Thousands Attend Funeral of Slain Riverside Officer

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RIVERSIDE, Calif. — Regina Crain cherished the simplicity of Sunday mornings with her husband, Riverside Police Officer Michael Crain.

He loved food, and every weekend — even when their two young children asked her to cook something else — she made his favorite breakfast: eggs, bacon and, most importantly, hash browns. He loved his hash browns.

crowdRegina always let him sleep in while she cooked, and she’d send the kids to wake him.

Those are the times she will miss the most, Regina Crain said Wednesday, fighting tears, during the funeral for her husband in the Grove Community Church in Riverside.

Michael Crain, 34, was shot and killed in an ambush before dawn Feb. 7 as he and an officer he was training stopped their marked patrol car at a traffic light.

The other officer, who has not been identified, was injured.

Police have said the suspected gunman is Christopher Dorner, a former LAPD officer bent on revenge over his dismissal from the department in 2009.

Although Dorner’s name was not uttered by the speakers at Crain’s funeral, the anger at the slaying of Crain and three others was tangible.

Standing outside the church, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Lt. Mike Reynolds said law enforcement officers have been deeply affected by the deaths.

“Any time one of us is out there and meets a tragic end, it hits us all hard. We all feel the pain,” Reynolds said.

As the funeral procession approached the church, it passed beneath an enormous U.S. flag hanging from the ladders of two Riverside firetrucks.

Mary Ann Taylor, who lives down the street from the church, pointed to the police cars filing past, then told her twin 4-year-old granddaughters: “Put your hands over your hearts; show some respect for them.”

Inside, officers spoke of the anger and confusion left in the wake of slayings attributed to Dorner, including the death Tuesday of San Bernardino County sheriff’s Deputy Jeremiah MacKay, 35.

He died in what has been described as a final, desperate shootout with the fugitive.

MacKay, a 15-year veteran of the department, was married and had a 7-year-old daughter and a 4-month-old son.

A second San Bernardino County sheriff’s deputy, Alex Collins, also was wounded in the gunfight, San Bernardino County Sheriff John McMahon said.

Collins has undergone multiple surgeries but is expected to make a full recovery, he said.

Riverside Capt. John Wallace told mourners he was sure that if Crain were present, he would be asking the audience to pray for MacKay, who “came across the same evil” that Crain did.

Thousands attended Crain’s service, including Gov. Jerry Brown and hundreds of uniformed law enforcement officers representing agencies from across the state.

Family, friends and fellow officers described the 11-year veteran officer as a soft-spoken man, a skilled officer and a doting father to his two children, Ian, 10, and Kaitlyn, 4.

He was known to tell friends he couldn’t believe how lucky he was in marrying Regina.

While other people talked about having good relationships, “I felt mine was perfect,” Regina Crain said.

“Every day got better,” she said, after tearfully reading the couple’s wedding vows. “Every day we renewed our love. I knew how much he loved me and how much he loved those babies.”

She said her husband went to his daughter’s ballet classes and danced with her. Although he never played baseball, he learned the game so he could coach his son’s team, she said.

Crain was a member of the Riverside Police Department’s SWAT team and served as a field training officer and as a firearms instructor, according to the department.

He was the “ideal policeman,” said Riverside Police Chief Sergio Diaz, who has called the attack that killed Crain a “cowardly ambush.”

“I think we hoped that we could clone him several times over,” Diaz said.

The chief addressed Crain’s children, saying their father was known to be tough.

“Because he was tough, he knew he could be kind and gentle,” Diaz said, choking up as he spoke.

Before joining the police department, Crain served as a rifleman in the Marine Corps. He was deployed twice to Kuwait, according to Riverside police.

Friends and other Marines described Crain as a dedicated and talented Marine who watched one video at a recruiting office and was hooked.

Joe Negroni, who has been friends with Crain since they were in seventh grade, said he was struck by Crain’s empathy and generosity, even when Crain was just a teenager.

