Newly Released Video Shows Dorner’s LAPD Training

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

ELYSIAN PARK (KTLA) – New video has been released of triple-murder Christopher Dorner, showing him training with his future LAPD officers.

The video was released by a man who trained with Dorner when he was an LAPD cadet in 2005.

It shows Dorner going through weapons training at the LAPD Training Academy.

The man who released the video says he saw drill instructors chastising Dorner for his weight and his slow running.

The man who provided the video chose not to have his identity revealed, but said he wanted the public to see the video to shed light on the man at the center of a massive manhunt by LAPD and other law enforcement agencies.

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  • KimchiAddict

    the media is so hard up for any info the waste out time with this junk. might as well dig up some baby photos while your at it. Worthless Western media.

  • Murica

    The public shouldn't give a crap, we're not in danger like they make us out to be. He's not running around killing random people. The Police are only looking out for themselves anyway.

    • Eli

      When the corrupt among them get shot it is murder, when they kill somone in cold blood (Kelly Thomas) or open fire and gun down two elderly ladies delivering papers it's collateral damage.

      The LAPD is a standing army viewing the taxpayers as the enemy.

  • Robert

    Who the f uck cares???
    You media people are making this a sshole out to be some kind of celebrity in peoples minds?
    There are some fools in the LA populace that actually think this guy is a 'victim'…..
    Stop with these needless stories… catch this motherfacker, blow out his legs, hope he lives to spend the rest of his wasted life in prison where he belongs.

    • Nome chifles

      You must be one of those cops killing innocents. You well know that the manifesto reveals only a portion what police hides from the public. Perhaps you are on his list and that's why you are so afraid this guys is still out there. All of those cops hunting him just don't want this guy finish his story about the corruption in the LAPD, which is supposed to protect and serve, not to kill and be acquitted.

  • Abigail

    Of course we know that everyone completed the same training for LAPD you moron! This video is to show him, a specific person they are searching for, in his days of "actually" going through the process. But just in case some of you have been sleeping, before joining the LAPD, he was a navy comrade receiving 10 years of extensive training in the military and received the Iraqi Campaign Medal and National Defense Service Medal, the Global War on Terrorism Service Medal and other medals for marksmanship. He was always been the top shot, highest score, and an expert in rifle qualifications in every unit he's been in! LAPD has the whole nation on edge once again and there needs to be change within their department. LAPD shot two innocent women and that is proof of shoot before giving a warning. This has been going on with this department for quite some time now. They are just on edge because one of their own is now hunting them!!! Well this is karma for them and you reap what you sow because what's done in the dark always comes to the light! Happy Hunting!

  • christing12

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