Friends, Well-Wishers Light Candles for Slain USC Safety Officer

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

lawrence692LOS ANGELES (KTLA) – As the massive manhunt for ex-LAPD officer and triple-murder suspect Christopher Dorner continues, USC remembered one of his alleged victims.

Police believe that Dorner killed USC safety officer Keith Lawrence execution-style, along with Lawrence’s fiancee Monica Quan, in a parking lot at their Irvine condo complex on Sunday (Feb. 3).

Quan is the daughter of retired LAPD captain Randy Quan, who represented Dorner in the appeal process connected to Dorner’s firing from the LAPD and termination in 2009.

Police believe the couple’s killing by Dorner was an outgrowth of Dorner’s anger over being fired, part of his vendatta against Randy Quan and other LAPD officers and their families. .

In remembrance of Lawrence, a small memorial and candlelight vigil was held for him on the USC campus.

Along with notes of remembrance to Lawrence, friends and well-wishers lit candles in his honor.

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  • Jane Brown

    So sad. This was a young couple that had nothing to do with this psycho's life. It could have been my son and girlfriend. I hope they nuke this killer.

  • DeeLite

    I can see why Dorner had issues with the LAPD, but when he murdered this innocent couple he turned into a garden variety thug. Plain and simple. His military service and cop status was revoked.

  • Justus

    They had nothing to do with his tantrum. Why take innocent lives just because he's being a big baby about how his life turned out. They have to be resting in the arms of Jesus. May God console their souls and the hurting hearts of their loved ones.RIP guys!!

  • guest

    this is a shame that anyone had to lose their life over this. However I fully believe we need to take a fresh look at the culture of LAPD.

    • Guest

      I believe the ignorant people that talk badly upon the lapd can call someone else when they have an emergency. These put their life on the line for people they do not even know everyday, but no one sees that. They just see their husband beig arrested for domestic violence, or son being arrested for narcotics.. Hmm who do you call when you need help?

  • feedmemore053

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  • hello

    The LAPD owes Riverside an apology for allowing their corruption to kill a Riverside officer.

    And the LAPD owes their good officers and the public an end to that corruption.