Negroni said Crain was a “creature of habit” who ordered the same school lunch every day: a hamburger, Cherry Pepsi and his favorite chocolate doughnuts.

Negroni said he started bringing a girlfriend to lunch in high school, and she did not bring money for lunch. The few dollars that Negroni had for lunch money was not enough to split between two people.

Crain noticed, and he soon started coming up with a few extra dollars each day, which he gave to Negroni, who wondered where he got it.

Negroni said he eventually realized that Crain had stopped ordering his doughnuts every day so the girl, whom Crain didn’t particularly like, would be able to eat.

As the funeral service came to an end, photographs displayed in a video tribute showed Crain getting a kiss from his daughter, clad in a floral dress; holding hands with his wife; sitting on the couch with an arm around his son.

The songs that accompanied it, by Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan and Lynyrd Skynyrd, among others, were unconventional for a church but were among his favorites.

Crain was buried Wednesday at Riverside National Cemetery.

Los Angeles Times

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    • daisy

      Well. Rip to. The. Officers who died in. Service. But. I. Dont. Like. Mrs. Crain dresswd like. A hooter. At least. She. Should. Have. Decency. How to. Dressed. Appropriate. In. A fu bbva eral. Specially. To her husband. Please. Cover. Your big. Boobs either. If. Its real orr not. Dont show. A. Lot. Of. Cleavage thank you.

  • K.A.

    Innocent people have passed and this is a real tragedy. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family members and the police officials.

  • average joe

    So sorry that the misdeeds and corruption of the LAPD bled onto the boots of this officer, the young couple, and the other officer in SB.

  • Veronica L.

    Thank you, Officer Crain, for your service to keep your community safe. My thoughts are with your family, friends, and coworkers.

  • Daisy may

    Thank you for your service, officer Crain is in a much better place today, one most of us will live one day, life is fragile. May God Bless you sir, and be with your family, Thoughts and prayers to all

  • joanne

    Why did the police torch that cabin? We don't live in China, North Korea, Russia, Cuba, Venezuela.

    Dorner exposed a huge problem with this country, the police think they can anything. At first I thought maybe it was just LAPD when they shot up those two cars with innocent people, but now we hear the audio tapes of San Bernadino police saying to burn the house down.

    Aren't police suppose to serve and protect? It seems they SEARCH AND DESTROY!

    • The Truth

      Anyone remember Waco? They torched that cabin…. Tear gas canisters do not set fires but the police will tell you that that's exactly what happened and guess what, you will all believe them… Since the police didn't get the satisfaction of killing him they decided it best to turn everything into ash…

      • guest

        too bad the house wasn't full of more people that act like him, killers, dope dealers, gang bangers and the like.. Waco.. yeah I remember.. he was a nut job too ! How would you handle that situation ?

    • guest

      what would have been your plan in that situation "Joanne" ? crazed man who had already proven that he had a plan to kill and did so..what what you had done in that situation ? come on and lets hear your two cents.. he put himself in that situation firing at police who were in line of sight..what would you have done ? just wanna know. Did you really hear audio tapes of police saying to burn the house down? did you really or do you want to believe in your little world that is what really happens..would offering him some warm milk and a hug been a better plan? do you also believe in medical pot? maybe give him some dope to smoke and he would have been come out and we could have played some Greatful Dead music and sent him to counseling..yeah..

    • Daisy may

      Unfortunately that is police procedure, as much as they try to cover it up, blame others and twist words around to make it sound all good and fuzzy, in the end it's procedure.

    • Chris

      He was a psychopath and killer of several innocent people and they chose the easiest way to stop him by firing a tear gas canister into the house to try and smoke him out, the house caught on fire was not necessarily intentional. Its not POLICE that are a problem, its people who think they do NOT have to follow the law and can do whatever they want. That is NOT most officers!!!!

    • f.u.Joanne

      What a stupid liberal thing to say. By the time they caught up to him, they had every right to kill him any which way they chose. Good job cops! My only hope is that he was still alive when he burned. I wish all of Dorner supporters would burn alive too. People like Joanne care more about cold blooded killers than their victims. Probaly because she is a criminal herself.

