Burned Remains Identified as Christopher Dorner

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

BIG BEAR, Calif. (KTLA) — Remains found in a burned cabin have been positively identified as those of fugitive ex-cop Christopher Dorner.

“The charred human remains located in the burned out cabin in Seven Oaks have been positively identified to be that of Christopher Dorner,” the San Bernardino County Sheriff and coroner’s office said in a written statement.

“During the autopsy, positive identification was made through dental examination,” the statement said. No cause of death was given.

The charred body was found in the rubble of the cabin that burned down after a dramatic gun battle Tuesday afternoon.

Dorner’s last stand with law enforcement came after a gun battle with San Bernardino deputies that brought his death toll up to four.

Dorner seriously wounded one deputy and killed another. Deputy Jeremiah MacKay leaves behind a wife and two young children.

“The deputy sheriffs that responded to this active shooting scene yesterday were absolutely true heroes,” Sheriff John McMahon said.

“It was like war zone, and our deputies continued to go into that area and try to neutralize and stop the threat,” he added.

McMahon has denied that deputies intentionally started the fire at the cabin.

Deputies were recorded on police radio calling on a plan to bring burners into the home

“I can tell you that it was not on purpose,” McMahon told reporters. “We did not intentionally burn down that cabin to get Mr. Dorner out.”

“Pyrotechnic-type canisters are commonly referred to as burners,” he clarified.

The department has also faced questions about how Dorner hid in another cabin –possibly for days — during the hunt for him.

The cabin was within eyesight of the deputies’ central staging area and in a place where officers searched, knocking door to door.

“I can tell you that the cabin in question had not been rented out since February 6,” said Deputy Chief Steve Kovensky. “As I said, there was an extensive search in that area of the cabins.”

Meantime, it remains unclear who — if anyone — stands to collect the $1.2 million reward that had been offered for information leading to Dorner’s capture and conviction.

The money is now in question because Dorner is dead and so he will not be tried.

The reward money is being discussed by L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and LAPD Chief Charlie Beck.

Both men issued statements on Thursday saying more than 20 jurisdictions and entities are involved in the reward.

They say all of them will be coming together to collectively determine whether any individual or individuals qualify.

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  • dave

    ktla and lapd need to stop saying " a case of mistaken identity", you guys know damn well that that you wanted to shoot 1st. so know questions can be asked! no justice!!! thats why no one trust the lapd. yes, even a few bad cops can mess up the whole dept. especially when you are all not looked at as cops cuz you turn a blind eye when your own coworkers are breaking the law. then you're too scared to stand up for whats right! you don't deserve to wear the uniform. wtf!?! thats why i will never trust la.pd. all crooked and corrupt. police your own! i wonder how many more times this has to happen till lapd is restructured?i really hope the lapd doesn't piss off anybody else. i don't want to see innocent family members murdered for the messed up things the lapd does on a daily basis. NO innocent people needed to die. did it get your attention though lapd? doubt it.

  • guest

    I've had friends in law enforcement for years. This is just a shame and tragedy and I for one am not going to keep silent. This is corrupt wrong doing by LAPD and San Bernardino and it affects innocent people and officers who have to follow instructions whether they agree with their orders or not. I believe they could have taken this man in under different circumstance. I think he was wrong for killing innocent people. But how can they condemn Dorner when their actions are just as or more unacceptable. They call his actions insane, but behave more insane. You cant have government leaders like this.

  • Big Daddy K

    All you haters will be the first to call the cops when you are in trouble. I am willing to bet some of what Dorner said was true, but killing is not the answer. Or maybe it is for some of you numnutts out there…

  • Jame

    Every single cop involved in the murder by burning execution of Mr. orner should be found guilty of intentional first degree muster and then executed by firing squad or hanged. Those brutal worthless b@st@rds. Burn someone to death?????? I hope you all burn in hell.

  • Public Servant

    It seems that there are a lot of cop haters on this site writing their thoughts about cops and especially LAPD So, why don't we have all cops in the state including LAPD go on strike. For a month? Then if you need police services and want a cop to intervene in a 911 situation you instead can call the ACLU to help your liberal cop hating ass. Cops and firemen are NOT paid for what they do…NO, instead cops and firemen are paid for what they might have to do and when we go to work unlike most of you, we don't positively know if we will come home from work that day. Just because Dorner made it thru the Academy it is not a guarantee that he'd pass field training and that goes for any boot who is lucky enough to first be accepted into a police academy and then graduate. There are a a handful of police recruits I.e. boots who don't make it thru field training and are thus terminated but they don't go out murdering innocent people and fellow cops. Dorner was evil and it's odd that there has been no mention of his having a dad when growing up. Like it or not cops are the only thing keeping the bad guys from harming citizens and liberal cowards who'd be the first to thank the cops for,saving them from the bad guys.

