Burned Remains Identified as Christopher Dorner

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

BIG BEAR, Calif. (KTLA) — Remains found in a burned cabin have been positively identified as those of fugitive ex-cop Christopher Dorner.

“The charred human remains located in the burned out cabin in Seven Oaks have been positively identified to be that of Christopher Dorner,” the San Bernardino County Sheriff and coroner’s office said in a written statement.

“During the autopsy, positive identification was made through dental examination,” the statement said. No cause of death was given.

The charred body was found in the rubble of the cabin that burned down after a dramatic gun battle Tuesday afternoon.

Dorner’s last stand with law enforcement came after a gun battle with San Bernardino deputies that brought his death toll up to four.

Dorner seriously wounded one deputy and killed another. Deputy Jeremiah MacKay leaves behind a wife and two young children.

“The deputy sheriffs that responded to this active shooting scene yesterday were absolutely true heroes,” Sheriff John McMahon said.

“It was like war zone, and our deputies continued to go into that area and try to neutralize and stop the threat,” he added.

McMahon has denied that deputies intentionally started the fire at the cabin.

Deputies were recorded on police radio calling on a plan to bring burners into the home

“I can tell you that it was not on purpose,” McMahon told reporters. “We did not intentionally burn down that cabin to get Mr. Dorner out.”

“Pyrotechnic-type canisters are commonly referred to as burners,” he clarified.

The department has also faced questions about how Dorner hid in another cabin –possibly for days — during the hunt for him.

The cabin was within eyesight of the deputies’ central staging area and in a place where officers searched, knocking door to door.

“I can tell you that the cabin in question had not been rented out since February 6,” said Deputy Chief Steve Kovensky. “As I said, there was an extensive search in that area of the cabins.”

Meantime, it remains unclear who — if anyone — stands to collect the $1.2 million reward that had been offered for information leading to Dorner’s capture and conviction.

The money is now in question because Dorner is dead and so he will not be tried.

The reward money is being discussed by L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and LAPD Chief Charlie Beck.

Both men issued statements on Thursday saying more than 20 jurisdictions and entities are involved in the reward.

They say all of them will be coming together to collectively determine whether any individual or individuals qualify.

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  • OhMyGod

    OMG..If any one thinks this is over and dorner is dead is dumb.
    -He's alive
    -The deputies in the shoot out was hit by friendly fire
    -The deputy that lived said he didn't know where the shooting came from,Which means there was no shoot out.Because how do you shoot at some one if you don't know where they are?
    -Dorner is too smart to let himself get caught and not do anything.
    -How was his ID found but ID are plastic?,Most wallets are leather..Really you guys found that after ther fire? -_-
    -The body found "charred but it was said it was a females body.
    -The sheriff said dorner ran into the woods and began firing,I thought he ran in the cabin?
    -No on never seen or heard activity in the cabin after the shooting or before it.
    Lies lies and more lies..Admit it!! he is good and you guys failed good job officer duffy.

    • US_DOJ_Gov

      S L O P P Y case for a conspiracy.

      Your suggestions could not have been done . . . impossible.

      At least make it sound believable.

    • Amanda

      People are morons. They want to believe the police that governs our society is good and wholesome.. in reality, they'll beat you to death or burn you alive if you question them. Pitiful that so many people cannot see the truth.. oh because a transient was beat to death (Kelly Thompson), it's okay? Most homeless "bums" are veterans themselves. Why not just run this country like any other Communist country?

    • Astonished

      Sweety, you really need to cut back on the caffeine! The body was that of a male. Identification was done through dental records. As for his ID. . .what they found in San Deigo was his LAPD badge and a picture ID, which could have been anything, including a DMV ID card. Wallets made of leather don't burn very easily. Due to the tanning methods leather acquires a very high conbustion rate, which is why welders use leather gloves to shield their hands while working. If his CDL was in his wallet and the wallet was found under the body, there is a VERY good chance that it was intact. As for the rest of your assertions, please, take a downer and call us when you've re-entered reality.

      • malclave

        "his LAPD badge and a picture ID"

        Just speculation, of course, but the picture ID may have been his military ID card. He was separated from the USNR on 2/1/13. Discarding his badge (why did he still have his badge, anyway?) and military ID could have been symbolic of rejecting his previous life.

        In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if being separated from the Navy is what set him off, and that he blamed the LAPD for his failure to be promoted in the military and ultimately his discharge.

