BaconFest 2013 Features Dress Made Entirely of Bacon

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

DES MOINES, IOWA (CNN) – It’s a local festival with plenty of sizzle — and what could sizzle more than a dress made entirely of bacon?

The Des Moines Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival, now in its 6th year, has somehow become hip.

The festival doubles in size every year, and this weekend’s 8,000 tickets sold out in three minutes.

The Des Moines Register reports that if you stretched out this year’s five tons of bacon that will be served at BaconFest, it would span 20 miles.

BaconFest began as a quirky sideshow in 2008, when a couple hundred people in a downtown Des Moines bar set out to eat plenty of bacon.

The big draw in the first year was bacon cookies — weird at the time, but now fairly commonplace at the annual bacon-tacular.

This year’s crowning achievement is a dress made entirely of bacon, the perfect fashion choice for her majesty, Miss Bacon Queen 2013.

The greasy gown was created by an east Des Moines dressmaker.

And who gets the honors of donning the creation and prancing about like a porcine princess?

After an intense talent competition and a grueling grilling of each bacon queen contestant, the winner was chosen — a young lass named Kim Phannebeker.

She proudly accepted her crown, and slid into her bacon dress fit for a queen.

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  • carole r. davis

    8000 tickets sold to oblivious people who do not think about the horrendous cruelty inflicted on pigs in factory farms. Bacon is unhealthy. Bacon causes cancer. Bacon had a mom. Pigs are sweet, smart, social and feel pain. Wake up.
    Companion Animal Protection Society

  • a. linsay

    Sounds like you Porky and all the numbnuts who attended this event should wake up to how their behavior affects this earth and the other creatures on this planet who share it with us. Five tons of pig flesh that will span 20 miles is vile. The pollution, foul choices, and stench from 'consumers' who don't care at all how their behavior affects this earth. The pollution alone from industrial farms polluting the waterways, the darned diseases that are caused from people eating pig flesh by the tons — look up superbugs, affecting us all — all to shove animal parts in your faces — without caring one bit about where your food comes from or how these animals are treated. Shame on all of you.

  • a. linsay

    The way these pigs are killed, raised — stuck in gestation crates — watching their piglets live in darkness in a factory, boiled flippin' alive for the dehairing process — all so jerks like you all can shove pig flesh in your mouths, get high cholesterol, and most of you are fat. Inflating health care costs…it's inexcusable what you consumers do to animals and how they are treated, all so you can buy the hype and shove down your throats fat greased bacon (pig skin and flesh).

    • Ric

      Stop reading the China Study – it's been shown to be a horribly designed study.

      And buy free range bacon – the flesh from free range carcasses tastes better anyhow.

  • Backatya

    Sorry, Bacon is my favorite food, and I'm not fat nor greasy nor, for that matter, unhealthy. Food festivals are fun and creative. I guess there are a lot more bacon-lovers (over 8,000) than other types of food. Would love to start a Bacon Fest in California. Yum yum!!

  • christing12

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    • Your Grammar Sucks!

      'there' adverb ˈther
      : in or at that place <stand over there> —often used interjectionally

      'their' adjective thər, ˈther
      : of or relating to them or themselves especially as possessors, agents, or objects of an action <their furniture> <their verses> <their being seen>

  • Carnivor Bob

    PETA = Please Eat The Animals
    If animals did'nt taste so darn good we would'nt want to eat them. Take for example a rock, great for throwing, holding things down/open, and very good way to maintain heat. But, as a consumable food not so inviting, even if you could render it down to a slurry I'm sure there would be nothing that could make a rock taste as yummy as a BACON WRAPPED PORK LOIN!
    Pork, Beef, Lamb, and fish this is what should be on your dish.

  • benny

    So the priest says to the Rabbi: you should really try bacon, it's so good, it won't hurt you to try it.
    The Rabbi replies: OK on your wedding day.