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Search for Dorner Resumes in Big Bear; Irvine Police Process Truck

IRVINE (KTLA) – Southern California remains on edge Saturday morning (Feb. 9) as the manhunt continues for ex-LAPD officer and triple murder suspect Christopher Dorner.

UPDATE Saturday afternoon 3pm

The search continued Saturday at 7 a.m. in the Big Bear area.

There are approximately 50 law enforcement officers searching the forest area and doing additional door to door checks.

There are several additional patrol units throughout the Big Bear Lake community.  Two helicopters are assisting in the search efforts.

The search is expected to continue until nightfall and resume again in the morning, if necessary.

More than a hundred officers searched in and around Big Bear Friday in difficult, snowy conditions.

The burned-out pickup truck belonging to Dorner that was recovered on a mountain road in Big Bear is now in the hands of Irvine police, being processed and searched for clues and evidence.

Meanwhile, new surveillance images of Dorner have been released.  The images are from video taken at an Orange County hotel, six days before the execution-style killings of Cal State Fullerton assistant basketball coach Monica Quan and her fiance Keith Lawrence, a public safety officer at USC.

Police allege that Dorner also killed an 11-year veteran of the Riverside Police Department in a subsequent confrontation.

Police say Dorner is on a mission of revenge against the LAPD for his termination in 2009.  Among those Dorner blames for his firing is Monica Quan’s father Randy Quan, a now-retired former LAPD captain who represented Dorner during an appeals process.

Dorner also names some 40 other people against whom he carries a vendetta, in a rambling, chilling manifesto titled “Last Resort” that he posted on line.

On Friday, heavily-armed officers served a search warrant at the La Palma home of Dorner’s mother, and forensics experts removed large bags of evidence, searching for any possible clues as to Dorner’s whereabouts.

Through a blinding snowstorm in Big Bear, more than 100 SWAT officers on in ski masks and snow vehicles searched door-to-door at hundreds of cabins over eight square miles for any clues regarding Dorner.

But one FBI agent told KTLA News he does not believe Dorner is still in the Big Bear area.  There has not been any sign of him there since Thursday when his torched Nissan Titan truck was found.

Some experts believe the truck was used as a diversionary tactic to buy Dorner time so he could escape and hide elsewhere.