Mountain Manhunt for Dorner Suspended Overnight

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

BIG BEAR, Calif. (KTLA) — Police in the mountain resort town suspended their search Friday night for Christopher Jordan Dorner but plan to resume the search Saturday morning at 7:00.

Investigators believe Dorner, 33, a fired Los Angeles Police Department officer and former Navy lieutenant, is involved in the murders of a Riverside police officer and two others.

“Once it gets dark out there and the snow keeps falling and they have no air support, I don’t know how effective they would be in that situation,” spokeswoman Cindy Bachman of the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department said.

Throughout Friday, more than 100 officers searched through fresh snow for clues to the whereabouts of Dorner.

The manhunt for double murder suspect and alleged cop killer Christoper Dorner, 33, continued Friday in the Big Bear area.

Heavy snow was falling on Friday morning, prompting authorities to call off the aerial search.

However, an exhaustive ground search was ongoing, and all Bear Valley schools were closed for the day as a precaution.

The Bear Mountain and Snow Summit ski resorts were open for business on Friday, after closing early on Thursday.

Schools were also locked down on Thursday, as a fatigue-clad SWAT officers began combing the area following the discovery of Dorner’s burned out pickup truck.

About 125 officers would eventually be used to search hundreds of homes door-to-door and follow what was believed to be Dorner’s trail.

San Bernardino County Sheriff John McMahon said at a news conference Friday morning that authorities searched throughout the night.bbear-carousel

Over 100 law enforcement officers from across Southern California are still involved in the search, according to McMahon.

They plan to focus on the area where Dorner’s torched Nissan Titan pickup truck was found, as well as the mountains above that.

The truck was found on Thursday off Forest Ford 2N10 and Club View Drive in Big Bear Lake. The area is about a mile away from Bear Mountain.

Footprints were found leading from the truck into the snow. McMahon said it didn’t appear the tracks were headed in any specific direction.

He said that crews followed the tracks through the forest until they lost them when the ground became frozen.

McMahon said there are a number of places up on the mountain that authorities haven’t gotten to yet, and that there are a lot of abandoned cabins in those areas.

SWAT officers are using snowcats and armored vehicles outfitted with chains to access the more remote areas amid the heavy snowfall.

The search will continue regardless of the weather, according to McMahon, until Dorner is found or authorities determine he has left the area.

Big Bear is expected to get 6 to 10 inches of snow about 4,000 feet and 2 to 6 inches of snow below 4,000 feet, the National Weather Service said.

Snow levels could drop to between 2,500 and 3,000 feet Friday morning and to 2,000 feet by the evening.

Wind gusts could reach 45 mph, the weather service said, and scattered showers are expected throughout the day.

It was unclear whether Dorner was prepared for the cold conditions or the rugged terrain surrounding Big Bear Lake.

Meantime, McMahon said that they are processing Dorner’s truck in conjunction with police in Irvine, Los Angeles and Riverside. He didn’t have any further information.

Dorner is suspected of killing a young Irvine couple, as well as a Riverside police officer, as part of a long-standing grudge against the LAPD.

He is believed to have penned a long, angry manifesto on Facebook saying that he was unfairly fired from the force and was now seeking vengeance.

Monica Quan, 28, an assistant college basketball coach at Cal State Fullerton, and her fiance, Keith Lawrence, were found shot to death in their car last Saturday.

Quan’s father had been an LAPD captain, and a subject of Dorner’s wrath in the manifesto police say he wrote.

Late Wednesday and on into Thursday, Dorner allegedly went on a violent rampage, shooting three police officers in Riverside County, one of whom died.

Police are reminding residents in the Big Bear area to keep their doors locked. If you see Dorner, or anything unusual, you should call 911 immediately.

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  • chris

    i think as a man that has been kicked down and crapt on all of my life i can understand why he feels this way are f up wold has mad him this way it is a supprize to me that this dosn't happen more how far do you think you can push a man befor he will make you pay and if you need to think about it then you will never understand this man he told the truth and was punnished for it as a man that understands how this man feels for god sake please tell him you are sorry tell him that he was right quit the force lay down your gun take the hit in your pride but don't you dare to let an inocent pay for what he thinks you did or didn't do i will take the blame im sorry i was rong i am the worst man alive there is this so hard to say is your pride worth the life of any one no it is not you have already done the damedge no fix it just tell the man what he wants to here for the sake of lives

  • Trebor Reipan

    I worked as a California Peace Officer for 14-years. Because of the culture of corruption, as soon as I was eligible, I retired.
    I have read Dorner’s manifesto and have no reason to believe he is not telling the truth.
    My experience is people like Chief Beck are “Yes men” who “go along to get along” never making waves so they can promote. You can’t convince me, and highly improbable that Chief Beck, during his long career, not once ever observed misconduct by fellow officers. The question is did he ever report it? I would venture to guess he did not. Why? Because he’s a coward and wimp.

  • Ex Security Officer

    I will never forget something in my life (I was in my early 20y) that 2 officers did while I driving down the road this was around 1am in the morning. They stopped me thought I was drunk, I was just tried, I had gone to a frined home and I also had a friend in the vechile. They made me get out of the car and told me to look forward not to look back I thought that was strange so I quickly looked behind me and there was another cop with a guy pointed at my head. The officer made me do the 4 and walk a straight line as well as touch my nose… I was so upset. Cause the frist thing came to my mine why have a gun pointed at me by another officer.. Only thing that came to my mind was they had already judged me…. And this was in Los Alamitos….. So for me to read about what is going on with Chris Dorner I hope that he makes it out alive so we can all hear what he has to say, I do believe what he wrote on his manifest. Cops enjoyed scaring the live out of good citizens. …

    • Anonymous

      Los Alamitos cops are aholes. I had a run in with some once when they were stopped on a corner and there was NO SIGNAGE that the street I was turning down was closed, so I went to turn and they all started yelling at me (again, no lights, no flares, no tape, no cones, no nothing to indicate that the street was closed…only cops stopped on the side of the street so I just thought they were writing a ticket) and one ahole yelled at me "you wanna get shot?" Yeah, nice thing to say to a citizen for NO REASON.

