Read Secret Personnel Files of Accused Pedophile Priests

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

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    • Erwin Speakman

      It's not free speech. If you want free speech get a soapbox and stand in the park … or buy your own newspaper or TV station …

      As to why they disable or edit comments is something you have to take up with their lawyers. Read the report yourself and determine your own truth.

      • erinlansing2012

        Oh no! You mean there's a "report"? Its on my "record"? The truth is that they do not like it when people discuss issues which make the evil elite look bad. If you dare talk about the freemasons or the satanists (same thing)- they "auto delete by administrator" your posts.

  • Guest

    Not only priests but there are soccer coaches, baseball and other sports coaches. School teachers too.
    Basically anywhere there are groups of children there will be one or two wolves in sheep's clothing predators…shame.

    Better background checks and psychological profile and frequent surprise checks could help.

  • backatya

    Sorry, but I feel soo, soo bad for children abused like this. I feel so bad for my stepsister, who cried on the phone to me apologizing for not telling me when I asked her at when she was 15. He did something inappropriate to me as well, but doesn't remember it, and called me a liar. I knew then what my stepsister confessed was absolutely true. How do you forgive someone who doesn't ask for forgiveness? It brings me deep, deep sadness and anger (because he still lies) and now our entire families are split – cousins and all. Will I ever pretend like it didn't happen and get back in my father's grace? I'll let him, my father, suffer that question. I've moved on. He is what he is – a pedophile.

    • Sam

      I agree, it's next to impossible to forgive someone who doesn't ask for it. The key is to accept it for what it is, and move on. The best revenge for a screwed up childhood is live your life to the fullest and give your kids what you never had.

    • erinlansing2012

      They have been deleting my comments off and on for weeks and all I did was post info that there were witnesses to Natalie Wood's murder and they were not interviewed!

  • test

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