Basketball Game Turns Batty, Announcers Cower

MILWAUKEE, WI (KTLA) – It wasn’t a case of throwing in the towel.  It was a case of wearing them.

ESPN announcers covering the Marquette-Providence NCAA basketball game in Milwaukee’s Bradley Center took shelter under their towels when a bat took wing inside the arena and disrupted play several times.

Some of the more resourceful players from both benches tried using towels to corral the bat in mid-air, to no avail.

Meanwhile, from under their towels, ESPN’s announcing duo of Sean Kearney and Mike Couzens provided up-to-the-second bat play-by-play, as the fans’ interest turned away from the court and into the bat’s airspace above them.

As a last-ditch measure to restore order, the lights in the arena were turned off briefly.  When they were flipped back on, the bat was nowhere to be found.

That allowed the courageous announcers to emerge from their towel-refuge and continue the game calling.

Just for the record, Marquette beat Providence, 81-71.  And it was Bat 2, Announcers 0.

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