Autopsy: Fugitive Ex-Cop Dorner Died of Single Gunshot to the Head

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

dornergun692SAN BERNARDINO — Autopsy results on former LAPD officer Christopher Dorner show he died from a single gunshot wound to the head.

Cpt. Kevin Lacy, with the San Bernardino County Coroner’ office says authorities have not yet ruled on Dorner’s manner of death.

But based on the information they have collected so far, it appears Dorner took his own life.

“While we’re still compiling the information and putting our reports together, the information that we have right now seems to indicate that the wound that took Christopher Dorner’s life was self-inflicted,” Lacy said.

Dorner’s charred remains were identified during the autopsy through dental records.

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  • Guest

    The Christopher Dorner saga is a watershed moment in American history. It can be difficult for people to fully appreciate the magnitude of an event in their lifetime. However, with the passing of time, future generations will be in a better position to assess the circumstances which led to the unraveling of this young man’s life, resulting in the killing spree and his eventual suicide. His life’s story as recounted in his manifesto is an indictment of contemporary society which is still struggling to shed long-held prejudices that are the legacy of our troubled past marked with racial division. More than just an issue of police mistreatment of civilians and of cover-ups, his story reveals ongoing racial tensions among the various ethnic groups which constitute the LAPD, a situation not unlike what he had experienced in his early schooldays.

  • guest

    Unfortunate law enforcement and media outlets continue to twist the truth and facts about Dorner. I'm pleased his friends, whom most are white, are willing to speak up on media outlets like CNN describing Dorner as a man of honesty and intergrity. Sad he felt he had to resort to such measures to bring about much needed change in LAPD.

  • Daisy may

    I certainly am no body language expert, it doesn't take much to see Macmahon was lying throughing his teeth during the press conference, "we don't break down cabin doors if everything looks secure", would it have been so difficult to knock on the owners door and ask for a key, they live on-site, they rent cabins daily, i'm sure they would have co-operated, unfortunate not one cop suggested that, it could have saved a whole lot more death and destruction,and the terror this poor couple endured because of sloppy police work. Way to go boys !! pat yourself on the back. he stated they threw a device in to saturate the area, with what fuel,yep, then he states they thew in a pyrotechnic device, what's going to happen then ? duh….He stated that it wasn't anyone from his tactical squad that we hear on the two scanners . WHAT !!! Who was it then ? Santa Claus !!He is so proud of all the officers involved,i'm sure the ones in torrance also. Don't talk to me about gang violence when you are the biggest gang of all.

      • Daisy may

        And neither are you, the lapd certainly isn't, they have bungled this operation since day one and will continue to bungle more unless something is done, where have you been latley , hiding under a rock, open your eyes, it's always refreshing when some silly citizen thinks that pumping 50+ bullets in not one but two vehicles is acceptable. dorner stated that a command post would be a high value target, if you read the manifeso, which i don't think you did, the cops were so stupid not to ask for a key to those cabins and do a thorough search, i'm sure they wanted to protect their own as usual, unfortuantely none of them were smart enough to ask for a key. Think about it !! You talk like a crooked cop youself !!

  • Daisy may

    Going to be a protest at lapd headquarters this morning at 10am, thank God some of the public is standing up to say "enough is enough". This could get quite interesting, we will see. Honk if you think lapd is corrupt………….HONK HONK !!

  • hellofromdeutchland

    I think the people of Los Angeles deserve to know exactly where every single person involved in the Rodney King incident is working today…. I think it should be publicly discussed right now… Because those people are making 250,000 each in the LAPD today..

    • Guest

      Thats an ignorant statement. Where did you get your information? "Every single person"???

      $250,000??? You pulled that all out of your a**.

  • hellofromdeutchland

    Where is our man Hal Fishman ?? God be with him… If he were alive, he would do a whole special on police brutality in the LAPD. He might even cause a change. Cause it's obvious dorner took the legal route first….. look what happened as a result… do you really believe he lied in his report when he alleged a fellow cop kicked a white suspect? Why would he lie or ruin his career for a suspect? Really? I have no doubt his allegations are fully engrossed in the truth…. our media is sick… our media disgusts me that they would just side with the LAW when the law is criminal here…. times need to change in LA.

  • guest

    Let's say for the sake of argument that Dorner gave himself up and was arrested. He'd still be a quadruple murderer. The ends don't justify the means. He would have years of court dates and spend the rest of his life in prison. All taxpayer funded.
    Using a pyrotechnic device on a barricaded suspect is always a last resort. It's very effective, but could result in a fire. As is the probable case here. The guy wasn't going to be taken alive and if his vehicle didn't break down, we'd still all be praying for an end and there's no telling how many more folks would die and families ruined. It's unfortunate he didn't do himself in prior to February 3rd. The end for him turned out the same though. He didn't burn to death, he killed himself.

  • guest

    The United States is suppose to be a Democracy.That means due process for everyone whether we like it or not. It was terrible what Dorner did. Today we're reading about Blade Runner arguing with his girlfriend then shooting and murdering her. You dont see African police rushing to his house and setting it on fire and executing him.

  • The Lies The Lies

    There are 3 people that admittedly came face to face with Dorner (the couple in the cabin and the ex Pasadena Cop that was car jacked allegedly) the man that the Police painted as a cold blooded killer and yet, he harmed neither one of them. If he was trying to get away as they say, why would a cold blooded killer leave them behind to call the cops, it wasn't for fear of someone hearing the gun shots, they say he had a silencer on his weapon…hmmmmm good question huh??? We did not see any evidence that Dorner killed anyone, even with his death everything is still listed as allegedly. There are things that we definitely know about the LAPD that is not alleged yet truth and, that is they shot at 3 innocent victims shooting one in the back two times and another in the hand. Also they sprayed numerous rounds into more innocent peoples houses and cars just by the grace of God they didn't kill anyone. Who can come forward and say they saw Dorner commit the murders, even the LAPD Officer that was allegedly involved in the first gun battle where he was grazed by the bullet in Corona has not been identified or has come forward with a statement. The Surviving Riverside Police Officer has not stated that he actually saw Dorner Shoot him, nor can the San Bernardino surviving officer say that he saw Dorner let alone saw him shoot him. People are basing their information on the inconsistent stories told by the Police Department.