L.A. to Crackdown on Immigrant Birthing Hotels

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

LOS ANGELES (KTLA) — It’s a growing trend: Asian mothers coming to Los Angeles County to have their babies in so-called “birthing hotels.”

They’re spending up to $20,000 to have their babies in the United States, ensuring that the children are U.S. citizens.

But now, authorities are cracking down on these makeshift maternity hotels.

The recent crop of hotels has been concentrated in the San Gabriel Valley — specifically, Chino Hills and Rowland Heights.

The practice does not violate federal immigration laws, but local governments can crack down on the hotels for zoning or building code violations.

“This is just an absolutely illegal operation, jeopardizing the health of the mother and the baby,” says Don Knabe, L.A. County Supervisor.

According to Knabe, there have been 60 complaints about such facilities in the past month.

Authorities believe someone may be operating an illegal birthing hotel at an apartment complex in Rowland Heights, and neighbors have their suspicions.

The recent surge in complaints may be due to the media coverage about a house in Chino Hills back in November.

That’s when authorities found that the single family home had been divided into 17 bedrooms and 17 bathrooms and used as a makeshift maternity ward.

The illegal operation was shut down, and Knabe is now developing a law to outlaw any other unlicensed birthing centers.

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  • Jen

    i live in near by hacienda heights and ive seen at least 7 pregnant women coming out of this apartment complex at once…i thought maybe they were part of some club lol but this is really shocking to hear! i had no idea such a thing existed! why cant they just go to hospitals?!

    • enough is enough

      because in a hospital setting you need proof of insurance and some form of ID my problem is that this can all be solve instantly babies birth records should show information on the mother and father as well as he address its very simple then all these births can be trace

  • Anonymous

    I definitely know one of these hotels. It is the "Santa Anita Inn" located at : 130 W. Huntington Dr. Arcadia CA 91007 Tel: (626) 446 – 5211

    • Really sick of it

      I concur with this message. They are also taking over the Extended Stay Hotel on Santa Clara. I have personally seen van loads of pregnant Chinese being dropped off there. It is sickening and disgusting. They are rude, self-centered, selfish, very noisy ( I mean really, Shut Up!!) They are making what was once a very beautiful city, ugly and gross.

  • enough is enough

    man leave it to the chinese very clever seems hat the things people from other countries do by no means can we do it in there country i have a two birthday i wow i can charge maybe 50.000 a birth but its illegal due that its not in a hospital setting and besides do they gave operating permits and what if the mother have a heart attack on the birthing table this should have stopped long time ago and the law should be applied nationally

  • Naw Cho Cheesy

    Mother and father should both be American Citizens living in the country when the child is born .This anchor baby scam needs to be stopped same for Career welfare Mothers whom have another child every year and get rewarded with a raise and bigger homes for a job well done .All these people trying to cheat and milk the system for anything and everything they can get should be denied benefits and sent to pull their own weight.You don't work you don't eat.We really need to start reevaluating our laws and enforcing them instead of just putting them on the books,…seriously.

  • really

    what where going to do something about illegals why is it only Asians we seem to have no problem with the Mexican's how hypocritical why not give them amnesty the like the rest of them. Everyone else is living the California dream why not!

  • Not Me

    Hey, American citizen here for 40 years. All I do when I visit a doctor is to give a fictitious Hispanic name. No ID required, I receive care, and never pay the bill. Thank you Obama.

  • mark

    why don't all of these mongrols fix their own country,instead of being cowards and fleeing to a country called the USA,that doesn't want them here!………

    • David l.

      Sounded kinda racist there Mark, but its spelled "Mongolians" and that is a different culture from Chinese. The reason why the Chinese and to some extent Koreans are involved in this is because they want their children to be able to attend good schools in the US. It is very difficult and expensive to go to their respective schools. They want the best for their children as much as you or I would.

      I'm not condoning this type of activity as they should come to the States and legally go through immigration.

  • sailbyme

    L.A. mayor villa la raza encourages his third world ignorant uneducated mexican people to drop kids like a pez dispenser but the smart Asians he's against. Go figure. He's just another stupid mexican.

    • Greg

      Why won't the websites Administrator's delete stupid comments like this? Come on Admin's do your job…..or do you agree with stupid comments like this?

      • sau sage

        I agree with everything he said, except for the last sentence. Only the La Raza types like Villarqaigosa are stupid, They all want to take over Southwestern US by popping out babies.

  • Guest

    Well, with the Mexican populatioopn coming in and popping out their spawn why not?

    I call "discrimination" !

    If Mexicans can come in pop out their spawn why discriminate against others?

  • Fred

    I currently live in this apartment holmes where this is happening in Rowland Heights, CA. i have been here for a little over a year and I seen some strange actions going on. Every single day I've seen about 5 or more pregnant women walking around. There was a time I counted 16 pregnant women and all of them were Asain. In weekends I seen some go into to white vans and get dropped off. They have cooks and cleaners delivered to them. My neighbors complex is constantly cooking and making loud noises. Their living room is turn into a kitchen and there bedrooms are dinning tables. I've seen three complex that has this resturant dinning thing going on, and im pretty sure there is plenty of more. Not only that Ive past buy serveral complex all with matching picture frames where these women were staying.

  • sau sage

    I'm not too concerned about illegal Asians, they have to come here by plane, so maybe 20+ illegals come in everyday. I'm more concerned about the thousands that cross the southern border. They're taking over the entire state and country, that most jobs now require bilingual Spanish – English.

    Anyway, Mayor Villaraigosa doesn't mind them because they are his relatives. He'll crack down on illegal Asians, Russians, whatever, except people from his own race.

  • Rockina2

    Obviously the majority of posters here missed the whole point of the article and Supervisor Knabe's concerns. These people are NOT illegal immigrants. They come here to have there children then go back home. Immigration is NOT the subject here! Lack of hospital type conditions, no permitting and general health are!

    Some people just can't get illegals out of their heads!

  • Gina

    It's happening everywhere, in your own backyards. Get involved, reach out to your local agencies, let your voices be heard. We can stop this sort of business if our voices are heard. Check out notinchinohills.org for more information.

    • sau sage

      With Obama as president, and Villaraigosa as Mayor, the only ones that will be prosecuated are the non-hispanic illegals, which are probably just 1/20th of the illegal hispanic numbers.

  • Greg

    Why do all you people always have to drag Mexicans into a story?! This story has to do with Asains and you bring up Mexicans……the hate some of you feel for this people is so apparent! Get over yourselves and stick to the topics!!

      • Greg

        What rights do they have….NONE! Thats why you call them illegal!!

        Just so you know more of our money is given away to other countries, like Pakistan, who provides safe haven to terrorist! That should worry you more!

      • really sick of it

        Absolutely!!! They walk into Emergency rooms wearing expensive clothes and jewelry driving an expensive Mercedes with medicare cards. Yet i am struggling bad and the welfare people tell me that $1,400 a month is too much for 4 people to have food stamps.

    • sau sage

      There's no hate. it's just funny that Los Angeles city is so concerned about illegal Asians, when they can just walk outside city hall and see illegal Hispanics by the hundreds.

      There is descrimination, especially from our La Raza mayor Villaraigosa.

  • Original OG

    The illeagals have birthing neighbohoods whats the big deal. Just walk down any street in LA and there is a pregnant hispanic women.

  • camerondiazq1

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