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Dorner Hostage Takes KTLA Through the Terrifying Ordeal

BIG BEAR — Tied up and terrorized — one of Christopher Dorner’s hostages recounted his horrifying ordeal step by step exclusively to KTLA.

Jim Reynolds and his wife were held captive by the former LAPD officer turned quadruple murder suspect inside their condo.

“He jumped out from the bedroom right there,” Reynolds recalled. He said his wife, Karen, “screamed and took off running.”

The fugitive chased Jim’s wife down the stairs toward the front door of their condo.

“At that point I took out my cell phone, stuck it under the cushion there,” he recalled, pointing to the couch.

“I thought about going on the deck to get away, but we’re almost three stories up, so there’s not much chance,” he said.

Dorner then reappeared with Jim’s terrified wife, and ordered the couple onto the couch.

“He said ‘calm down’ a couple times. He said I’m not gonna hurt you, my problem’s not with you. I don’t want to hurt you. I just want to clear my name.”

Jim Reynolds showed us what happened next inside a condo that has the same floor plan as the one where they encountered Dorner Tuesday morning.

“He said do what I tell you, follow my instructions and you’ll be okay,” Reynolds recalled.

The ex-cop, armed with a handgun, demanded their car keys and forced the couple to turn around and face the wall.

“Then he put our hands back and tied them with those tie wraps,” Reynolds recounted.

He then made them get up and go to the back bedroom, where Dorner stuck rags in their mouths and put pillow cases over their heads.

“He had like a lamp cord or something that he ran through our mouth and tied it in the back real tight,” Reynolds described.

Moments later, Dorner was gone, but then reappeared, unclear how to start the couple’s keyless car.

“Karen finally mumbled enough that he could understand that you just turn the thing on the column, and he left,” Reynolds said.

As he raced out, Dorner turned the TV on. The Reynolds waited again, and started struggling to break free.

With her hands tied behind her back, Karen Reynolds hopped to the living room and tried to call for help on the house phone.

“She came over and knocked the receiver off and tried to call 911,” Jim Reynolds said.

“Her phone was lying right over there. She just sat down on the coffee table, managed to pull it over to the side and call 911,” he said.

“It’s scary, if you think about it,” he added, summing up the frightening experience.

The condo was just a short walk tot he police command post, but Reynolds says officers never searched his cabin.

Some are now saying that the Reynolds deserve the reward money, because if it wasn’t for them, Dorner might still be on the run.