involving some smoking, foaming barrels of chemicals forced the evacuation of a dozen residents in five homes in Simi Valley early Saturday morning (Jan. 26).

Hazmat teams from Ventura and Oxnard responded to the call, and discovered two 55-gallon barrels of roofing chemicals bubbling over and emitting a noxious odor.

“If you can picture ‘The Blob’ coming out, just a lot of foam bubbling out of the top,” said Capt. Mike Lindery with Ventura County Fire.  “We all know foam is pretty flammable, so we had fire on top of that.  It looked a little surreal.”

After a few hours the 12 residents living around the alleyway where the barrels were located — near the intersection of Stearns St. and Cochran St. — were allowed to return to their homes.