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Epic Liplock Headed to the Super Bowl

It’s being billed as ‘Revenge of the Nerds.’ — the Internet domain company that has made a name for itself through its annual sexy, seductive, comic-tinged Super Bowl ads — has a true ‘odd couple’ on tap for its spot in the broadcast of the big game on Sunday (Feb. 3).

In the latest spot,  supermodel Bar Refaeli shares the screen with a young man supposedly named Walter.

Walter is actually actor Jesse Heiman, playing the part of a computer geek. uses the couple to demonstrate the virtues of their site, by claiming that they are “where sexy meets smart.”

To fully illustrate the point, Refaeli and Heiman engage in a passionate liplock of epic proportions.

It’s not too tough to figure out who’s the ‘sexy’ and who’s the ‘smart.’

Heiman claims it took him 65 takes to get the never-in-his-wildest-dreams kiss just right.

Refaeli says her co-star is actually a very good kisser.

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