Fifth-Grade Boys Plot to Kill ‘Annoying’ Classmate

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

5th-grade-plotCOLVILLE, Wa — Two fifth grade boys are under arrest for allegedly plotting to kill a fellow classmate at Fort Colville Elementary.

After receiving a tip, school officials checked the boy’s backpacks and found a stolen semi-automatic gun, ammunition clip and a knife.

Authorities said two boys, ages, 10 and 11 planned to use the weapons to lure another student outside the school and kill her .

When asked why they wanted the girl dead, the boys replied “because she was really annoying.”

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    • Nick

      Are you trying to be ridiculous? Because, if so, you have. Try them as minors, and lots of therapy. Obviously something in their heads went wrong.

      • Overit

        They will always be screwed up…obviously normal kids dont think that way. Keep them in jail because they are a threat to society.

      • Anonymous

        these kids are serial killers in the making. Some ppl are just bad from the beginning and treating them with kid gloves will do society no good down the line when they are released in a few years and continue with their plans. One of the boys even said he doesn't care if he goes to jail and for how long because as soon as he gets out he is going to kill the person who ratted him out. Not in the bit remorseful or worthy of someone who can be "fixed" with therapy. Again, a dog bites someone and everyone is quick to put them down but we refuse to treat other "bad seeds" with anything but a slap on the wrist.

    • NO GUNS!!!!!

      They would have killed even with a fork…guns or not their mind is so screwed…DR HOUSE cant even fix it…..TOSS THE AWAY…..RE-OPEN ALCATREZ and send the screwed ones their to live forever…

  • Will Greene

    I want them to ban all the guns, and this is my reason I want America to see that nothing will change. All the so called crazy people will just use that opportunity to be creative and come up with even more sick and twisted plans to harm people. They can take the guns away but the people will still be there. And of course you say "I'll just call the police." When have the police ever got there in time and if they did you just got lucky. Must people don't have that kind of luck this is more of a mental problem with these people, they would care what weapon they have as long as they can inflict harm.

    • Steve

      What a silly statement. Yeah, some moron can come after me with another weapon, but I can out run or avoid a knife, rock, bat, chain, ect. It is really hard to avoid a bullet. Why make it easy for them to kill me? You gun nuts are seriously stupid and will make any sketchy argument to keep your guns.

      • John

        I'm not a gun nut but do own guns. I hunt and have a gun for personal (family) protection. I also have a concealed carry permit for many states. I don't carry to harm people I carry for our protection. I have only once drawn my gun in the past 22 years. That was to stop two thugs from stabbing me, my wife or daughter during a mugging. I controlled myself and ended the situation quickly and held them at gunpoint until the local pd showed up. Short of the long one of them was out 6 months from doing a 13 year stint for manslaughter and various other crimes. He told the cops he wasn't sweating it. He could do 3-5 years easily and would be back out maybe sooner. Steve you really have no idea how your going to react to a situation unless you train for scenarios such as what happened to me and my family. I have trained and do have law enforcement as a background. Tell me Steve how do you run out of your bedroom at night when your awoken to someone with a bat, knife, chain, rock, ect… You don't! You stand your ground and fight !. With what? That handgun that is on your backboard,nightstand or in a holster on the side of your bed. There are just too many scenarios where you can be cornered where running is not an option. I can tell you that depending on your area the average response time of your local pd is usually just to late to save you. But not to late for the bad guy to get away leaving you or your family injured or worse. I have seen much too much in my lifetime. You have no idea what's really out there. If you think taking guns from the good guys is the answer well your just ignorant plain and simple.

      • Steve

        Why make a racial remark? Most of the idiots out there that make these silly comments about killing people are white. Get over it Aryan brotherhood, hood

      • smartasked

        you must be an uneducated Person, for one( spearchucker) !! REALLY that is so sad you can relate to the proper ways of society today. Or you are stupid enough that you do not realize that America is under attack because it is easier to use it's own race hate to destroy our country. then any bomb or terrorist attack. do not feed the machine. this is the United States Of America. let's not fall like Rome.. Those who do not know History are doomed to repeat it.

