Long Sky Hook, Long Hug from LeBron

MIAMI, FLA – The half-court shot he made was miraculous — but what he’ll remember for the rest of his life is what happened after the shot.

Michael Drysch from Illinois found himself mid-court at the AmericanAirlines Arena on Friday night (Jan. 25), looking to try to sink an impossible shot for $75,000.

The 50-year-old computer technician had been randomly selected by Heat star LeBron James’ Family Foundation to attempt the shot.

Drysch took the ball and let fly a long, one-armed, right-handed sky hook — that touched nothing but net.

When the ball sailed through for the $75,000 prize, Drysch himself was stunned.

But he was no more surprised than LeBron, whose excitement led him to charge onto the court and tackle Drysch to the floor in a giant bear hug.

Drysch will long remember his remarkable long shot — and his even longer hug from an NBA superstar.

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