    • Lil Debbie

      Joanne, your ignorance completely engulfs your way of life. No, we do not live in "China" or "North Korea" or "Russia" or "Cuba" or even "Venezuela." No Joanne, we do not live a so called dictatorship of a country. Joanne, need I remind you that death row inmates have more right than you or I do, because some states except Texas, are to chicken shit to put people to death for their crimes, especially California. You are to stupid to realize what is going on here. Before you make an idiotic remake, make sure you have your facts straight and not hide behind your lame posted commentary. Some people who do bad things to other people need to be punished. And even if SBSO burnt down the cabin with that wacko nut job inside. People like myself slept much easier that night. I did not shed a tear for that jerk off. So, before you comment and make an ass of yourself. Remember, four people, not one, not two, not three, but four, died at the hands of this maniac. So Joanne, get off your liberal soap box, and go hide in a cave and live your life of ignorance bliss. Because no one will miss you.
      Little Debbie Snack Cakes

  • Guillermo

    It is unfortunate this cop lost his life, but what about the all the WASTED TAX DOLLARS spent on the funeral? I can picture several hundred police cars and a thousand plus attending the funeral on company time.
    Some will be earning OT, others will have replacements so they can attend, and I’ve heard some areas will have less police coverage so they can attend the funeral. So they sacrifice community safety to attend a service of a person they did not know. This is morally and fiscally irresponsible.
    Not to worry, they will just have a new tax, raise existing fees, or write more tickets. That is how it is done. This is why us civilians have a difficult time rooting for you. You pick our pockets and talk down to us.
    Aside from the 50 cops that knew him well, the rest should attend on their own time and with their own vehicle.

          • guillermo

            So tell me, of those thousand cops that attended today. Did they take a personal day off without pay? I know those scheduled to work today are getting paid.

          • Guillermo

            I keep hearing cops don't get paid and aren't getting paid to attend the funeral. I would like to hear from a cop who was scheduled to work today, and decided to attend the funeral without pay. Don't talk to me about the guys with the day off. Name one guy who forfeited his payday. ………………there is not one!

          • Lil Debbie

            You are doing a disservice for our country. So, you, Joanne can go live on you own island with other dumb-asses who want to complain that the cops are at fault with this whole unfortunate situation. So do us all a favor and just shut up.

          • Guillermo

            Lil Debbie,

            No one is blaming the police for what occurred, this is simply a case of responsible spending of resources. We don't have it so don't spend it.

          • Lil Debbie


            If you are saying that a cops funerals are wasted tax dollars, then what about all the military burials that occurred over the last decade? Is that considered a waste of money? There have been more soldiers killed in the last decade than police. I know that the numbers are greater for the military. But, police put their lives on the line daily for all citizens to keep us safe. Of course there may be a few bad apples, but don't generalize every cop for being corrupt. Those families for those fallen officers deserve a formal funeral, their husbands deserved the right to leave a legacy. Who cares if they spent lots of money on it. The state of California wastes an average of $40,000 to $60,000 dollars a year on one prisoner to be incarcerated in the State of California, and 4,000 to 5,000 dollars are spent on the average public school student. Tell me if something isn't wrong with that picture? Your comment is a slap in the face to the victims loved ones and fallen officers.

          • Guillermo


            That is not what i am saying, I am ok with a formal burial, they should definitely have it. I am not ok for hundreds of cops that don't know him to attend on tax payer money. Of course all of his close coworkers should attend, but disagree completely that it is important on how much money we spend. The cities are upside down, our economy is not healthy, and companies are leaving California because of all the heavy taxation. We don't have the money. That is why you and i can't buy the new car we can't afford.

    • Jamal

      You don't pay taxes Guillermo you lazy useless piece of sh@t so don't worry about things that don't concern you.

