Sixth Postage Hike in Eight Years

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

stamp692WASHINGTON (KTLA) – The price of a postage stamp is going up again, effective Sunday (Jan. 27).

A first-class stamp will cost 46 cents, up from 44 cents.

It’s the sixth price hike by the U.S. Post Office in the past eight years.

The postal service has said the increase is necessary after record losses over the past several years.  Analysts say the losses are attributable at least in part to more people using email rather than conventional ‘snail mail.’

As a result of the fiscal challenges facing the Post Office, more cost-cutting measures may be on the way, including the discontinuation of Saturday mail delivery, and the closing of thousands of distribution centers and post offices.

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  • One man one voice

    Prime example that government cannot operate a business, regardless of how often they raise the rates. The more they have, the more they spend. Imagine what consequences FedEx would see if it raised its rates six times in 8 years. They would be out of business. Post office does it because it is a monopoly.

    • MyVoiceIsInformed

      The USPS is not a government entity in the way that you are describing. They are funded differently, and it is the pension systems that are currently bankrupting it. I am not defending the USPS, I loathe having to do business there, but I just had to take the time to tell you that you are an idiot

    • wajlmao

      FedEx raises their rates every year between 3% and 7%
      So does UPS and every other transportation company.
      They also add on fuel surcharges.

  • Rene

    I was sending 300+ packages per day using postal pickup. They have so many convoluted rules about packages (it must be 3/4" thick to use delivery confirmation or you must use a rigid mailer; large envelope flat has to be at least 6 x 9 and this many inches thick, etc.) that I spent more time trying to figure out their BS system that I gave it up and went with UPS. Not to mention damaged and lost packages, asking people on the other end for postage due that wasn't correct, ending up in PO'd customers for me. The mail carriers are rude and horrible as are the workers at the post office. Their insurance and "promised delivery dates" for express and priority are a joke. I was spending more than $60,000 a year on USPS postage, and now that goes to UPS with a lot better treatment. I bet I'm not the only small business to bail. If they treated people like me better, maybe they wouldn't be going BROKE!

  • real and true

    Get rid of the union workers. High School diploma making 80k plus benes a year for 40 hours? Are you kidding me? Talk about union greed! Attitude problems as well. USPS should do like Hostess did. If you don't like the prevailing wage because of your dumb union, we will just close up shop and file for bankruptcy protection. Than go and get a real job for 12 to 15 an hour ; )

  • Tom

    The USPS ought to be able to do whatever they need to do to keep up with private business. People complain about increasing postage rates but happily pay UPS or FedEx market value to ship their packages. In many ways the Post Office has their hands tied because it is a public entity. Let them charge what they need to and cover their costs / avoid cutbacks. It should be higher than 46 cents per stamp. If people want to use their service they will pay the rates.