  • OhMyGod

    Oh and the woman that owned that cabin said her sister was there for a week last week a witness said he seen dorner there a week ago and called deputies how ever they never came to investigate the ones that where tied up is a cover up.How do you get lose and call police but have a sheet with a zip tie on your head and hands behind your back?..wtf.

      • Spencer

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  • marlene671

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  • ATX512

    Questions were too embarrassing?? GTFOH, they are authority what are they embarrassed about? it dont take a week to figure out DNA on a human remains.. And LAPD forensic must be bottom of the barrel. For a city to put a million dollar bond on this guys head should tell you something. Bin Laden didnt even have that price tag lmaooo.. I believe he is dead, but this should OPEN PPL EYES!!!


    “The cabin was within eyesight of the deputies’ central staging area and in a place a sword is searched…..”

    Everheard of spellcheck? Editing?


  • lisa

    Look how LAPD just shot at thise women delivering papers. They didnt announce themselves at all. They just shot!!!!! Now they are saying that they didnt intentionally burn that cabin down. You can hear an officer yelling in the background, “burn it down!” They dont want rhe truth to come out and they want us the public to forget h ow they shot at those women as well as that hispanic man a block away. People see what they want to see. You will always lose thinking like that. People are not gonna take it anymore

  • lisa

    The comment about negroes voting for Dorner, you make sure you stay annonymous. Being racist at this time or any time shows your ignorance. Grow the f;#&$& up. Stick to the topic. You sound like a D&@^# fool.

    • BigBlock1320

      I will gladly agree to that! There is going to be corruption every where, but for a police agency the LAPD has taken it to a level that is beyond tolerable! They best have their ass's covered on this one! People are digging for dirt now for sure!

  • Ruby

    They let that house burn down to the ground, it's hard to believe that somehow the wallet made it. Also, the story about the couple being tied down after finding Dorner in the cabin, doesn't really make sense, when other people are saying it was the house cleaners who found him and were also held hostage. I say the officers needs to get together and figure out what lie their going to stick with. And no one is talking about the officers that shot at the 70 year old lady whom they believed was Dorner for some strange reason. I would of loved to see Dorner live to see his case re-opened, because after reviewing the video of the suspect that was kicked in the face, one can clearly see that he has a mark on his face from when he was kicked. This takes me back to the Kelly case in Fullerton where mentally challenged individuals do not have the opportunity to stand up for them selves. I believe prior to his dismisal, Dorner was a great individual, you haven't already read his manifesto http://pastebin.com/TAzPRfPy

  • Common_sense

    I can only imagine how all of he conspiracy theorists are sitting around in their underwear, with tin foil hats, & crayolas talking about how Michael Dorner is still alive and brought the World Trade Center #7, while riding Loch Ness and staring at the Phoenix lights……….

  • Sheesh

    The LAPD have made some huge mistakes in this whole situation. I hope the two women that got shot at get more than a vehicle.
    I hope some good investigation about the way the LAPD does business is looked into and not just by the Mayor's Office. It would be great to see many people come forward to talk treatment by the LAPD. If people continue to sit back and say nothing, then nothing changes.
    Open dialogue is how change begins.

    • BigBlock

      I think people are really starting to get fed up not only with our corrupted government, police etc. but also with the economy, lack of jobs. I feel a revolution on the way real soon. People are fed up!

  • Daisy may

    Well finally they have come to the conclusion what was already known since the shoot out and the deliberate burning of the cabin, funny how they stand down on the dept yet continue to protect their own with tax payers money, 4 cops per family 58 families, you do the math, no cops in the street, no gang enforcement, laughing stock,, oh were not sure it's dorner yet, wake up you dummies, you have been hunted for 2wks now and it's over, stop wasting money !! Are you looking into dorners file or is that over now because he's dead ? Keep up the good work…lol…

    • actright

      I read the manifesto, how did they get to 58 families???? I now hear the families are more afraid to have their guards leave….WTH??? How much more do the tax papers have to pay? Not to mention all the paid overtime for the funeral yesterday that majority of the officers didn't even know their "brother". The city is so full of crap!!!!

      • Daisy may

        58 as per lapd last evening on CNN, who knows who can be trusted these days, they say 50 well they never give exact numbers, sure you know the drill, lots of OT as dorner stated !!

