Manhunt for Chris Dorner Enters Third Day

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

IRVINE, Calif. — The burned pickup truck belonging to Christopher Jordan Dorner had a broken axle and weapons were found inside, authorities said.

The truck is being processed by the Irvine Police Department, a police spokesman told The Times on Saturday afternoon. Another law enforcement officer confirmed that weapons were found inside the truck.

Irvine police spokeswoman Julia Engen said the truck is in a “secured evidence storage locker” in Irvine and is “severely burned.” She added that it was unclear how the axle damage occurred. She declined to comment about any other items found in the vehicle.

CNN reported Saturday that guns were found in the truck and CBS News reported ammunition was also discovered.

Despite the large amount of resources being deployed to the manhunt, CBS reported that authorities are making sure police will maintain a presence at Sunday night’s Grammy Awards in Los Angeles. The news organization said officers scheduled to have the day off would be called in and others would work overtime.

While investigators examined the truck in Irvine, the search for Dorner continued in the mountains near Big Bear. Approximately 50 officers are searching the forest and doing door-to-door checks, according to a statement from the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department

“There are several additional patrol units throughout the Big Bear Lake community,” the statement said. “Two helicopters are assisting in the search efforts.”

Bill Fitzgerald, an Orange County’s Sheriff’s Department helicopter pilot, said multiple law enforcement agencies have collaborated to search the mountains from the air. Fitzgerald said authorities took to the sky Thursday, but were grounded Friday by the weather. The helicopters were airborne again around 10 a.m. on Saturday.

Many helicopters, he said, are equipped with “forward looking infrared cameras” that can detect heat sources, especially at night.

“We can see any person or a rabbit,” Fitzgerald said. “They really stand out because of their heat.”

The search is expected to continue until nightfall and resume again in the morning, the sheriff’s statement said.

Police say that Dorner has killed three people and injured others in a campaign to take revenge on those he blamed for his dismissal from the LAPD four years ago. Investigators are scrutinizing a conspiracy-laden manifesto published on what they believe was Dorner’s Facebook page. The screed threatened “unconventional and asymmetrical warfare” against police officers and their families, saying that Dorner has no choice but to kill to reclaim his damaged reputation.

Police accuse him of killing the daughter of a retired LAPD captain and her fiance, who were found shot to death last Sunday in a car in Irvine. While on the run, police said, Dorner shot three police officers, one fatally, in Riverside County.

No one has seen Dorner or his tracks since Thursday and local residents are beginning to believe he got out of town before police locked down the area. Still, some remain at the ready.

Roger Curtis, a retired carpenter who lives in Big Bear, said he was watching the manhunt on TV when a car alarm sounded. “I got the guns and loaded them,” he said.

Los Angeles Times

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  • Tanya O'Neil

    So far it looks like LAPD is the loser here. They have poured in multi-million dollar resources in this effort but still have not found Dorner, but only have been shooting at the innocents. This goes to show how dumb, incompetent, and corrupt the LAPD is. The general public opinion about this case is that the LAPD is the bad guy here and not much for Dorner. Though, if Dorner indeed committed these crimes (minus shooting at the corrupt cops), I would not support Dorner for his actions were very wrong. But then again, LAPD have been committing so many wrongs over the decades, inflicting so much pain and suffering to thousands of innnocents whose voice were never heard.

    The public should push for a disband of the LAPD and start from scratch with an entire different culture – not one that has been infesting the LAPD for decades.

    Too much lip service has been given over the years by politicians wearing uniform. The people of Los Angeles should rise up and start a revolution and join the cause of Dorner to get rid of a very dangerous and corrupt police department.

  • Guest

    Very strange how the axle was broken. It doesn't make sense. It would take some abuse to make that happen. One big bump, that is for sure. You do not go far with a broken axle, so it had to happen near the final resting location…
    More likely, the breakage happened while moving the burnt truck.

    If so, Chris wanted the truck found and had other means of transportation away from Big Bear.

  • Hanna

    I pray that no one else gets killed or injured but Christopher Dorner is playing his own real life war game skillfully! I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s keeping a low profile right in the heart of LA! By the way, if the City of LA has 1 million dollar reward money, why can they use that type of money to help the homeless?

  • jovon

    Fair is Fair they say if yu knock on the devils Door One Day Someone Will Answer.I Dont Need a Million Dollars this Way..ill Wait til some little white kid kills his Parents an the Dog then ill make a Phone Call When I See Him.

  • sayitagain

    Beck, Bratton and those named in the manifesto are protected and safe while placing their neighbors and their immediate communities in harm's way.

    The neighbors and communities are not threatened by Dorner, but by stressed out, nervous cops who are being forced to wear a target on their backs and have already gunned down innocent civilians.

    If I were one of these cops forced to protect any of these corrupt buffoons, I would be seriously asking myself if Beck, Bratton or anyone named in the manifesto would be so willing take a bullet for me.