BaconFest 2013 Features Dress Made Entirely of Bacon

DES MOINES, IOWA (CNN) – It’s a local festival with plenty of sizzle — and what could sizzle more than a dress made entirely of bacon?

The Des Moines Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival, now in its 6th year, has somehow become hip.

The festival doubles in size every year, and this weekend’s 8,000 tickets sold out in three minutes.

The Des Moines Register reports that if you stretched out this year’s five tons of bacon that will be served at BaconFest, it would span 20 miles.

BaconFest began as a quirky sideshow in 2008, when a couple hundred people in a downtown Des Moines bar set out to eat plenty of bacon.

The big draw in the first year was bacon cookies — weird at the time, but now fairly commonplace at the annual bacon-tacular.

This year’s crowning achievement is a dress made entirely of bacon, the perfect fashion choice for her majesty, Miss Bacon Queen 2013.

The greasy gown was created by an east Des Moines dressmaker.

And who gets the honors of donning the creation and prancing about like a porcine princess?

After an intense talent competition and a grueling grilling of each bacon queen contestant, the winner was chosen — a young lass named Kim Phannebeker.

She proudly accepted her crown, and slid into her bacon dress fit for a queen.