Rainy Morning Makes for Slick Roads, Dangerous Conditions

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

ALTADENA (KTLA) – Continuing scattered showers on Sunday morning (Jan. 27) made for slick roads and dangerous driving conditions across many parts of Southern California.

The dangers were compounded by mist and fog in the air that reduced visibility.

The light fog extended over areas around LAX Sunday morning, but did not affect flights in or out of the region.

California Highway Patrol reported more than 100 traffic accidents in LA County overnight, with many likely due to the slick road conditions.  The number compares with 50 during a comparable period last week, with drier conditions.

Authorities said one accident on the 101 Freeway south in Tarzana near Lindley Ave. was likely due to hydroplaning on the wet roads.

In that accident, four passengers in a vehicle went over the side of the freeway and one was ejected.  All were treated for injuries and taken to area hospitals.

The rain was expected to continue is scattered sections for several hours through Sunday morning.

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  • Mark

    Every rainy day in LA its the same thing…and the news articles saying its the slick roads. Truth is…its horrible drivers who get the wakeup call that tailgating at 75mph is absolutely stupid….rain or shine. And now your car is wrecked and maybe you or someone else is in the hospital. Hopefully at least one person will read this and decide to slow down a little. Are you going to be smart? Or are you going to be a statistic who's car looks like the one in the photo above?

  • fidolido

    Stop blaming road conditions and start blaming moron drivers who don't have any sense to stop speeding in the rain. If caught speeding in the rain, revoke their license for 6 months and make them carpool. If texting, revoke forever as they certainly don't care for anyone else.

  • malikprince839

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