Dorner Manhunt: Ex-Cop’s Personal Effects Found in Cabin

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

BIG BEAR LAKE — Investigators on Wednesday were in the process of identifying remains found in the charred cabin where fugitive ex-cop Christopher Dorner was believed to have been holed up.

An official told the Associated Press that a wallet and personal items, including a California driver’s license with Dorner’s name, were found with the body in the basement of the cabin.

At a briefing on Wednesday morning, Lt. Andy Neiman said that the LAPD has been back in a normal state of operations since late Wednesday.

He said that the department had not been on tactical alert since early Wednesday.

Neiman also said that “about a dozen or so” protective details of people named in Dorner’s manifesto will remain in place until the department and the families feel safe.

He emphasized that the investigation is not stopping just because the suspect is believed to be dead.

“We don’t just stop a murder case simply because we think the suspect in that case is no longer with us,” he said.

Neiman would not comment on the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department’s investigation of the remains.

He also said that the city attorneys involved will determine who, if anyone, gets the reward money, and that any decision on that matter could take some time.

If the body is identified as Dorner’s, the standoff would end a week-long manhunt for the ex-LAPD officer and Navy reservist suspected in a string of shootings following his firing several years ago.

Four people — an Irvine couple, a Riverside police officer and a San Bernardino County sheriff’s deputy — have died allegedly at Dorner’s hands.

Police say Dorner’s first victims were the daughter of the retired LAPD official who represented him at his disciplinary hearing and her fiance.

Monica Quan and Keith Lawrence were found shot to death Feb. 3 in their car in their condo complex’s parking structure.

Days later, officials said, Dorner allegedly attempted to steal a boat in San Diego in a failed bid to escape to Mexico.

By Feb. 7, authorities said, he had fled to the Inland Empire. In Corona, police said, he fired at an LAPD officer searching for him at a gas station.

About half an later, he allegedly opened fire on two Riverside officers, killing Michael Crain, 34, and injuring his partner.

His burning truck was found near Big Bear later Thursday, prompting hundreds of officers to scour the area and conduct cabin-to-cabin checks.

That search was scaled back as authorities found no new signs of the wanted man.

Meantime, authorities scoured more than 1,000 tips that poured in from across Southern California after officials announced a $1 million reward.

Then, on Tuesday morning, a couple entered their cabin in the 1200 block of Club View Drive and ran into a man they said resembled the fugitive, a law enforcement official said.

The cabin was not far from where Dorner’s singed truck had been found and where police had been holding news conferences about the manhunt.

The man tied up the man and woman and he took off in a purple Nissan parked near the cabin, the official said.

About 12:20 p.m., one of them broke free and called police.

Nearly half an hour later, officers with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife spotted the stolen vehicle and called for backup, authorities said.

The suspect turned down a side road in an attempt to elude the officers but crashed the vehicle, police said.

A short time later, authorities said, the suspect carjacked a light-colored pickup truck and took off, only to be spotted by another Fish and Wildlife officer.

A gun battle ensued before Dorner crashed the truck and ran to the cabin.

He later shot two San Bernardino County sheriff’s deputies, killing one and seriously injuring the other, authorities said.

The injured deputy is expected to survive but it is anticipated he will need several surgeries. The names of the two deputies have not been released.

An intense gun battle ensued as authorities swarmed the cabin, people with knowledge of the situation said, adding hundreds of rounds were fired in just more than an hour.

“There were very few lulls in the gunfire,” one person familiar with the investigation said.

Just before 5 p.m., authorities smashed the cabin’s windows, pumped in tear gas and called for the suspect to surrender, officials said.

They got no response. Then, using a demolition vehicle, they tore down the cabin’s walls one by one.

When they reached the last wall, they heard a gunshot. Then the cabin burst into flames, officials said.

“There would have been a lot more casualties” if officers had to “assault the cabin and make entry,” the source said. “There weren’t a lot of options.”

-KTLA/Los Angeles Times

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  • Frieda

    He's probably on a horse…

    LAPD Headquarters
    Tuesday February 12th, 2013 :: 07:09 p.m. PST

  • GOD

    What happened to Dorner happens to hundreds maybe thousands of Americans daily. Loss of a job, unethical workplace, etc. That can and does happen in many jobs, not just police work. Dealing with it without harming others is the correct way to respond. Dragging other people down with you is not the right answer. Violence and hatred is the easy way out…it's for the weak. Only the strong find solutions through honor, respect, and integrity.