      Go cash your welfare check and shut the hell up

      • Guillermo

        You must be one of those immature cops with your choice of words. You speak about paying taxes because you put in $2.00, but forget you take $10.00 worth of benefits you freaking parasite!! FYI, I employ 16 people.

      • Guillermo

        No one is celebrating this man's death, but the ignorance is on your end. We cannot sustain the current pension plan or pay that many cops to attend a funeral on tax payers dime. Do not confuse the point with the emotional situation this is.

    • chris

      You are a COMPLETE IDIOT!!!! Many of these officers go to the funeral on their OWN TIME out of respect for the brotherhood and loyalty that police, firemen, soldiers, boy scouts, etc…. have for one another. YOU need your head examined and need to understand that these officers go because they care and show honor for a fallen brother and YOU obviously don't care about anyone but yourself. BTW – we are going broke because of politicians picking our pockets, NOT the police!!!!!! Just ask your local state rep who makes full retirement after only a few years in office at OUR expense!!! Grow up and look out your window and see what is really going on!

      • Guillermo


        I agree they are part of the problem, all city, state, and federal employees. Let's keep in mind for every one rep there are thousands of you. Do the math, get your math checked! You are wrong, i care about the masses and not the privileged city employees.

        • American Marine


          As a taxpayer, I see no problem in seeing the solidarity and unity put back into society between the public and private citizen. An attack on our POLICE OFFICERS is an attack on every AMERICAN citizen. These POLICE OFFICERS are paid a decent wage but not a fantastic wage that their talents could probably deserve in the private sector. A public funeral borne by public funds is absolutely acceptable by good decent AMERICANS! Of which you must not be…and if you disagree, then go move to Iraq or Afganistan and see how the police treat you there. Jerk!

          • Guillermo

            American Marine,

            I was partially embracing your perspective because i am pro police, but take issue with the benefits and pension plans. Your argument that their talents could earn them more in the private sector as a general is false. The only place this is true is in iraq other than that they would earn a fraction of what they earn now. I do not see cops leaving the public sector for the private unless their hand is forced. Why would you? The benefits and pensions are to great! The fact that i disagree with how tax money is spent does not make me unamerican, but fiscally responsible. I think i will stay in Glendora.

          • Lil Debbie


            If you do not like to live in the United States, then move Canada or hell, even Mexico. They can use more people like you there.

          • Guillermo

            Lil Debbie,

            You must be a dispatcher or a badge bunny. I love the US and the city of Glendora. Why would i move to Mexico?

    • Blondie

      Guillermo, you are probably just some beaner that came to this country illegally like everyone else. You are probably not employed and therefore probably do not pay taxes anyway. You will never understand the law enforcement community. It is above you and you need to except that. I hope with what you say about police officers that you never need to call upon one if you need it. It's funny people want the police when they are in trouble, but don't want them around any other time. And about tickets… If you're not doing anything wrong, you can't get a ticket. Duh! So, my advice to you Guillermo is to be quiet and except the police and what we do or go back to Mexico where your police rape, steal and murder people.

      • guillermo

        Blondie or shall I call you Ditzy,
        I was a jailer before I had my own business, so I know the law enforcement community. This is irrelevant though, I am talking about pension plans for cops, fireman, and all city employees. The pension plans are breaking the city and putting a heavy burden on tax payers. So it is upsetting to see Thousand attend a funeral and many on company time and transportation. I understand that may went on their own, but that doesn't account for the rest. It is easy to spend house money. It's not only tickets, there are tax increase, increased city processing fees, parking etc…. the city is writing checks for funds it does not have. You call me a beaner, now the true CLANSMAN in you is shining. Guys or gals like you give the decent cops a bad name. I guess you don't like Hispanics, you will wash out soon enough.

  • guest

    My heart goes out for the loss of life and to this mans family. However there is no mention of the barbaric way police took the execution of Dorner into their own hands intentionally setting a fire that burnt him to death. How Dorner's Mother has to deal with identifying his remains and making funeral arrangements. Dorner's Mother should sue California and the LAPD for lack of due process. She also needs to follow through to see that Dorners job termination case is brought before a "real court". Not Beck – LAPD kangaroo court.

