Celebrating the Chinese Year of the Snake – With a Twist

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Chinese New Year began last Sunday… But the celebrations continue this week.

Most people celebrate Chinese New Year by watching a fireworks display or a lion dance.

But, take a look at one daring performer.

He decided to welcome the new year at a temple in Beijing….by inserting a live snake through his nose before pulling it out of his mouth.

This lunar new year 4711 is the year of the snake… According to the Chinese zodiac.

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  • GhostofReportingPast

    This is a news report? By a 30 year veteran journalist? Kennedy Ryan, there is no "Chinese Zodiac." It's a Lunar Calendar. And please, learn how to properly use an ellipses. Grammar and capitalization skills should be a basic requirement of a journalist…obviously not at KTLA.com.

  • Rodger Shaw

    Dear KTLA,
    I do not agreed with the picture of the Snake year which Chinese people put a tiny snake into his nose that might learned by the KIDS as trick to show off. Nowadays, that why our Nation had so much wrong ideas as the DAILY Life twittst by those so call Chinese show. To me, after the Mao's revolutional changing and destroyed ALL Traditional Cultures which what else left in CHINA now ??? By the way, The Chinese NEW YEAR should read as LUNAR NEW YEAR which is very fair to all people where they also celebrating THE NEW YEAR as well. Thank you so much of the News all year around.