FBI: Accused ‘Sextortionist’ Targeted Hundreds of Women

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GLENDALE — This is quite the family…according to investigators, prosecutors and neighbors.  A federal judge today described them as a “den of thieves.”

The Kazaryans live here in Glendale in a modest condominium complex. And they do not like being in the spotlight of a TV camera.

With a slam of the front door — that was the last comment from a member of the Kazaryan family of Glendale.

FBI agents and federal prosecutors have a very different opinion of the case against 27 – year- old Karen Kazaryan … commonly known as “Gary.”

He’s accused of victimizing at least 350 women…by hacking into their Facebook, Skype and e-mail accounts.  It’s called “sextortion.”

Agents say Kazaryan blackmailed the women into showing him their naked or half-naked bodies. According to the charges — he would hack into their accounts and change the passwords, locking **them out** and himself **in.**

Then he would blackmail them with threats of making the pictures public until the posed nude for him.

Kazaryan now faces several counts of computer intrusion and aggravated identity theft.

Neighbor Timothy Ratcliff says he’s had problems with the entire family over the years at the condo complex.

“There’s just been something off with them…screaming all night,” Ratcliff says. “Something not quite right.  A year ago FBI agents and a SWAT team went into that place with guns drawn.  We still don’t have any

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1 Comment

  • Ricco Suave

    Seems like a lot of effort for something so stupid. Plenty of nudity online to see without breaking the law in such serious fashion.