    • Blondie

      Oh boo hoo…. F that guy… Unfortunately it sounds like he killed himself like a coward. It's too bad he didn't burn alive and suffer. I don't care about his mother, sister or anyone else in that family. I think its crazy that you sympathize with him and his family. If your family was murdered you would not feel this way. Everyone is such a sensitives sally these days about how the police are "Mean" to people… really… you obviously have no clue whats been going on and how much destruction Dorner caused. I'm glad he's dead. We dont have to support him in our prison system and he got what he deserved… I must emphasize its too bad he didnt suffer in excrutiating pain.

  • Pat

    What a sad day for the Crain family. I am sorry for their loss. Four people have lost their lives. But my prayers are also for a mother who lost her son. She has to face the task of identifying her son. Will anyone be at her side? Will she ever forget the turmoil that has happened?

    • Guest. Mary

      So true Pat. At a different time,the kind words, the love and support we see for the Crain family could just as Easley have been for Chris Dorner family. I pray that some how, some way we can get past the hate and try to remember Dorner leaves a grieving mother and family behind in the wake of all this violence ,as well as friends and neighbors. Who will grieve for them?

    • Chris

      Seriously? You people are so clueless. The LAPD in a fine department. Yes every department has events that are unfortunate, and theirs seems like more but that's because they are an extremely large department that covers a majority of southern california. I know many police officers from several departments, especially LAPD and 99% of them are there to PROTECT & SERVE the innocent! I suspect that these comments are coming from someone who has issues with police in general and has NEVER volunteered to help a day in his life for his community. These and all officers put their lives on the line EVERY DAY! So shut-up!

  • guest

    Those of you who say such bad things about law enforcement may need to evaluate your own way of living..How many of you have a rap many of you have upcoming court dates because you ! simply cannot follow the rules ? Frank Buckley, shame on you for stirring the pot and making such a comment that for the most part, people have a negative contacts with police "What"?.. You sound like an idiot…..

    • Guillermo

      Please, don't make everyone out to be a criminal. I am a business owner in Los Angeles. The problem is the city is being run into the ground by the irresponsible salaries and pensions given to city employees. Don't ignore, don't sweep it and understand why we are in the situation that we are in. There are ton's of qualified people that are willing to do the same job done by police, fire, and city staff for less pay. The city has minimal concern for this because all they have to do is pick our pockets by the rule of law. I'd tell you my company name, but then the unprofessional police might take a little longer to respond if they knew who i was.

      • guest

        Really ! You are now talking about pensions and salaries. What does that have to do with the topic we were on ? But since you did, let me ask you. As a business owner, is it your intent to do as much business as you can to earn a good living? To look out for you and your family? Do you raise cost of doing business on to your customers? Do you give yourself a pay raise when you can? Why is it not right for law enforcement who put up with crap all day,,everyday to earn a good living ? If you are ever to become a victim of a crime, who are you gonna call ? God forbid if you ever have a gun to your head, would you feel the officers that try to save your skin are making too much? Think about the big are barking up the wrong tree. It is the criminals and people who are taking advantage of the "social benefits" who are sucking this place dry ! Look around you !

        • guillermo

          This issue I raised is the amount of tax money wasted on this funeral. It is easy to spend house money. I wonder how many would attend if it was a non-pay day and vehicle transportation was not provided?
          That is right, as business owner it is my intent to earn as much as I can, but here is the key difference. I cannot get what I cannot afford. They day my company goes south, I close up shop and lose all my income. The city has access to unlimited funds; they simply raise it from taxpayers. The pensions that belong to city employees are much better that of the private sector. If a company cannot afford it, it will makes cuts.
          Stop burning money we don’t have.

