Family Claims Racism by Disneyland Character

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

ANAHEIM, Calif. (KTLA) — A trip to the Happiest Place on Earth turned into anything but happy for one Southern California family.

rabbitThey’re suing Disneyland because of actions by a cast member that they claim were racist.

“I was going to hug him, but he turned his back,” 6-year-old Jason Black recalled, talking about the rabbit character from “Alice in Wonderland.

“Jason said that made him feel sad “because I wanted to really hug him.”

“The rabbit was turning his back on me,” 9-year-old Elijah Black echoed. “Then I went up to try to hold his hand, but he kept on flicking my hand off.”

The family claims that the person playing the character of the rabbit discriminated against their children because they are black.

“Our first instinct was okay, maybe they have new policies, maybe they aren’t supposed to touch the kids,” Jason Black Sr. said.

“So then, you know, we stood by and we just watched,” he added.

According to the family, the rabbit was happy to interact with white children.

“There was two other kids that came up, and the rabbit showered them… hugged them, kissed them, posed with them and took pictures. Meanwhile, that made my kids feel horrible.”

The incident happened last August, and the family says they immediately went to the management office to complain.

They filed an official complaint and were offered VIP passes, which they declined because the children were so upset.

Instead, they are asking Disney to make a public apology and terminate the employee in the rabbit suit.

“They’re not trying to get something they don’t deserve,” said attorney Daniel Gilleon. “All they’ve asked for is a little bit of recognition that this should not have happened.”

“It’s about the principle, and what are you going to do to make the situation better so this doesn’t happen to another family?” Black Sr. said.

After months of correspondence with Disney asking them to sign a waiver in exchange for more tickets, they’ve hired a lawyer.

They’re now asking for surveillance video to prove or disprove their claims.

Disney has not yet responded to the family’s demands for video. They released a statement saying they carefully review all claims by guests.

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  • Kay Kay Kay

    Here we go again…….They have to play the Raciest Card to get money. Look at the rabbits suit, it's white. now look at the center of his eyes, they are black, maybe he just didn't see the kid…I don't know.

    • Someone

      The rabbit seen the other kids and according to the story he seen that kid too "“The rabbit was turning his back on me,” 9-year-old Elijah Black echoed. “Then I went up to try to hold his hand, but he kept on flicking my hand off".

      • Tommy

        How You know he SEEN them kids? Stand there all day and you'll see all kinds of interactions with thousands of different guest. How do you know that the cast member in the costume wasnt Black? In the familys own words, the Mother said the boy just wanted to SIT ON THE RABBITS LAP, wtf? Nobody sits on the Rabbits lap. They also said the boy was PULLING on the Rabbits hand! You dont pull on the Characters, thats why they have handlers to protect them from actions just like that. Also the characters take periodic breaks and leave immediately just as gracefully as possible. We dont know the time lapse between their contacts and those of other children they observed when they addmitted that they stood by with the intent ONLY to monitor interactions with other guest to try to build a case. They should be banned from Disneyland, not rewarded

      • Kay Kay Kay

        To Someone: That's what the parents probably told the kid to say. who knows. maybe the kids hands were all sticky from him spilling Orange Crush or Kool Aid on them. Who would want to hold the kids hand, or should I say A kid yanking on the Rabbits hand saying "I wuz heres foist Mutta Fudder!!!

    • Rughts

      Ummm there not trying to get money all they are asking for is a public apology and to fire the person in the rabbit suite. Disney ignored so in order to get there attention , you have to make shout. I doubt the need any type of money. But this should not happen to any kid no matter what race they are. They should not higher people who out not comfortable with serving people of all color. This is a customer service job and clearly that was bad customer service

          • guest

            oh boone I an spare much and I can give you some to you need to go find something else to do you have too much time on your hands those people behind the suits are humans who feel wht they want and if they are racist they should not be at disneyland if people would start to boycott them thing would change

    • guest

      No its not here we go again!!!! Mickey Mouse did the same thing to my child when he was little and I called the admimistravtive office and they didnt have nothing to say they just apologize and I have never taken my kids back the thing here if you are playing a character be nice to all the kids it really does hurt

      • Kay Kay Kay

        To Guest: Yes it is "Here we go again !!!!!" What do you want Administration to do. Fire everyone who skips a kid? and I bet you have not been back there because you can't afford it. I do know it's expensive, however, they will not accept Welfare checks or the Food Stamp program you probably are on. Sorry, Just wait till the Circus comes to town.

        • guest

          oh I can afford it and i am not on welfare or food stamps and I have 2 degrees and yes I can afford it how about you stupid foo,l you are speaking of yourself thats why you have never been there you have a idle minds which is the devil worshop go get a job boy!I and since you are running that mouth of youhow about you show up in compton or wattsor south central LA and state your true feelings ha ha! you eill never make another statement!!! your worthless and ignorant!!!