  • tim

    All Law Enforcement is corrupt…this was a case of a "good cop" vs "bad cop" cover up…they want us to believe that that was Dorner in the house so they can stop the opening of his case. The guy who got jacked for his truck only said it was Dorner to get the reward…and they still can't confirm that the body in the cabin was Dorner. Why? They don't want to pay off the guy who got jacked, and they don't want Dorner to be alive because he'll expose the LAPD and cops in general!! If Dorner did do all this madness that they say he "allegedly" had done, then he deserves everything and anything coming to him. But to let that house burn to the ground and say the remains of the charred body was in fact the remains of Dorner really confuses me. That cabin burned longer than a body being creamated. That body would have been burnt to ashes…SMH!! What a sorry story for a hoax!!

  • Secret28

    The cops made sure the burned the house to a crisp why? Because Dorner knew too much about the corruption from the LAPD. Why would they want to kill him so badly, why would they want to shut his mouth forever? There is a secret code between cops and he was going to violate that code.

    • Guest

      It was Dorner's choice to die. He was a coward by shooting people in cold blood and his choice not to go to prison. If he wanted, he could have turned himself in. But he didn't. I know cops who have been fired from LAPD and they moved on and went to work in private industry or back in law enforcement. Dorner had a chip on his shoulder and blamed everyone else for his issues. So try not to be so stupid and ponder such dumb questions.

    • Astonished

      Oh, gee, I don't know . . maybe it was because he was shooting AND killing people. As for knowing too much . . . Dorner left the Department 7 years ago. Why didn't he blow the whistle in all that time? All he had to do was send letters to the newspapers, especially the Times. Everyone knows the Times HATES the LAPD. And what did killing people have to do with exposing corruption?

      No, Dorner was a Grade A, extra large nutcase, and he got exactly the ending he wanted.

  • Guest

    Seems like there was a "feeding frenzy" around that cabin and they totally forgot that there were tons of listening ears on the scanners. BUSTED………….FUZZ……………..this is not going away.

  • actright

    I love the way the LAPD worded the award $$$$. They never plan to pay anyone because Chris Dorner was never going to live. It states alive and prosecuted, there is no way the LAPD would let Mr. Dorner live after the way he put them on blast, how he made them look so stupid that they couldn't catch one of their own…. I oftened wondered what happened to some police they have been brought up on charges like the Mexican Police Gang where they all have tats to symbiolise their gang, have they too been promoted. Mr. Dorner was wrong with his actions but he had a fight worth listening too. I, the people want some answers….

  • believer

    I believe the LAPD is honest and they would never lie because they protect us and care about us. Now please excuse me while I feed my unicorn and faeries.

  • tyrone

    Great news!!!!!!!!!

    Now rot in hell you gut;ess coward. A real man who loses his marriage, his job, and ambushes innocent people.

    All you hero lovers this is your guy because much like you all he was a no life loser.


  • Spearchucker

    It was all a cover up. Obama enlisted the help of Dorner to fake his death and infitrate the Mexican Drug Cartel. So Dorner can find all the guns from Fast and Furious and return the guns home, before the House Impeaches Obama

    • Guest

      Spearchucker…………………If this is supposed to be funny it is a failed attempt. If you were being sarcastic you failed also. If you were serious you need help……………..please seek immediately.

  • N4TM

    I listened to a majority of the shoot out on the police scanner dbms watching live coverage on ktla. He was using a suppressor on his gun. I’m sure once his gun ran out of ammo he used multiple weapons and at that point he would just fire without knowing out caring st that point that he had no suppressor on every gun. The law enforcement dad his cabin surrounded that is hire they know he was in there.

  • guest

    This case makes me dislike the LAPD more each day. So now the 71 year old paper delivery lady is in and out of the hospital with an infection in her wounds. They also released the truck the two ladies were riding in has "102 bullet holes" . This bullet count doesnt count bullets that ended up in other cars, trees and houses. And wait for it they didnt really get the ladies a new truck but a used truck. Best of all about their story they didnt intentional shoot to kill and they didnt intentionally set the fire. Really?

    • spike

      Doesn't matter if they set the fire on purpose or accident. California's arson laws are codified in California Penal Code 451and 452 PC. These laws prohibit willfully and maliciously…or even recklessly…setting fire to any building, forest land, or property. I'm sure charges are being drawn up as we speak as this would be a slam dunk conviction for any prosecutor.

  • guest

    Video and audio records differ with their statements. And an incendiary device is a flame thrower or firebomb used to intentionally set a fire.