          • guest

            First ! educate yourself on how the LAPD pension system works before you start to make such negative statements. Second! Your comment about having people do the same job at a lower rate, you mean like how this country has sent manufacturing jobs to China, because it's cheaper..HMmmm.. as a business man, maybe you should look at the bigger picture..

          • guillermo

            LAPD is not the only police dept. I will give you an example so you can transfer over. San Diego sheriff, will retire earning 91% of their highest earned year. This kid already make 120k last year. That means he will retire earning 109k for the rest of his life along with the medical benefits. That's awfully dam good!

    • burger

      I have no criminal history, and no court dates. The only time I ever went to court was for jury duty. I don't agree with Dorner, no, that man needed help. But I don't agree with the obvious shoot to kill order. I don't know why you pigs think you are above the law. You enforce it. That's it. Get over it. Those pigs that shot at those innocent people in Torrance need to be taken to court for their crimes. But that is not going to happen. Because the cops, court, city halls are all a good ol boys networks. Either you in or your out oligopoly type of thing. I don't know what country you guys are in, but this is the USA, here, we are innocent to until proven guilty. Why put down criminals for breaking the law when the porkers break them too?

  • Karen

    Although the death of this officer is tragic, I don't understand why KTLA is covering this event as if it's a Presidential Funeral. Will we be asked to watch the funerals of the other victims as well?

    I also agree with other comments that point out that Dorner had some valid criticisms of the LAPD, and they have been reiterated in the pursuit of Dorner. The two trucks that were fired on in a case of mistaken identity are outrageous examples the department's "shoot-first-then-ask-questions" policy.

    It was obvious from the beginning that the LAPD would not allow Dorner to be taken alive.

    • Daisy may

      They didn't want him taken alive, i heard the mayor on ktla this morning, when asked about the million dollar reward he said they would be investigating to see if the two cleaning ladies were elegible, he said the reward was for arrest and conviction, no wonder they barbequed him !!

    • Jay

      Dorner didn't allow Dorner to be taken alive.

      How about we stop this trend of displaced blame. Seems nobody is responsible for their own actions anymore – its always someone else's' fault.

  • guest

    Search and destroy Killers, Dope Dealers, Sex offenders, burglars, gang bangers and the like.. they are sucking this country dry ! Yes "Joanne" wake up !

  • Kathy Roney

    Thank you KTLA for your coverage of the funeral procession for Officer Michael Crain. My prayers and condolences to all my friends with the Riverside Police Dept.

    So very difficult a day overflowing with mixed emotions. My son is attending the police academy located midway between the Grove Church and Riverside National Cemetary. So very proud of him, but weighted with a heavy heart

  • whitewomen

    uptil I saw the bank draft 4 $9574, I be certain …that…my father in law was trully taking home money part-time on their apple laptop.. there friend brother had bean doing this 4 only about 10 months and as of now repaid the morgage on their appartment and bought Mitsubishi Evo. I went here,

  • guest

    Here we are burying a Riverside Officer and all LAPD can do is go on the news over and over and over again to whine and complaining that their "50 officers" are so traumatized they need to have continued police security outside their doors. How about acting like leaders and men and attending this mans funeral! Our military men figthing war dont have the luxury to stay in their tents. Sounds to me these 50 gutless cowards are just planning on long paid vactions for them and their families so called "disability" from "non-active" trauma.

    • Peaches

      I agree with you. I haven't seen nothing but One female officer from LAPD, I'm sure its more but not a significant number. They should have been their in big numbers.

    • Trixie

      I'm sorry that you're misinformed. the people remained guarded until they knew for sure that Dorner was really dead. And it was not 50 officers, it was mostly their families, some people he went to school with, teachers, etc. named in his manifesto. If you recall, his first murders where the daughter and her fiance of the man that represented him in his hearing. Be informed.

    • Guillermo

      You better believe it, cops are the biggest abusers of workers comp, disability and stress leave. Their numbers are bigger than that of construction workers. I know two cops personally that have misses 6 months due exaggerated injury.

