Mountain Manhunt for Dorner Suspended Overnight

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

BIG BEAR, Calif. (KTLA) — Police in the mountain resort town suspended their search Friday night for Christopher Jordan Dorner but plan to resume the search Saturday morning at 7:00.

Investigators believe Dorner, 33, a fired Los Angeles Police Department officer and former Navy lieutenant, is involved in the murders of a Riverside police officer and two others.

“Once it gets dark out there and the snow keeps falling and they have no air support, I don’t know how effective they would be in that situation,” spokeswoman Cindy Bachman of the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department said.

Throughout Friday, more than 100 officers searched through fresh snow for clues to the whereabouts of Dorner.

The manhunt for double murder suspect and alleged cop killer Christoper Dorner, 33, continued Friday in the Big Bear area.

Heavy snow was falling on Friday morning, prompting authorities to call off the aerial search.

However, an exhaustive ground search was ongoing, and all Bear Valley schools were closed for the day as a precaution.

The Bear Mountain and Snow Summit ski resorts were open for business on Friday, after closing early on Thursday.

Schools were also locked down on Thursday, as a fatigue-clad SWAT officers began combing the area following the discovery of Dorner’s burned out pickup truck.

About 125 officers would eventually be used to search hundreds of homes door-to-door and follow what was believed to be Dorner’s trail.

San Bernardino County Sheriff John McMahon said at a news conference Friday morning that authorities searched throughout the night.bbear-carousel

Over 100 law enforcement officers from across Southern California are still involved in the search, according to McMahon.

They plan to focus on the area where Dorner’s torched Nissan Titan pickup truck was found, as well as the mountains above that.

The truck was found on Thursday off Forest Ford 2N10 and Club View Drive in Big Bear Lake. The area is about a mile away from Bear Mountain.

Footprints were found leading from the truck into the snow. McMahon said it didn’t appear the tracks were headed in any specific direction.

He said that crews followed the tracks through the forest until they lost them when the ground became frozen.

McMahon said there are a number of places up on the mountain that authorities haven’t gotten to yet, and that there are a lot of abandoned cabins in those areas.

SWAT officers are using snowcats and armored vehicles outfitted with chains to access the more remote areas amid the heavy snowfall.

The search will continue regardless of the weather, according to McMahon, until Dorner is found or authorities determine he has left the area.

Big Bear is expected to get 6 to 10 inches of snow about 4,000 feet and 2 to 6 inches of snow below 4,000 feet, the National Weather Service said.

Snow levels could drop to between 2,500 and 3,000 feet Friday morning and to 2,000 feet by the evening.

Wind gusts could reach 45 mph, the weather service said, and scattered showers are expected throughout the day.

It was unclear whether Dorner was prepared for the cold conditions or the rugged terrain surrounding Big Bear Lake.

Meantime, McMahon said that they are processing Dorner’s truck in conjunction with police in Irvine, Los Angeles and Riverside. He didn’t have any further information.

Dorner is suspected of killing a young Irvine couple, as well as a Riverside police officer, as part of a long-standing grudge against the LAPD.

He is believed to have penned a long, angry manifesto on Facebook saying that he was unfairly fired from the force and was now seeking vengeance.

Monica Quan, 28, an assistant college basketball coach at Cal State Fullerton, and her fiance, Keith Lawrence, were found shot to death in their car last Saturday.

Quan’s father had been an LAPD captain, and a subject of Dorner’s wrath in the manifesto police say he wrote.

Late Wednesday and on into Thursday, Dorner allegedly went on a violent rampage, shooting three police officers in Riverside County, one of whom died.

Police are reminding residents in the Big Bear area to keep their doors locked. If you see Dorner, or anything unusual, you should call 911 immediately.

