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Church Preschool Embroiled in Child Sex Scandal Closed

CARSON, Calif. (KTLA) — A preschool rocked by a sex scandal, involving children have sex with each other, has been ordered by the state to shut its doors.

Church Preschool Embroiled in Child Sex Scandal Closed by StateThe First Lutheran Child Development Center was already set to close on Friday.

At least six families say their young children were affected by allegations of sexual abuse at the school, dating back to September.

Parents allege that sexual activity among children as young as four-years-old took place during nap time, on the playground and in the outside bathroom.

“Man that just gets my gut that they ruined my son,” parent Richard McCarthy said.

“Four years old… His life hasn’t even begun. It’s crazy,” he said, breaking down while speaking about his son.

Another father, who did not want to be identified, said he’s also outraged by the school’s lack of action.

He told KTLA that school officials apparently knew about the alleged sex acts since last September.

But, he says, they covered it up and didn’t alert parents, and the lewd behavior then continued for months.

It’s unclear at this point how many kids were involved in the sexual activity. Also unknown is which child introduced the sex act to the others.

“It seems like pretty much every child in that class either participated or witnessed it,” said attorney Greg Owen.

He’s representing four boys and two girls who were allegedly involved in or witnessed the encounters.

Their families will be filing a lawsuit against the school on Tuesday.

“We have talked to a parent whose child just witnessed this many, many times. The parent old us that the child was scared, sick,” Owen said.

The California Department of Social Services investigated the preschool over the past few months.

It cited the school for sexual contact and inappropriate touching between children because of lack of supervision.

The Lutheran preschool will be closing its doors on Friday.

The pastor said in a statement that it was because the school’s director resigned for personal reasons, and had nothing to do with the sexual allegations.