  • a-dude

    Kids don't go to a store and buy a guns. The parents and their lack of common sense at the time to store a gun at home are the responsible for whatever could happen. If they are stupid enough to store a gun in a "kitchen drawer", they should pay for their stupidity

  • Anonymous

    This is what happens when the media exposes all the details on all these school shootings….this stuff is only becoming more popular because its advertised so much.

  • GAT

    Just give them a time out… yeah that was a good idea, now you have a whole generation of brats who think the world owes them everything.

  • malclave

    "a stolen semi-automatic gun, ammunition clip and a knife"

    So the gun was stolen… what about the knife? Was it legally obtained?

    We need to ban all "assault knives" (knives with certain characteristics, like points or serrated edges). If it saves even one life, it's worth it.

    • The truth

      lol Exactly, you know the knives that the military uses, they're much more dangerous than those big razor sharp Henckels I keep in my kitchen…

  • Sharon

    They better do something drastic to those boys because if they just put them into a juvenile detention center for a few years, you can bet they'll come out and kill someone else… maybe another elementary school shooting or another theatre massacre… They need help

  • Jay

    This isn't a gun issue, this is a social issue. Our society is sick and is more and more evident every day. Guns are merely the too, used by the sick, they aren't the problem. Its disturbing how our society is evolving and the problem is far more significant that a debate over gun control; there's something seriously wrong with our society.

  • Rebel_Flag

    It seems we are having a mini civil war right now in our country. Everyone hates everyone enough to eliminate each other. Our country is at war!

    • USAGuest

      1) Prescription drugs 2) No dad at home.

      Or no mother or both parents having to work and whatever care-provider/babysitter/custodian may be in place there is obviously some seriously morality missing.

  • USAGuest


    Like rabid dogs that are diseased they need to be put down not just for they but for society.

  • Sean Meaney

    They should drag these Boys out in front of TV cameras and their Parents and hit each of them in the head with a sledge hammer as a warning to the rest. As is these Boys will need to be watched for the rest of their lives. Effectively their lives are over – best to jut put the Animals down now.

  • belalugosi225

    before I saw the paycheck which was of $4398, I have faith that…my… father in law had been truley erning money part time at their laptop.. there neighbor had bean doing this 4 only 19 months and just cleard the dept on there place and bourt a gorgeous Porsche 911. this is where I went,

  • GhostofReportingPast

    Another Kennedy Ryan report with about as much factual information as the KTLA spam ads. First of all, it's an elementary "school." The guns were stolen? From whom? Did they rob a gun store? Did the guns belong to the parents? And the boys "planned to use the weapons to lure the girl?" Right. "Hey little girl, we've got guns and knives. Come with us." I have a feeling there is much more to this story than what a lazy person is reporting here. And once again this Kennedy Ryan takes a story with a sensational, agenda filled headline and posts it on an L.A. based news website with the pretense that this happened in Southern California. Shame on KTLA for its "agenda journalism."

  • Nightmare

    Anti freedom of speech = Anti education

    Anti education = Stupid

    Someone one day woke up and realized that you could profit from stupidity, thus, people started to defend stupidity, now the stupid rule the world.

    These boys should NOT have been arrested … the girl who they were threating should have been taken out of school to protect HERself … they were simply SAYING that they wanted to kill her, it's up to the GIRL to take precautionary measures to protect herself.


  • The Truth

    I think many of these "people with kids" (I refuse to call them parents since parents are people who actively raise their children & do things like teach them manners, teach them morals, teach them right from wrong, know who their friends are, know what video games their playing, know what music their listening to, know what kind of movies their watching, can spot troubles in their personality, are active in correcting their grammar, push them to do well in school, don't allow them to run with a bad crowd, actually punish them when they step out of line, tell them 'No', not allowing them to run wild around inside banks, restaurants, grocery stores, Home Depots etc etc etc etc…..) But then again maybe that's just too much to ask of these people…. Having kids is easy (a quick romp in the bedroom and a few hours of labor is the easy part) RAISING kids is the hard part and it's very clear to me that MANY people out there just don't have what it takes anymore these days to really be a parent…

  • Dannywanny

    There were no deaths… this time. As long as people care more about their guns than about their children the loss of life will continue.