Million Dollar Manhunt for Christopher Dorner

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LOS ANGELES (KTLA) — A huge bounty is being offered for Christopher Dorner, the former LAPD officer who is suspected in three murders.

The LAPD is hoping that an unprecedented $1 million reward will lead to Dorner’s capture before he kills again.

“This is the largest local reward ever offered to our knowledge,” LAPD Chief Charlie Beck said at a news conference on Sunday.

“Some may ask, ‘Why so large'” he continued, adding, “This is an act — and make no mistake about it — of domestic terrorism.”

“We will not tolerate a killer targeting our officers and their families, targeting innocent people,” Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa echoed.

Federal and local law enforcement agents are hunting the former police officer turned suspected killer and fugitive.

The LAPD has received over 600 tips from the public that they are following up on, Lt. Andy Neiman said at a news conference Monday morning.

A tactical alert that was declared on Sunday afternoon amid the manhunt for Dorner and providing security for the Grammys has been canceled.

In a tactical alert, officers can be held over on their shifts and do not respond to low-priority calls.

There are hundreds of officers working on the case, Neiman said.

No one has seen Dorner or his tracks since his truck was found in Big Bear last Thursday, sparking an exhaustive, days-long search.

The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department now says that it is scaling back its search in the Big Bear area.

At one point, the search had involved some 200 officers, but now the number is down to 30, sheriff’s officials said on Monday.

They are continuing to search vacation homes and government lease cabins in an even more remote area, with aerial support available if needed.

There have been no sightings of Dorner in the Big Bear area, according to sheriff’s spokeswoman Jodi Miller.

Bear Valley Unified schools were open on Monday with additional security measures and law enforcement present, district officials said.

The schools had been closed on Friday as a precaution. The ski resorts in the area re-opened Friday after closing early on Thursday.

Meantime, there’s a new warning from the TSA that Dorner, 33, who is also a Navy reservist, may be able to pilot a plane.

The TSA says that Dorner received some kind of flight training while he was in the Navy.

Authorities are not sure about the extent of his flight skills, but they want airports and pilots to watch out for any suspicious activity.

The warning asks them to secure aircraft, verify cargo and passengers and keep an eye out for unknown pilots and personnel.

It also warns airport officials to be on the lookout for altered IDs and to report any aircraft thefts immediately.

Dorner has declared war on the LAPD, following his dismissal from the force in 2009 for allegedly making false claims about his training officer.

He is accused of killing three people, including the daughter of a retired LAPD captain and her fiance and a Riverside police officer.

Investigators are scrutinizing a conspiracy-laden manifesto published on what they believe was Dorner’s Facebook page.

It threatened “unconventional and asymmetrical warfare” against police officers and their families, saying he had no choice but to kill to reclaim his reputation.

The LAPD has announced that it is reopening an investigation into Dorner’s dismissal from the department.

Beck said he was not reopening the case in order to appease Dorner, but to assure the public that the department is fair and transparent.

The new reward being offered may prompt even more tips and information surrounding the elusive murder suspect.

Police say they are following up on all leads, including a reported sighting at a Lowe’s home improvement store in Northridge on Sunday evening.

A SWAT team was called to the store near the Northridge Fashion Center around 5 p.m. after people reported seeing someone who resembled Dorner.

Employees and customers were evacuated and surrounding streets were closed, and officers checked all cars leaving the area.

Dorner was not found, and police have called it a case of mistaken identity.

Anyone with information on the case or Dorner’s whereabouts is asked to call the LAPD tip line at: 213-486-6860.

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    Fricking LAPD. If you could just do your job and catch this guy,you wouldn't have to bribe the public with offers of $$. For fricks sake……… get a job !!

  • guest

    Some one posted even God hates the LAPD. When it takes a million dollar reward to get people to turn Dorner in it proves what everyone thinks of Beck, the jury panel and members of LAPD responsible for railroading Dorner and this terrible situation. I dont know how these corrupt individuals "and they know who they are" can live with themselves or sleep at night knowing "they are the ones responsible" for this whole situation. But if they had a conscience they wouldnt have railed the man in the first place.

  • Benny698

    Hey KTLA,

    Given the comments this story if generating maybe a legitimate public opinion poll taking into consideration a cross-section of our community is in order. Let's explore citizen attitudes toward the police and find out some facts about what people think.

  • Rush limbaugh

    The people of Los Angeles and surrounding cities should get out and protest for change in LAPD. The world is watching, take advantage of this and show LAPD that the GOOD folks of LA will not stand for the RACIST WHITE COPS killing our love ones. What happen to all the so call technology? LAPD technology is called SNITCHING. F@$k ya 1 million dollars. GOD BLESS CHRIS

  • guest

    Rome is burning and all the LAPD Captains and Chiefs can do is cower in their homes while sentries are posted at their doors to take the bullets?

