BREAKING: Turpin Parents Ordered to Stand Trial in Perris Torture Case

Search for Dorner Resumes in Big Bear; Irvine Police Process Truck

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

IRVINE (KTLA) – Southern California remains on edge Saturday morning (Feb. 9) as the manhunt continues for ex-LAPD officer and triple murder suspect Christopher Dorner.

UPDATE Saturday afternoon 3pm

The search continued Saturday at 7 a.m. in the Big Bear area.

There are approximately 50 law enforcement officers searching the forest area and doing additional door to door checks.

There are several additional patrol units throughout the Big Bear Lake community.  Two helicopters are assisting in the search efforts.

The search is expected to continue until nightfall and resume again in the morning, if necessary.

More than a hundred officers searched in and around Big Bear Friday in difficult, snowy conditions.

The burned-out pickup truck belonging to Dorner that was recovered on a mountain road in Big Bear is now in the hands of Irvine police, being processed and searched for clues and evidence.

Meanwhile, new surveillance images of Dorner have been released.  The images are from video taken at an Orange County hotel, six days before the execution-style killings of Cal State Fullerton assistant basketball coach Monica Quan and her fiance Keith Lawrence, a public safety officer at USC.

Police allege that Dorner also killed an 11-year veteran of the Riverside Police Department in a subsequent confrontation.

Police say Dorner is on a mission of revenge against the LAPD for his termination in 2009.  Among those Dorner blames for his firing is Monica Quan’s father Randy Quan, a now-retired former LAPD captain who represented Dorner during an appeals process.

Dorner also names some 40 other people against whom he carries a vendetta, in a rambling, chilling manifesto titled “Last Resort” that he posted on line.

On Friday, heavily-armed officers served a search warrant at the La Palma home of Dorner’s mother, and forensics experts removed large bags of evidence, searching for any possible clues as to Dorner’s whereabouts.

Through a blinding snowstorm in Big Bear, more than 100 SWAT officers on in ski masks and snow vehicles searched door-to-door at hundreds of cabins over eight square miles for any clues regarding Dorner.

But one FBI agent told KTLA News he does not believe Dorner is still in the Big Bear area.  There has not been any sign of him there since Thursday when his torched Nissan Titan truck was found.

Some experts believe the truck was used as a diversionary tactic to buy Dorner time so he could escape and hide elsewhere.

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  • Guesser

    My guess is that folks give this guy too much credit. His plan, whatever it was, did not happen. It went bad when he shot the cops after being spotted. That was not in the plan. After that he went to the backup plan, to run into the mountains that he knew some about because his mother owns property in Arrowbear. He loaded up his heavy camping gear and some guns. he went up the hard way, partially on the dirt forest roads, planning to camp south of Big Bear and ended up at 2n10 and 2n06 where he’d ruined his truck, braking an axel. Then he walked around, down 2n06 and about 2n10, looking, thinking and the next unplanned move, he left the truck taking only part of his gear, just what he could carry.

    Where did he go? If on foot, maybe out toward Bluff Lake., and stopping someplace along the way, a mine or hole to stay. He may have killed himself there. Or he may still be there or have moved on. Or he may have gotten a car and driven out, there was a huge gap from when the car was spotted burning to when they got up to it and started looking. He could cover a lot of ground.

  • Guesser

    Just on the rest. This isn’t about LAPD. Getting this guy is about stopping a murderer. Two of the people he killed were totally innocent, one a family member and the other her boyfriend. When he killed them, it stopped being a way on LAPD and became a war on innocent people. Portraying him as any kind of a martyr, leader, revolutionary or whatever is foolish. Whatever LAPD’s problems are also need to be addressed over time but getting this guy off the streets is something that needs to be addressed now. He is a murderer and one that is not probably in panic mode.

  • Robby123

    Saturday news article said Dorner's truck had a BROKEN AXLE, and that he had to abandon it and torched it with weapons and supplies still inside!! Sounds like burning the truck was not a plan, and that he likely still in Big Bear area. So much for the genius plan.

  • Guest

    To all who hate the cops and think this guy is a here…….next time you have a problem….call Chris Dorner to help……see how far that gets you.

  • guest

    Beware people? Really? lol I'm not LAPD and if anyone reading isn't then your good.. They screwed themselves over. They are getting what is coming to them, sad that it had to be this way for him to make a statement.

  • guest

    From all accounts from people who really knew Dorner he was a wonderful person. A valuable citizen who served his country and the LAPD. His ex girlfriend called him a big Teddybear. Looking at this picture I believe he was a very good man driven to terrible acts by injustice and being degraded by a corrupt police department. Perhaps all those responsible for his break down should look into their hearts if they have one and try to find and reconnect with their souls instead of trying to squash people like bugs under their power hungry feet.

  • guest

    Ive never seen law enforcement go after any crminal, serial killer or cop killer the way they have gone after this man. He's obviously troubled, but they even arrested and gave Charles Mason due process. It seems they are way to anxious to stop him from talking and revealing any truth.

  • 17thBlood

    How is anything that Dorner has done so far 'exposing' the LAPD?! He has absolutely zero evidence against them! Killing people does not produce evidence! The only think he is proving is that he is even less credible now then when he first started making allegations.
    Let's get 1 thing clear: Terrorists are NOT heros, not the 9-11 terrorists, nor Chris Dorner, who use the excuse of killing people as a sacrifice towards their cause.

    Think it's cold in Big Bear Chris Dorner?! Wait till you get to hell!

  • guest

    A coward is someone who shoots a 71 year old newspaper lady in the back, and beat a homeless man to death, and half beats a kid riding a skateboard in downtown LA or Rodney King to dath. As or hell I dont see Chris Dorner going there any quicker than some evil hearted corrupt LAPD.

  • guest

    A lot more people would be behind the LAPD and law enforcement if they hadn't shot a 71 year old grandmother delivering newspapers in the back with a hail of some 50 or 60 bullets. Maybe the LAPD should try a little harder to revamp their image because this behavior isnt working.

  • American Patriot

    Hero or not who gives a crap? Who cares what YOU think about this man.. and WHY do you care about the people hes killed? THEY ARE CASUALTIES OF WAR!! do you care about the 60k iraqi women and children that were killed in fallujah BY US SOLDIERS/ DRONES? YES, the same people YOU call "heroes".. YOU may see a terrorist, but I see a man who lost his job, lost his family, lost his top security clearance(navy), a man WHO LOST HIS LIFE BECAUSE OF THE CORRUPTION OF THE LAPD (that they are STILL trying to cover up). This man exhausted every avenue, every chance he could get to get his life back. I SEE A MAN STANDING UP FOR HE FEELS IS RIGHT, A MAN WHO WANTS TO BRING THE CORRUPTION DOWN, A MAN WHO REALIZES THAT BLOOD MUST BE SHED IN ORDER TO BRING TRUTH TO LIGHT! WHO are YOU to say what hes doing is right/wrong, ur missing the big picture.. DO NOT JUDGE HIM because YOU are in no place to do so urself

  • ABO

    It"s obvious that he"s not in big bear. The burned car is a give away. It was done to get the cops off his back.Someone is definitely hiding him. I don"t fear him at all.