Three Women Struck by Car, Killed in Anaheim

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

ANAHEIM (KTLA) — Three women died after they were struck by a car in Anaheim late Saturday night.

Two people in the vehicle that struck them were also hurt.

The incident happened just after 11 p.m. as the women were crossing Western Avenue near Lincoln.

Anaheim residents Carmen Mendoza, 56, and her daughter Sheyla Mendoza, 21, were walking in the street with Stephanie Henriquez, who is a relative, when they were struck and killed.

Sheyla Mendoza died at the scene.

The elder Mendoza and Henriquez were taken to the hospital where they later died.

Police arrested Buena Park resident Anthony Lewis Sanchez for drunk driving at the scene.

Sanchez and a passenger suffered minor facial injuries in the crash.

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  • Sandra Madrigal

    They give us tickets driving the car, people don't care and cross the streets in any place, never use the crossing lines in each intersection, give more tickets to them and let me know if they learned

    • Concerned

      Right in the area where they were struck is heavily used by j-walkers. I am perplexed how majority of time the driver gets off free. What about right of way when it is given to you-according to law. Need change. No way excusing j-walkers. Its a big problem.

    • Sve F

      Ohhhh… Jessss… The giving us the teeekits for driving the carro. I hate the people that do the walk, they no have the money like me.

      Go back to Oaxaca, you filthy fence-jumping baby maker.

      • Len

        Wow why dont you learn how to speak english. have a heart just because you didnt lose a close person to you.
        Were the ones that did. Dont be so dam ignorant.

  • Trish

    I see more and more jaywalkers taking chances. Another jaywalker got killed in Garden Grove a couple weeks ago. Definitely need more tickets


    Sad for the family and their future's, however they really do need to step up with citing jaywalkers. Many of whom simply will walk right out in front of cars believing they will all stop for them, not all of them will.

  • VNgrunt67

    Definitely need to enforce the law so that people realize they only have the "pedestrian right-of-way" while in a crosswalk … where drivers expect them to be crossing. Crossing elsewhere, the cars have the right-of-way and pedestrians need to pay attention!.



  • elvira

    Let me up date all you guys that are just commenting without having facts.. These people were struck and KILL by a drunk driver, NO matter if they were jay walking or not, the fact is that another person took away the lifes of innocent people just because of their stupidity. It hurts because the young girl that died at the seen was my daughters high school friend. She had a life ahead of her but because of a drunk driver she will never have a chance to go forward with her dreams.

    I hope this person get life in prison without parole and see how it will feel to stunk his life for ever, just like he did for Sheyla!!!!

    • jess

      you OBVIOUSLY DONT KNOW THE "FACTS" no he was not drunk driving! he was driving at speed limits late at night, NOT seeing the females BREAKING THE LAW by JAYWALKING. rip to the females that died but honey DONT PRETEND like you know what happend. if the didnt BREAK THE LAW they might be alive today. so screw you for wishing that man life in prison when he was a good father and husband for taking care of his ill wife. so people sticking up for LAWBREAKERS should get their facts straight

      • mimi

        no dout that he is a very good husband and father , the fact is 3 women from my family are dead and instead of acting like u know all the facts wich u clearly don't take a good look at his car which clearly shows the opposite of him driving at speed limit. he should just be thankful he is not dead leaving his loved ones with the pain hi has left us with by killing my aunt and 2 cousins

    • jess

      they were the drunk girls, even if the man didnt hit them drunk jay walking to there car, they wouldve died by drunk driving….. so much fr them being the victims

  • Effy

    I live by this area so I know that there are a lot of jay walkers especially at night since there is usually less traffic. I was driving in that intersection just 20 minutes before those 3 women were killed and almost hit a jay walker myself. There needs to be more enforcement by giving jay walkers tickets to tell them that they need to be responsible for their actions as well. Even though they did jay walk the driver was at fault. Drunk driving is horrible, careless and can be easily prevented.

  • anjanette hinton

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    • Lorrie

      Have u been in the area John? Probably not. Mexicans are not the only ones crossing the street with "their 15 kids and strollers". Truth be told you are ignorant!

    • Guest

      Who cares if they were Mexican or not. Three people lost their lives. You are cruel and heartless thinking like that, hope you are proud of yourself……………not. Even if they were jaywalking, I am sure you have never done any jaywalking………………..not.

  • Signature Bails Bond

    Why this accident happened? This will be cleared after investigation. But more tickets must be provided. Some major actions must be taken for jaywalkers, most of them always consider car will stop for them, but this rarely happens.

  • evelia serrato

    almost everybody's comment is on jaywalkers. thats not the point!! this three ladies were killed by a drunk driver why doesnt anybody comment on that? my heart and prayers go out to their families and that the drunk driver gets what he deserves..

  • Guest

    Drunk or not, and not saying its the girls fault but MAYBE if they were at the light or at the crosswalk that they were right in the middle of they wouldn't have gotten hit, and maybe if the driver didn't have a drink he would have been able to stop, no one knows. It is sad that three lives are gone as well as the drivers, he will be gone for a very long time and I am sure will suffer this the rest of his life knowing that he took three innoscent lives. EVERYONE that drinks has drove at least once with a couple drinks in them so no one should judge anyone, the driver or the walkers, just pray for them all and all of their families. Think of both families, the ones that are now gone and the drivers family is also suffering without their son, father, brother it hurts just as bad as if he would have died himself.

  • Guest

    Again does anyone know if there is a fund for the girls family we can donate to? An address or a bank where we can collect and take donations, it has to be hard and expensive to pay for three funerals and I am sure they need all the help they can get. Let's see how many of you really feel bad and reach into your pockets to donate to the famillies.
    Also the girls were mexican and so was the driver, which we all know are very caring and family oriented so all families are hurt just the same and torn apart, anyway, who cares of the race of any of them, that just shows how ignorant and dumb people are.

  • Ryann

    Even if a person jay walks cars still have to stop, and word said the driver and passenger were intoxicated. &&; mr raisest up there, sit your ass down. No one wants to hear you running your stupid mouth >_<