Dorner’s Grudge Dates Back to 2007 Complaint — Stefan Chase Reports

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Christopher Gettler is the man police say caused a disturbance inside this hotel in 2007.

We tried to interview him buts he was incoherent – His family say he’s mentally ill.

At the hotel that day LAPD officers wrestled and tasered him to get him under control.

Christopher Dorner was one of the officers.

But according to court documents – 2 weeks later Dorner reported to an LAPD sergeant that after the man gave up an LAPD officer kicked the man in his face and shoulders anyway.

We spoke with the mentally ill man’s father on the phone – he says Dorner was telling the truth.

He even testified at Dorner’s hearing to help him get his job back.

Dorner was fired by the department in 2008 for making false statements and lost his appeal in 2011.

He was represented by former LAPD Captain turned lawyer – Randal Quan.

Quan’s daughter and her fiancé were shot and killed over the weekend.

Dorner is the prime suspect.

On the phone Richard Gettler says he thinks Dorner was brave for speaking out against his training officer after his son’s run in with the law- but now he urges Dorner to turn himself in.

In his manifesto – Christopher Jordan Dorner says his wish is to clear his name.

In a news conference this afternoon – Chief Charlie Beck addressed whether or not that would happen.

He said that would not happen.

— Stefan Chase, KTLA News

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