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  • Backatya

    …(continued) Look, humans are not perfect, and those who try to be, and get angy, violently angry, at others for not being perfect, but think that they are so perfect that they have the life-calling job of .setting other people's fault straight, no matter what it takes, are the worst and are capable of the worst twisted inhumane actions on other people, and are the most vile. Why? Because they're dillusional…

  • Backatya

    …(continued)…He put his trust in the PD and the Navy because he trusted that they were "good." That is probably the highest honor you could ever get from this world, and he saw the truth. But to be unforgiving and murder because they are not like him — what he calls himself, "perfect," he's a narcissist…

  • Backatya

    …(continued)…Thank God I believe in Jesus, that we're all equally sinful, so that I don't put my trust in no one but God and his forgiveness because NO ONE IS PERFECT! I feel sorry for him. Why do I know this? I got a son that I feel one day will go postal because, no matter how I tell him that people aren't perfect, he still demands that they meet his standards and is ANGRY and rants and rages that they don't. My goodness, sadly, some people are just born that way, and no amount of prayer is going to help them. They're angry at the bad, rightfully so, but you cannot cross the lines of being the judge and the jury and committing the sin you accuse that very same person of…that's if you want to save yourself. I understand why the scriptures say in essence, "don't be too good or too wicked, why destroy yourself?" And especially, "Too much wisdom, you'll destroy." Something to that effect, but it's in there.

  • Backatya

    I do know that all sin should be exposed so that people can repent, so LAPD, you need to "fess up! Otherwise, this will happen again and again! It's not all Dorner's fault. I pray for his once proud beloved mother and sister, though. I do know how they feel. Your son is a hero, in a sense, and also he isa narcissist and angry person and a murderer of innocent people. You're rewarded for good, just as you're rewarded for bad. But that's what he is, and I know, mother, you knew it all along, and sister, you too. It is what it is. Sadly, no matter what your other tells you, a person will do what he wants. May God forgive him when it's all over, and may those who wronged him get punished by a court of justice, REAL justice!

  • Backatya

    Since he professes to not be religious, importanly, believe in God, a higher being, I really hope that God reveals himself to him before he expires. That's my prayer. Why? Because GOD IS DEFINITELY REAL! I thank God he revealed himself to me. Don't flaunt it. But I do KNOW for a fact there is a God, the almight God. For good's sake, Dorner trying to whistelblow, I know God may sense his heart, and I hope that God reveals himself. Look at Paul the Apostle — same scenario. God saved Paul, so God can save Dorner.

  • Backatya

    Why would Dorner burn his truck? He wants them in that area. He's going to ambush them OR commit suicide afterwards. What better place to practice your sniper skills than in a wooded area?

    • Guest

      You obviously haven't shot a long range rifle ever. The woods is the worst place to shoot a rifle. Are you going to bend bullets around a tree? And for your other comment above…. You know god is real? You have seen him? Shook hands with him? Had a conversation with him over coffee? So us some proof he is real. Millions of people are waiting to see this evidence.

  • Concerned

    So the cops just get to order lock downs and search anyone's house they want? After almost executing two women delivering papers? Why do the police scare me way more than Dorner?

    • Guest

      I have similar thoughts. All the power and the badge. I am a 58 year old woman and many years ago was kicked by a cop while being stopped for a traffic violation. Lost a lot of respect for cops right then and there. I might not have had the best attitude but certainly did not deserve the kind of treatment I got. The worst thing is that they have all the power and you are not believed when you say you were wronged.

  • Erin

    At this point I just want him found. I lived in Big Bear for many years & still have family & friends there. I would like to make 1 clarification, there are thousands of homes in Big Bear, most are vacation homes where someone could hide & not be found for weeks. I pray for everyone's safety & that this ends sooner than later with no more blood shed!

    • Anonymous

      Hes not looking to kill people who arent apart of this…So really the only people that you need to worry about shooting you are the police in mistaken identity.

  • faztyu

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  • Mostasteless

    He's probably not anywhere near Big Bear. He probably left in a back up vehicle after he burned his truck. Probably half way to Alaska by now.

    • Justus

      I thought the same thing. That's just a diversion to buy him time. The guy either crossed the border into mexico or canada and will probably lay low for yrs on end b4 he strikes again…

  • Pynckone

    Why are all those police SWAT members carrying evil black guns?

    I hope they have no more than 10 rounds in their magazines! That's all we, citizens, can use to mitigate a threat like Dorner!

  • Edward

    As a piece officer I believe him on whatbhebis saying theynprobablymkicked the mental,patients I've seen this stuff but would not risk going against fellow officers

  • Yepper

    Funny how pathetic the entire notion that law enforcement still believes he is still in big bear. What a bunch of morons, he is now down the hill as planned.