  • truth

    He stood up for someone that could not stand up for themselves, and for that he was fired, LAPD created him, and now they want to make themselves look like the hero's, instead of taking responsibility for what they have done. Nothing will change though.. cops will be cops they will always make sure that there own come before innocent people .

  • f- 99ers

    Just like with the OJ trial, all the white people rightfully knew he was guilty of slaughtering innocent people, and all the ni9-9ers thought he was a great guy.

  • ProtectHumanity

    I read on CNN that he tried to get out of the cabin and one of the cops pushed him back in to let him die, that is so morally wrong. The guy killed others and that is wrong but killing him won't bring them back. The guy needed help mentally. It was not right for the cop to shove him back into a burning cabin. All you racist fks, do you know that year you are living in. Whites are now the MINORITY while everyone else is the majority.

  • anon

    This is terrible journalism. Your nut graf, which is the only text in the thumbnail, says it is believed to be him, but you then go on to say they knew it was him. You also say that he shot himself, but then lit himself on fire, and a bunch of mysterious gunshots were discharged? Doesn't really settle for me..


    There isn't one swinging dick in this post that knows him or anyone like him but you all feel the need to express what YOU think he was doing and why. Get over yourselves. Chances are the guy was just nuts…just like you…

  • Guest

    So many of you are complaining about the lapd yet you think they should have kept this nut case employed. Right. We need 10,000 psycho Dorners as officers. Unemployed ignorant criminals will always hate the police.

  • Anonymous

    This entire story makes me sad. Sad for the innocent victims who were killed. Sad that this guy who started out as a good person and still had good qualities about him but went off the deep end either due to mental illness or losing his job(s), relationships, or a combination of all factors. I don't condone his actions in any way no matter what happened to him, but am sad because he was so lost and so desperate to get to the point of crossing that line and committing such acts against others and ultimately himself, not because he is a person who is an evil person but because he is a sick person who gave in to evil temptations and committed evil acts. He murdered his first victims execution style, and the daughter of the police officer he hated who had nothing to do with his past died of multiple gunshot wounds so she definitely suffered. There is no justification for this. Anger and depression can drive you mad over time because the devil loves those who are week in spirit and mind. If he felt he had no purpose in life other than his badge, losing that job, even if by his own fault, totally disintegrated his sense of identity. I read reports from his ex that he had problems on an intimate level, hated that he was black…clearly he had some serious mental imbalances and issues for a long time, and those imbalances were much more powerful than his good qualities. What his sad is that he sold his soul to the devil, and it burned with that fire.

    • Anonymous

      also he lived with his mom still and obviously was very sensitive dude…most depressed ppl are. seems like he hated himself but blamed everyone else for his self hatred and events outside of himself. the factt that he was crying in his patrol car begging to be retrained, and his supervisor (t evans) threatened to write him up if he didn't stop says a lot right there. she wrote him up anyway. LAPD needs some sensitivity training esp when dealing with cops who return from serving in the military. she clearly has no compassion and so i wouldn't be surprsied if she did kick that mentally ill person. dorner himself was empathetic on the one hand but then let his anger take over and drive him to murder. i mean he murdered cops and family members of cops but never harmed any of his hostages and even let the dude today take his dogs before stealing his car. he went to the dark side, and that is why its so sad because he had a good side.

  • Barney

    Now Lets Start Investigating The LAPD And Get Rid Of The Bad Cops And You Know Who You Are Your Time Is Coming!!!! Protect And Serve!!!!! My Ass!!!!!

  • Guest

    "gun laws needed for sure"? Are you crazy? How are you going to defend yourself from a crazy person like that? The news says the police had "high powered weapons". why not say "assault weapons" also? People who say gun laws are needed from this is simply ignorant-I-have-no-knowledge-in-guns stuck-up fools. I'd rather have at least a chance to fight and try to save my family from threat before law enforcement comes to support.

  • Josh

    Dorner, who was he really? What was he like? We are told to remember the idea, not the man, because a man can fail. He can be caught. He can be killed and forgotten. But years later an idea can still change the world. I've witnessed first hand the power of ideas. I've seen people kill in the name of them; and die defending them. But you cannot kill an idea, cannot touch it or hold it. Ideas do not bleed, it cannot feel pain, and it does not love.