  • guest

    Offering a million dollars for someone to kill Dorner is only making LAPD look worse. Ive read thousand of negative posts on dozens of news outlet web pages. So much for restoring their image and peoples faith in the department.

  • janet

    it is weird, I don't fear this guy in the slightest. But after reading, hearing, and seeing everything else that is being said about the LAPD, I now fear my local police dept.

    Why is that?

  • guest

    I guess its a good thing Dorner didnt flee to Oakland or the Bay area because LAPD would have shot half of the Oakland Raiders and San Francisco 49'er by now!

  • guest

    There's a pretty big price for corruption. So what happens next when other officers who have been set up and discharged from the force follow Chris's lead? 20 million 30 million?

  • anonymous

    if I see Christopher Dorner I will not give him up for 1 million dollars, I do not agree with 3 people dying but he is definitely opening everyone's eyes, LAPD should be ashamed for all they do and of having to pay for their mistakes, most of you cops suck!!!!!

  • KellyGx

    This is a bad weekend to be a Black Man in Los Angeles. Go for a walk and get ambushed by LAPD with guns drawn. People must think every Black and/or Mexican guy is Chris Dorner because the cops have received over 700 calls sighting him.

    • Naw Cho Cheesy

      500 of those call were probably Dorner sending the LAPD on another Goose chase. He could do this for months. Everybody should try it.. Swatting for Dorner.

  • Ashley

    People, let's do something! This is the time! How come, we hear news only about "bad" ex-cop, but we hear zero information regarding those officers who shot 2 women by "mistake" . … Obviously, there is a corruption! Yes, Dorner chose not the best method to pay back, but at least he wasn't afraid to tell everything.. and yes, if Dorner wasn't right, he wouldn't even start this war and sent that coin to the office with the words "I WASN"T LYING!"

  • Greatwhite

    Hey Chief try this, just get the people on his hit list to say their sorry to Dorner for ruining his life give him back his good name and his job (Yes I know it's lying ). If he surrenders to the nearest officer and being the stupid Negro that he is he will come out of hiding (smiling) you have to use the right bait to catch this Silverback give him what he wants.If that doesn't work try Bananas.or an Organ Grinder. Lets put an end to the great CHIMPOUT.

  • Lt Justice

    All cops are criminals with badges. Defend the 2nd amendment. It is the only way to defend yourself and not end up shot on sight by the government.

      • CONFESS lapd!

        Unfortunately, it is the GOOD cops, ultimately, that are to blame. WHY?!
        When good cops turn the other check towards corruption, they provide POSITIVE reinforcement for NEGATIVE behavior!! The GOOD cops are OUR last line of defense against the most vile form of corruption that has INFESTED the lapd and other forms of public service! When good cops turn the other check towards corruption, they only postpone and amplify the level of house cleaning required to remediate the premeditated corruption.
        I respectfully sugest you clean house now, lapd, before spring cleaning spreads nation-wide.
        If you possess any remnants of decency, ALL officers who fired on the papergirls should be incarcerated for attempted murder, period.

  • MPjoy

    If this is a hollywood movie, I would say the director is crazy. But this really happened… I cannot believe it. From the initial killing to an angry ex-LAPD police, from chasing the blue truck to $1 million reward… I am really shocked. I wonder what happens next? Though I enjoy the movie, like SWAT, I hope it won't happen in the real life. LAPD is famous and that is the reason some guys would love to work in LAPD. But LAPD just like other departments, you will not feel very pleasant to work in few groups. So just move to another place. Dornor already showed his value in the Navy, why he cannot just let the LAPD history go and move on? He will still have some other chances. Now we do not know how this will end without spending more fund or even losing more life. I think it is pretty sad from the both sides. It is not really excited. It is a tragedy.

  • Interested

    Mr. Mayor, it is obvious which community is threatened, and thereby offering $1M, to protect itself from Doner. What are you willing to offer civilians as compensation when your police paramitary shoots first.

  • lovelygirl

    even if they open the case, HOW SURE ARE WE THAT THERE WILL BE NO FAVORITISM AGAIN THIS TIME? if they are to re open it, i'm afraid it would all boil down AGAIN to those police officers at fault, STILL getting away with it.

  • cathy s

    It is soo disgusting to hear the disrespectful comments people make about the police agencies. Amazing. Though ther the greatest when the public Needs their help!! CALL. SOMEONE ELSE!!!

  • tania

    Ok million dollar reward coming from tax payers money…. so now just because it has to do with the police department its ok. How many other families have been targets of crimes and yet they do not get this much protection or coverage. Just because they are police its special. MY heart goes out to all the families that never got this much protection.