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Familes of Alleged Sex Abuse Victims Speak Out on Mahony

NORTH HOLLYWOOD (KTLA) – In the wake of revelations that Cardinal Roger Mahony protected priests accused of sex crimes, a group of alleged abuse victims and their families are gathering to demand more action.

A mass is planned for 5 p.m. Saturday (Feb. 2) at St. Charles Catholic Church in North Hollywood, when families’ grievances and calls for action will be heard.

Some of the victims’ families are asking for prosecution of Cardinal Mahony.

“I think he should go to jail,” the father of one alleged victim told KTLA News.  “He knew what was going on.”

On Thursday (Jan. 31), Mahony was stripped of his public duties by Catholic Archbishop Jose Gomez.  The move was unprecedented in the history of the American Catholic Church.

The action came following the release of court documents which revealed that Cardinal Mahony covered up allegations of extensive sex abuse of young children in the 1980′s.

Mahony is believed to have protected some 100 pedophile priests.

On Friday (Feb.1), Mahony showed a letter he sent to Archbishop Gomez, admitting to his past mistakes, and reiterating his commitment to keeping the archdiocese safe.

While some of his critics continue to call for his prosecution, one legal expert doubts that will occur, due to the amount of time that has elapsed since the alleged church abuses.