          • kay Kay Kay

            @Guest, are you sure you have 2 degrees? Your spelling is very bad. maybe you have 2 convictions from prision. Or, maybe you can't type because your knuckles scrape the ground when you walk. You Porch Monkey….

          • kay Kay Kay

            Also, where is wattsor from your comment above? It sure looks like your a Ni&&er from what I see above. I just love to sit at home and watch the following "the First 48" Hard Core Pawn' and "Cops" It's so great to see you animals or should I say savages kill each other off….You banana eating Mutta Fudder!!!!!

  • Danielle

    That child does Not Look Sad. Anything to get a Million dollars HMMM…I should sue them for discriminating those people who Cannot afford to take their kids to Disneyland maybe I can own Disney…Give me a break>

  • Concerned

    Not saying this did not occur, but knowing what I know of most blacks (and yes, I have numerous black friends that cannot stand other blacks) likely they jumped in line, were pushy, loud, or just plain acted ghetto. They bring this on themselves.

    • guest

      you are an racist idiot. 1st thing that comes out of a racist idiots mouth such as yourself is "i have black friends" ….like its ok to make a racist comment about an entire race just because i stated that i have some black friends. well any black person that calls you a friend is just as stupid as you are. racist pig.

    • charlieblanko

      Shut your dumb self up. You sound as ignorant as all hell. "Most of my black friends don't like blacks?" I know yuppie white people who hate trash too… I think that feeling is universal, Kim Ung-Yong!

  • I'm a Cracker

    maybe the kid didn't wait in line, the Characters seem very picky about that. And the Characyer attended are real Nazi's

    Besides, just because the Rabbit is white doesn't mean the guy inside is white

    • Tommy

      I have seen kids act like total savages many times at Disneyland ( my home away from home) I remember when characters could stroll thru the park unattended and unabused. Not that way anymore, sad but they really need those attendants to protect them

    • Roger James

      Yeah right, Like Disney hires 90 percent black people to walk around in the park in costumes in Orange County LOL…you are a nut job!!

  • Robert

    It’ll be “off with his head!!!” for more than just the white rabbit. It appears that mgment poorly handled the situation. I bet a special private tea party with all the characters could’ve mended the problem. That or a million dollars. Can’t wait to see how this pans out.

    • Tommy

      Holy Moses! how would you suggest Management have handled this complaint? I agree it was mishandled but only by Disneyland ever offering any compensation of any kind. You just cant make everybody happy all the time, not even in the Happiest Place on Earth

  • thisworldisdoomed

    Absolutely ridiculous! These people should have taken their kid and moved along to something else if they felt he was being ignored (bullshat!). The race card is old and abused. Be accountable for your own actions. The color of your skin has nothing to do with it. Unfortunately everyone is treated poorly at some point in their life.

  • Rockina2

    Marcos L they are suing because they feel they were discriminated against for being black. So what exactly in your mind IS the race card? Hmmmmm?

  • Ron M.

    Damn, now that I'm fifty something I can remember going to Disneyland when I was six and that Goofy character gave me the cold shoulder. I wonder what the statute of limitations is?

  • Martin

    All Right Already !!!! Stop with the Race action comments…..Just remember, this is Black History Month, we should not be saying stuff like this to one another, I don't see raciest comments on the other articles about the White people! Do you? Let's just see what the video camera's show. Everyone just relax.

  • jodie

    @Kay Kay Kay …You're a racist trash talking bytch, you can't talk about somebody being racist when you are that yourself , caffeinated tramp!..Maybe he wouldn't touch you because of all that dairy creamer spilled all over your hands!

    • Kay Kay Kay

      Sorry Jodie, I DO like dairy cream in my coffee, kind of like the way you like it spewed on your face. So then maybe the kid had just finished a Banana or a Watermelon. Wait !!! They do have a Church's and a Popeye's Fried Chicken place there. Gosh, Don't be so mean to me now….

  • mommyhen42

    this is INSANE,,come on,,im sure the rabbit had to overlooked this kid,,he has so many kids to deal with,,and im sure this was not the only black family there that day and no other people have complained…throw this BULLSH*T case out of court!!!!

    • Julie

      This is just sad all around. Sad that these two young boys are getting slapped hard in the face with the ugliness of racism. I don't know what the intent of the rabbit wearer, weather that person is racist or not, (It appears they are) but for sure, the parents are.

  • Anonymous

    Get a life people. This story is ridiculous!! The only one that is racist are the cry baby parents where everything is about color. What are you teaching your children?

  • KittyKat

    It's probable the person in the rabbit suit was racist. Very probable, and from a non-american white person, that's my first thought. Honestly, it's so bad in the states right now… White people down there need to suck it up and behave themselves. :| Giving us a bad name.