    • Gene Rodmy

      I would hope the main investigation is elsewhere. I hope the "search" is a ruse to keep Dorner off his guard. I would think the police think, like the rest of us do, that Big Bear is not a likely place to find him right now. They need to check around just in case.

  • kennykens

    This is why every SANE civilian should be able to own any gun / weapon to protect themselves against bad people and CORRUPTION! This is exactly why we have the 2nd amendment!!!

  • Bean Bag

    I do not agree what he has done. But there is so much coruption in the L.A.P.D. He just knew this would be the only way to get anyone to listen to him. So sad….

  • happy

    sure have alot on empty places to look for him ..Burrrrr.. bet people slept with loaded guns…i think he isn't on the mountain..

      • Sam

        First, push that little button that says "caps lock". I agree, he's been planning this, he is not stupid. He's probably watching KTLA somewhere warm, planning his next move. I see he's getting a bit of a cult following which probably keeps him motivated. But, he may have some legitimate points, he lost his credibility when he started this by killing two innocent people.

    • BCoble

      THAT IS FUNNY!!!!!!! Good!!!! Now all of those corrupt police bored on patrol will think twice about pulling somebody over without good reason "just because" they have peashooters and tin stars…

    • Trebor Reipan

      Apparently the fuzz needs 30- round mags because they are lousy shots. They couldn’t hit two old ladies sitting in a truck.

  • Charles

    Can't wait for the movie to come out…True is wrong to kill innocent people..but i beleive they push him too far,,in regards in calling him a liar and letting him go from LAPD for speaking the truth,,in my opinion,if he wasn't telling the truth he wouldn't be doing what he's doing now.. hope he don't kill more innocent people..

  • csands5941

    I'm wondering why LAPD doesn't just come clean and clear his name. He said he would stop, all he wants is the truth to be told. However, I suppose LAPD would rather put innocent citizens at risk, lose lives, and waste tax payer money on special operations. Just come clean and save lives. I don't support killing anyone, but obviously he believes this is necessary; he wants corruption exposed by any means necessary.

  • Roland369

    He may in fact be telling the truth about the kicking incident; however his ramblings do indicate that he is mentally ill, though very intelligent. I wonder if drugs such as steroids might have contributed (Roid Rage).
    Though his actions cannot be justified, his homicidal tendencies do not seem unusual in the police department as indicated by the recent “shoot first and ask questions later” of the two women in Torrance. This “knee-jerk” justice by the police denies Due Process to citizens they are supposed to “Preserve and Protect.” Whatever happened to “Innocent until proven guilty in a court of law?” When the police act as judge, jury, and executioner, is it any wonder the public loses respect. In case the police have forgotten, Due Process is the right to a speedy (not held in indefinite confinement) trial by jury (not military tribunal) of one’s peers, right to know the charges, right to counsel, right to face and question one’s accusers, right to view ALL evidence (even that extracted through illegal torture), and protection from cruel and unusual punishment such as torture.

  • AreWeSafeYet

    Hey, guys… HEY GUYS! Why is no one even a little bit disturbed by the picture that appears to show the LAPD aiming guns into civilian homes? What is this, Iraq? We have laws about unreasonable search. LAPD open fired on civilians for no reason. What do you think is going to happen to the person who, as per the Constitution, refuses to let them search their home? From one journalist to another: Grow a spine and start asking some real questions. Your job is to protect the people. Start doing your job.

    • Justus

      I thought the same thing too. How dare they come into my private property with guns like if itwas theirs. I have a daughter and I refuse any toy guns in my home let alone any real ones.

    • John Tokalenko

      If you have to pay taxes on "your" home or property, you DO NOT own it – you're only renting from the government. Hence, the "landlord" can visit whenever they want.

      Constitution? What's that?

      (I get your point – America is now a Police State)

  • Frank

    Had he not killed the innocents (allegedly), that were not on his "list", he would be a hero. Part of me feels like he didn't commit the Quan murders, i wouldn't be surprised if someone was trying to frame him. Reading the manifesto, he sounds to intelligent to do something stupid like killing the family. But unfortunately the Riverside officer that was fatally wounded was a big f**k up on Dorner's part. As much as I empathize with his depression and how he "was done wrong" by LAPD, I can't root him on if he killed someone.