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A Former FBI Agent Delves into Dorner’s Manifesto

Christopher Dorner’s 6000 word manifesto leaves Steve Moore with little doubt.

“This is the babbling of a paranoid psychotic,” says Steve Moore.

But Moore, a former FBI agent and threat assessment expert, is just as sure of Dorner’s skill as a killer, methodical planning and his determination for revenge.

“I suspect you are going to find he did surveillance for weeks if not months preparing for this,” says Moore.

The 33-year-old’s experience in law enforcement and the U.S. Navy has left Christopher Dorner with a range of skills he promises to use.

In his manifesto, Dorner says he will use “every bit of small arms training, demolition, ordnance and survival training he’s been given.”

Dorner, who fellow naval officers say is trained in the element of surprise, has declared “asymmetrical warfare on the LAPD, promising to fight like a Jihadist, with no fear of death.

Moore believes Dorner fancies himself as a hero, a savior and a martyr, with a cause he will die carrying out.

“He’s designed this down to a final scene…. He is going to need to be killed by police,” says Moore.

Investigators have discovered Dorner’s torched truck in the mountains of Big Bear.

To Steve Moore, that does not imply the end of Dorner’s rampage is nearing, but indicates intricate planning and foreshadows more violence to come.

“He truly is going for the long haul. “He’ll probably hunker down during the day, move around at night.”

So where does Moore think Dorner is now? ”I think he’s stalking his next target,” Moore said.

–Carolyn Costello, KTLA News