Police Raid San Bernardino Apartment After Dorner Call

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SAN BERNARDINO (KTLA) — Police evacuated an apartment complex in San Bernardino early Sunday after a report that fugitive Christopher Dorner was hiding there.

Tenants awoke to a swarm of armed cops circling Eureka Manor in San Bernardino.

It all happened around 1:30 a.m. on Sunday at 1525 E. Eureka Street. The raid was captured on cell phone video obtained exclusively by KTLA.

SWAT officers stormed a corner apartment as helicopters flew overhead. As a precaution, police ordered residents out through back windows.

The Dorner sighting turned out to be a false alarm — prompted by an apparent prank call.

“The officers came today and kicked in my door,” resident Nini Hamilton, whose apartment was the target of the raid, told KTLA.

“I got into a confrontation with some girls and they made a fake call and said that Christoper Dorner was in my apartment,” she explained.

“They said that I went up there to Big Bear and picked him up and had him in my car and brought him down here to my apartment.”

“I don’t know him, never seen him a day in my life,” she insisted. “Only on the news.”

As the complex went into lockdown, resident Tiquiese Anthony said they had to stand against the wall, and police asked for all the adults’ names and birthdays.

“They were telling us to pop our trunk to see if he was in the trunk,” Anthony recalled. They had their guns drawn on us.”

“Yes, I was fighting, and I was scared, especially for my kids,” another resident said of the ordeal.

It remains unclear if the person who made the call will face charges. Authorities say there will likely be more false alarms as they continue to search for Dorner.

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  • guest

    Unfortunately, the 1 million dollars reward has a downside. It will increase more money and manpower for all the future false sightings. This guy round shape face/head has familiar of many people. Already within the past hours,there been two sightings one at the San Bernardino Apartments and Lowe's in Northridge. As long as it was no reward, there were no sightings. In other words a quite weekend and less news. I pretty sure without a reward, he would have eventually surface right under ones nose.

  • KellyG

    I was disgusted when a LAPD commander revealed officers had made more than a couple hundred felony stops (guns drawn) of than a couple hundred (individuals matching Dorner’s description.
    This commander went on to characterize these contacts as “a minor inconvenience” for the people.

  • KellyGx

    I was disgusted when a LAPD commander revealed officers had made more than a couple hundred felony stops (guns drawn) of than a couple hundred (individuals matching Dorner’s description.

  • Lt Justice

    All cops are criminals with badges. Defend the 2nd amendment. It is the only way to defend yourself and not end up shot on sight by the government.

    • DEE

      Yup he is only a threat to officers. Most of America thinks he is a hero, kinda like Rambo..me I think he is a hero but should kill innocent people.

  • Interested

    Mr. Mayor, it is obvious which community is threatened, and thereby offering $1M, to protect itself from Doner. What are you willing to offer civilians as compensation when your police paramitary shoots first.

  • CBK

    Not really much of a rambler, and really, not that much of a coward. I read the manifesto and it actually makes a whole lot of sense. He exhausted every legal means of getting his life back, so now, he's going to scare the corruption out of the force. While I don't like the fact he's killing people, the fact of the manner is corrupt cops kill people and destroy lives on a whim. Now he's giving it back to them.

    Karma's a b!tch.

  • Yalanda Garza

    I was there and it was VERY SCARY. Im happy no one got hurt and my kids remained calm. We were the family that had to climb out of my bedroom window with m16’s pointed at us. I hope no mre innocent ppl are affected by this man and they catch him soon.

  • Finx

    the fact of the matter is Dorner is a criminal and killed people. He's acting like he's some sort of Kommando. He needs to be caught. Assault rifles should be banned. Think of the children. This has gone too far. Dorner f you see this you need to turn yourself in.

  • maria

    This disregard for life (none cop), disrespect and mistreatment of people is why police are so dispised. My question is, los angeles has no $ for schools, books, laying off teachers but in matter of hour they come up with this million $ plus bounty for one man. I wouldn’t turn him in for no amt of $. The cops r the ” domestic terrorist” cops frieghten me.