  • guest

    In tribute to Officer Cain and all the Officers who lost their lives in the line of duty:

    The Greatest Love a Person Can Show is To Lay Down Their Life for a Friend [John 15:13]

    We Are All Part of the Body of God. Each of Us Has Different Work to Do [Romans 12:5-13]

    God Made All Things and Everything Continues Through God [Romans 11:36]

    Don't Let Your Hearts Be Troubled. There are many rooms in your Father's house. One is being prepared for you. When he is ready he will come and get you so you may always be where he is
    [John 14:1-3]

  • guest

    When we die and leave our bodies. We will have a home in Heaven. God has Prepared New Bodies for us that we may have Everlasting Life. So Always Have Courage [2 Corinthians 5:1-6]

  • guest

    The Officer Cain memorial celebrating and remembering his life is truly touching. It restores faith. Give us hope. Makes us all respect and love and look up to the good law enforcement officers of Riverside.

  • Peaches

    I noticed the officers or all stating that they are a family and its a brother hood. Well, I guess Keith Lawrence Public Safety Officer doesn't fit in that category? I have not heard anyone mention his funeral service not one time! Not to mention Monica Quan, at least I heard them mention her service was going to be private. But, every officer that got interviewed at Michael Crain Funeral kept emphasized that this is a BROTHERHOOD and they take care of the family's on duty or retired I don't see it. It looks like they pick and choose who really is in they FRATERNITY!!!

      • Again...disgusted

        You guys are idiots. The family made the choice to keep it closed off & private due to the nature of the situation & based on the direct threat to their families. Amazing how dumbed down our society has become.

      • Guest

        Officer Lawrence's department has not announced the arrangements for his funeral yet. I saw several of his fellow Officers at the service today, and after offering them my condolences for their loss offered to attend and assist with his ceremony as well. A fellow officer is a fellow officer regardless of his patch or the color of his skin. I know it is easy and convenient to paint all Officers as racist thugs, but I assure you the vast majority of Officers got into this profession to help and to serve others.

  • Rosemary Laird

    this is truly a sad day in many lives but my question is for the reward 1 million dollars

    i saw the news last nite and the man whos truck was car was saying that he will collect the reward
    well he wasnt the first to call 911 it was the women who where tie up and there car was stolen by
    him there the ones who should get it and it doesnt matter if the police shot him they were going to
    kill him anyways we all know that they suffer tie up and they car is wrecked they deserve the money

    • anonymous

      The mayor said today they were going to investigate and see if the house cleaners were elegible, he said the million was for arrest and conviction, no wonder dorner got barbequed, go to you tube, type christofer dorner, all the evedince is there, 5 min of scanner evidence "were going to burn" , "burn you motherf….." clear as day !!

  • susan673

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  • bluecup

    matter of time until he took a dirt nap. should have been a better cop. did anyone show up dressed like chris….that would be great. rest in hell pig and your wife will now be able to find a better man to raise his kids….with his insurance money of course. rest in hell

  • guest

    Officer Cain's wife ruined the whole funeral. That hooker dress and she talked and acted like she was on crack. Her fake crying with "no tears" was over the top. I see this piece of work hooked up out partying within a week. Sad to say officers never have good taste in women.

    • Daisy may

      Obviously she is medicated, no doubt there, She's got guts to get up there and memorilize her man whatever shape she is in. Well at least she learned how to make hashbrowns

    • Jamal

      Hey your wife just got done blowing me please come pick the nasty bitch up

      As for the dead officers wife hopefully your wife will be giving a speech like that soon

  • Steve

    I didn't know Michael Crain, but I am touched by the life he lived and the strength that his loved ones are showing. It is a testament to the core values and principles that they live by. Thanks Mike for all that you loved and did while you were with us.

  • Steve

    Thanks KTLA for airing Michael's memorial service, and much thanks to his family for allowing us to share in the memory of Officer Crain.

  • guest

    It was a beautiful memorial and it showed there are a lot of good men on the Riverside force. Officer Cain's fellow officers and friends statements and stories were truly touching.