Lawsuit Claims Frozen Pizza Could Cause Cancer

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SAN DIEGO — A battle over frozen pizza will soon heat up in a San Diego courtroom.

A mother of two says “Stouffer’s” and “California Pizza Kitchen” are placing profits above public health.

She says trans fat is a quote a “toxic carcinogen” and that the frozen pizzas are putting her kids health at risk.

The woman is asking for $5-million in damages.

Nestle, which owns the Stouffer’s and CPK frozen pizzas, says the ingredients are in compliance with FDA and USDA regulations.

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  • Pappa Domino

    What's so hard about making a pizza just like a pizza shop does it and freezing it with only the basic ingredients? You want to make real money, make it right.

  • JackTran

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  • SQA

    Wow. So, if she loses her suit, I suggest the CEO of Nestle should be allowed to walk up to her in the courtroom and punch her straight in the mouth. What lawyer would take this case?

  • PaigeN

    I have an idea. STOP BUYING THEM! I'm not against frozen pizza or any of them, but it's not like she's being FORCED to eat them!

    And, I have news lady…Safeway (and probably other stores too) sells pizza dough in their deli section. You roll it out, top it yourself and it costs about $10 tops for the entire thing. That being said, Pizza dough isn't that hard to make yourself as as mentioned above, you can freeze it and not put any of the "carcinogens" in it.


  • Ken Muir

    Pizza shop pizzas are also carcinogenic but they taste great. Cooking at 700 deg. F. will cause any animal fat to form carcinogens. The suit will be dismissed. Hopefully, the lady will be fined for frivolous litigation.

  • Grapejelly

    This should've been thrown out of court. The judge that allows this to proceed is just as idiotic as the person who brought the lawsuit. IMO

  • Eddie

    Maybe she is just an ignorant pig herself !! Everyone looking for money. If she gets anything, the judge should be put in prison

  • TravM

    There's five million reasons why she's suing and none of them have anything to do with her kids' safety. The judge should just look at her and say, "Yeah, no." and throw out the case.

  • Hosagi

    "She says trans fat is a quote a “toxic carcinogen” and that the frozen pizzas are putting her kids health at risk"
    Trans Fat doesnt cause Cancer numb nuts it causes Heart Attacks but only if your dumb enough to eat 500 Frozen Pizza's a day by yourself. SOmeone please teach this lady simple chemistry.