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Local Reaction to Pope’s Resignation — Christina Pascucci Reports

During afternoon mass, Archbishop Jose Gomez, head of the Los Angeles archdiocese praised pope Benedict the 16th and compared him to a saint.

The pope announced early this morning he will resign at the end of the month.

The pope made the announcement in a small mass.

Even the cardinals were like did we just hear that,” Tod Tamberg, Los Angeles Archdiocese.

Here in Southern California… the 85 year old pope will be remembered for his attempt to connect with the worlds youth. He even started his own twitter account and in no time reached 1.5 million followers.

But Pope Benedict leaves at a time when the Roman Catholic Church has been rocked by scandal, which Archbishop Gomez seemed to address in today’s afternoon mass.

“May we continue to pray in a special way for anyone who has been hurt by a member of the church,” Gomez said.

Cardinal Mahony, the former head of the LA Archdiocese was stripped of his public duties after church documents showed he allegedly covered up child  sex abuse at the hands of priests.

He released a statement today saying quote “I look forward to traveling to Rome to thank Pope Benedict xvi for his gifted service to the Church and to participate in the conclave to elect his successor. ”

— Christina Pascucci

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