    • Sheesh

      Public servant, don't use the "we don't know if we will come home" line. No one on earth knows that. Every day , any action by any different circumstance could make your statement true. Yes, you accepted a job knowing that was an issue. But you could be driving in your car and get hit by a drunk driver, or other some such other type of accident; terminal medical conditions; faulty wiring in your home; there are any number of reasons that life is cut short.
      Personally, I appreciate what the intended work is with all emergency services personnel, but when we see blatant abuse of power by people who wear those uniforms, we must question the morals of an organization that turns a blind eye to assaulting (kicking; punching, beating) people because they either don't like the colour of their skin, or they are not well educated or they simply stand up for their rights.
      There is a multitude of people in every community who now carry cell phones with video and/or audio functions who are recording situations that are immoral and illegal by police officers.
      Police everywhere are taking to finding remote locations to carry out their assaults in many situations.
      It has to stop.
      You sound like a bit of a renegade yourself "Public Service. A strike is a little unreasonable. All that people want to see are honest, law-abiding people doing the job they were hired to do; serve and protect; not act like a gang and carry the mentality that they are untouchable and exempt from the same laws as everyone else.

      • Astonished

        Oh I don't know. While it is true that no one can guarentee getting home safely, especially these days, very few people put on a uniform, badge and gun and go out there challanging the criminals to come get them. Personally, I'll take the cops any day. As for a strike. This would not be unreasonable. I have been reading all the hateful posts on this site, and for as many that spout hate for law enforcement, I don't see a single one that can offer anything better. If you know of one how about sharing it with the rest of us. Dorner was not some kind of folk hero or Robin Hood. He was a vile, evil sociopath who showed violent tendencies even in grade school. As for finding remote areas to carry out their "executions . . " That's just plain rediculous. Dorner chose Big Bear, he chose not to surrender, he chose to carry out his own form of executions. So why are you blaming law enforcement? No society is perfect, but if this one is so corrupt, maybe you should move to one that's not.

        • Sheesh

          Trust me astonished, I do not live in LA or anywhere remotely nearby. I did though work for a police force and the stories I heard from the officers on their activities shocked me to say the least. They found it amusing.
          If you know of some nirvana where policing is not corrupt, please tell us.
          I don't believe I used the word "executions" . .. I said "assaults".
          How can you possibly be so naive to not recognize that the boys in blue make their own rules. Tell me what policy states that it's fine for a gang of officers to beat the crap out of Rodney King, shoot two women delivering newspapers, shoot at a young surfer. Let's talk about the Rampart Scandal. Shall I go on.

  • Me Myself & I

    What I want to know is what happened to and what is on the DVD Dorner sent to CNN??? Remember Anderson Cooper got a package from Dorner but all they focused on was that stupid coin that had been shot up…. I want to know what was on the DVD, the one that was probably confiscated by the cops and was put through a shredder…..

  • guest

    The problem with this situation isnt that Dorner wasnt guilty and deserved punished. But that Southern California law enforcement take it on themselves to enacted punishment being judge, jury and excutioner. "On live tv with audio". No due process. This situation should concern "every single person" living in California when law enforcement becomes and acts like the Gestapo or kkk. Dont forget about the young red haired homeless man Kelly Thomas beaten and murdered July 2011 by law enforcement recorded on video as well. When you have law enforcement with no accountability you have a serious problem.

  • guest

    They have lied about "everything". Shooting up the paper ladies with 100 plus bullets. The fire and now the Million dollar reward. Geez people snap out of it they're corrupt liars!

  • guest

    Defend LAPD's actions this past week if you want. We know they arent all bad. But they basically shut down and went on strike the last 10 days protecting 50 individuals. No one missed them. Obviously you have never been robbed or had to call for assistance. Their response time is unacceptable many times they're arrognant and rude. Their only concern is the inconvenience and if they missed 12 oclock at McDonalds and their Big Mac.

  • guest

    As far as public opinion of what happened with Dorner.People from all over the United States are weighing in on how corrupt LAPD and San Bernardino Sheriff's are as far away as Florida, Virginia and New York. They might have a long reaching arm to shut people up but its not that long.

  • lacofortwenty

    Throw his remains out in the ocean. He deserves nothing more. He was a coward, cop killing son of a bitch. I only wish the cops could have put a lethal bullet in him instead of the slimeball killing himself. I knew once he was surrounded he wasn't going to give up at all. Then when the cabin was on fire, that was the end of the bastard. YEAAAAAA!

    To the families of the victims her were killed and injured, to EVERYONE in law enforcement in Ca. and throughout this country, I AM VERY SORRY. This was HORRIBLE on all of you. I hope sometime, with time and comfort, your lives will be "better." As well as they can ever be. My thoughts are with all of you.