  • commiebash

    I think we might be on to the root of the problem….
    Why is it that those who steal guns,then kill movie goers and
    children in school’s have never been a conservative NRA member?
    Maj. Nidal Hasan (Ft Hood terrorist) – Registered Democrat – Muslim
    Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold (Columbine) – Too young to vote; both families were registered Democrats and progressive liberals
    Seung-Hui Cho (Virginia Tech) – Wrote hate mail to President Bush and to his staff – Registered Democrat
    James Holmes (Colorado Theater Killer) – Registered Democrat; staff worker on the Obama campaign; Occupy Wall Street participant; progressive liberal
    Jared Lee Loughner (the guy who shot Gabby Gifford’s) was a registered Democrat
    Adam Lanza (Connecticut School Shooter) – Registered Democrat; hated Christians
    Christopher Dorner (California killer) – Registered Democrat. “Manifesto” supports Gun Control, Anti NRA, Obama supporter
    Common thread is that all of these shooters were progressive liberal Democrats
    INTERESTING…, isn't it? Seems guns don’t kill, Democrats do

  • Anonymous

    I dont know why people keep saying "turn yourself in" uhhhhh….For 1 even if he tried they would kill him and make up some excuse as to why they needed to shoot him. and 2 if he made it to prison we all know what would happen behind closed doors. Hes not stupid, for all of you who are ignorant in saying that, think about it.

  • Anonymous

    i dont get it. this guy is really good looking and intelligent and had a great job, but never had a spouse or family of his own? why? was his mental instability obvious to all and never treated? what do any of his friends (does he have any) or exes say about him (does he have any). whats his family say? they prob know a lot but either dont want to give it up or are in denial. what does his computers say?

    • Anonymous

      okay, well now it comes out he was married…for two weeks. his ex never spoke of the marriage. clearly he had mental issues for a long time coming and is paranoid and thinks everyone is out to get him or ruin him so he justifies acting out violently. who knows what to believe in his manifesto at this point. an ex girlfriend posted about him on saying he was deranged and emotionally disturbed…back in 2006, 3 years before he got fired. what does that tell you? this guy is too good looking, intelligent, employed and talented to still be single so there are some issues going on clearly with this guy and sadly three ppl are now dead because of him.

      • Anonymous

        not to mention that he is related to retired Chief Bernard Parks…why aren't we hearing this in the media?????????? cuz it would be bad for his political career!

    • BCoble

      I don't think MLK would be happy either about an old white man abducting and "most likely" raping a little Alabama schoolkid over a course of 5 days in a homemade bunker….

      • Find Dorner

        Dorner has villified himself by murdering 3 INNOCENT people. Why is anyone accepting his vengeful, self important manifesto is accurate?

  • Raquel

    Dorners actions are not justified by the wrong doings of the LAPD – but I do hope that LAPD does not succesfully villify this man and manage to once again get away with the actions that he has stated in his manifesto. It is a sad situationan all around – My thoughts are with the families who have lost loved ones as well as with Dorner – and I hope that he can find it within to stop killing and leave the rest up to the journlists and public who care to do what's right with the information he has provided.

    • blackonsecurity

      i like what you are saying but you and i know that the media will not look into what he is saying nor will it ask the questions that need to be asked

  • honestman

    The racism… Unnecessary, and I feel bad for you and your mindset. I won't be rude, call you out your name because I was raised better than that. I have friends, and family of all races and I love them all the same! I wouldn't be the man I am without their different backgrounds and great influences each one of them have put in my life. So I'll pray for you and hope karma doesn't come at you too unfairly.. God bless

  • kennykens

    This is a good reason that all SANE civilians should be able to own any weapon! You never know what type of person is going to loose it. This is what the 2nd amendment is all about.

  • JTOC

    Dormer has many issues , justifiable anger being #1 .
    All this could've been avoided if LAPD would have not lied at inquiry about Dormer !
    They spin all information to meet their agenda .
    Dormer did the right thing and reported abuse and was fired for lying !
    how can that be when victim's father said he's son face was indeed bruised and puffy !!!!
    Dormer snapped as a result !Very sad all around ,but know it all started over LAPD whitewashing
    the inquiry to begin with ! They are worse than the Catholic Church in L A and the DA's Office .

  • vhonani77

    If he was so crazy ….and impulsive rambler – why so many rewards, a TSSCI and officer appointment? Seems a calculating man would take into account upcoming snow where overhead helicopters will be limited and tracks will be quickly covered – enough open ground to lead up and then saunter back down. This morning they called him a jihadist – come on! He's gonna turn up somewhere far from Big Bear I'm willing to bet.

  • Robert

    Bet this guy is long gone from the mountains. He dumped the truck , burned it to conceal any evidence.
    He most likely had a buddy pick him up, load up the weapons, and head out of state.

    Just my guess. He most likely now has an accomplice.

    • Justus

      You and I should be running the Hunt for this man. I thought the same exact thing. he's hidding amongst them and watching the news right now and online postings. Definitely has an accomplice.