    • Kay Kay Kay

      And how do you know the charter was white? we don't know. He could be Black, Asian, White Mexican etc….Like I said above, the costume has a mesh screen for the eyes in the center that is Black. They can't see Black people. They should sue the costume maker. It's kind of like this. At night when I take my dog for a walk and all he can see is the whites of a Black persons eyes, he goes crazy, all dogs do.

  • Theebs

    I would have walked away from this jerk but certainly Disney would have heard about it and I would have accepted the VIP tickets and went back and explained to my child that some people NOT all are not very nice. You can't sue everyone who looks at you the wrong way.

  • Laughing

    We have a two-term African-American President in the US. The most powerful individual in the world is black. My neighbor his black. I sat next to black people in a restaurant last night. There were black people at my doctor's office, African American customers at my car repair shop, and African American people work in my office.

    Am i making my point?!

    • Kay Kay Kay

      @ laughing. True we do have a Black African President in office. (Notice I did not write American?) Because he was not born in the U.S.A. Just remember he is a puppet, 99% of his staff is White and tell him how to run the country you stupid fool! And the black guy at your car repair shop, have you checked to see if anything is missing from your ash tray? Like money or jewelry?

  • Michelle

    Wow people don’t even know how to spell on here. Anyways they will be suing for money, maybe not now but once Disney complies with what they ask they will argue that they have grounds for a civil suit. Frankly I have gone to Disneyland and there is slim to no chance you can simply walk up to a character, there is a line and there’s no way a person who got in line was ignored when everyone is watching. Characters only deal with one family at a time not just whoever walks up.

    • Jimbob

      Spelling? Try your hand at grammar before you prove that you are an English language bigot. You used the word "whoever" as an objective in your sentence structure when, in fact, it is to be used only as subjective word. The correct word in your case should have been "whomever". I am just saying, oh wise one!

  • Becky

    It's not about money people it's about respect. Everyone should be treated equally! None of us were there so we don't know what went on but if you ask me judging by those pics that rabbit didn't want to touch them. Most of those characters would at least put their arm around the kid they are taking the pic with. I'm not black but I am physically challenged and I know how it feels to be discriminated against. I think they are doing the right thing. I would do it too!

  • doubtazul

    This happens to many families at Disney – Employees don't always follow the rules and forget what they are hired to do and that they have actually signed an agreement of employment stating what their job descriptions are. Above all, these employees need patience for such a demanding job. Standing, walking, greeting and being cheerful all day, every day – while in a hot and heavy suit, is not for everyone. Maybe the Rabbit is not being Racist, more like indifferent, tired, annoyed of being asked to take a picture or get a hug??? We don't know who is inside, can't quite judge it as a RACIST ACTION! What I can say, is that he/she in the Rabbit suit needs to play nice in Wonderland – After all, this is Disneyland… The happiest place on Earth!?!

    Management needs to handle this issue (because it is an issue) better. We pay your ever changing and increasing Park Fees to have a swell time for that one special day to have it damped by a Frustrated Rabbit? NO NO NO!!!

    Though, this is not the case of all employees. In my case, most do excel and entertain as they make you feel welcomed and happy and are also resourceful when needed. But, there are those, just like the Rabbit that sour your day of cheer.

  • Ann

    The kid looks happy to me there just looking for free money black people r like that sorry to say they just offered them VIP tickets take them and run but no they don't wanna work they want free money

  • Backatya

    They're doing the right thing. If this rabbit person is racist, Disneyland is no place for it to work because there are too many nationalities that visit it.

  • mlandroche

    They're really sad because in their minds it was FLAVA FLAVE that was rejecting them, but to the parents it's a WHITE RABBIT.

  • Kay Kay Kay

    And how do you know the charter was white? we don't know. He could be Black, Asian, White Mexican etc….Like I said above, the costume has a mesh screen for the eyes in the center that is Black. They can't see Black people. They should sue the costume maker. It's kind of like this. At night when I take my dog for a walk and all he can see is the whites of a Black persons eyes, he goes crazy, but when he sees white people, he is OK. all dogs do.

  • OCMommy

    This is just another frivolous lawsuit that is going to waist the courts time! What people often do not understand is the Characters can hardly see anything to begin with, their is no peripheral vision and if someone is not standing right in front of the character they will not even know you are standing their! Don't hate Disney it's not their policy to disrespect any one and the person who is doing this job is more than likely the kindest sort of person you would ever encounter! This sadly sounds like a case where the kids were not seen! I know it's frustrating to see your child's feelings get hurt, but no one that I've ever encountered at Disneyland in costume or out has ever been like what they described! The hiring process for this type of job is difficult and they are careful to weed out people who would not be good at this type of work! They should have taken the free tickets and come back another day and been done with it!

  • Bob Dope

    While I did not initially agree with the family's racist accusations, after reading the comments from people of my own race, I now kinda want to see these people win the case because I know how much claims of racism infuriates racists.