Dozens Protest LAPD, Show Support For Christopher Dorner

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DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES — Dozens of protesters gathered outside the Los Angeles Police Department headquarters downtown Saturday afternoon, holding signs of support for Christopher Dorner, the fired police officer suspected of killing four people.

Those gathered said they were protesting police corruption and the way the massive manhunt for Dorner was conducted. Authorities said Dorner appears to have died from a self-inflected gunshot wound after a shootout with police in Big Bear on Tuesday, ending a deadly rampage that stretched across Southern California.

Protesters said they believed Dorner’s claims that he was unfairly fired from the department in 2009 – grievances described in a lengthy online manifesto that has been attributed to him. Dorner also claimed that he was the victim of racism.

Protesters also said they were appalled by police mistakenly shooting at passengers in two separate trucks in Torrance, wrongly believing Dorner might be in the vehicles. One woman was shot in the back and is still recovering.

The protesters emphasized that they did not condone the killings of which Dorner is accused.

Michael Nam, 30, stood at the corner of 1st and Main Streets with a sign, painted by his girlfriend, showing a tombstone and the words “RIP Habeas Corpus.” The tombstone was engulfed in flames.

Nam, of Lomita, said he was disturbed by the burning of a mountain cabin near Big Bear where Dorner barricaded himself with a high-powered sniper rifle, smoke bombs and a cache of ammo. The blaze started shortly after police fired “pyrotechnic” tear gas into the cabin; the canisters are known as “burners” because the intense heat they emit often causes a fire.

But authorities have maintained that the fire was not intentionally set.

Dorner, whose charred body was found in the cabin, appears to have died of a single gunshot wound to the head, authorities said.

“How the police handled this -– they were the judge, the jury and the executioner,” Nam said. “As an American citizen, you have the right to a trial and due process by law.”

Nam, a former Marine and a current member of the Army National Guard, said he has combat experience from deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan.

He said he has been in situations in which a combatant has been barricaded and successfully waited until the person surrendered, eventually getting “tired and coming out on their own.”

Nam said it was “pretty obvious” police wanted Dorner dead. “What I saw was a complete disregard for the Bill of Rights,” Nam said.

San Bernardino County Sheriff John McMahon, during a news conference Friday, defended the tactics used by his agency in the shootout at the mountain cabin, which left one of his deputies dead and another seriously wounded.

“The bottom line is the deputy sheriffs of this department, and the law enforcement officers from the surrounding area, did an outstanding job,” he said. “They ran into the line of fire.”

Protesters on Saturday said they organized the event through a Facebook page called “I support Christopher Jordan Dorner.” The Facebook post announcing the protest tells attendees to “keep it PEACEFUL” and to bring recording equipment.

The Facebook page states: “This is not a page about supporting the killing of innocent people. It’s supporting fighting back against corrupt cops and bringing to light what they do.”

As the protesters stood Saturday, drivers passing by honked, waved and gave thumbs up. A handful of officers watched from police headquarters across the street.

Nam said he spoke to the officers before the protest began about what the protesters should do to keep the event peaceful. He said the officers were respectful.

The protesters marched around the block, circling an intersection near the department headquarters. They chanted, “LAPD, you are guilty.”

Signs expressed anger at police and support for Dorner.

“If you’re not enraged, you’re not paying attention,” one sign read.

“Why couldn’t we hear his side?”

“Clear his name! Christopher Dorner”

Liliana Alaniz, 40, came with her family -– her mother, sister, nieces and daughters -– from Long Beach to join the protest, which she said was her first.

“I really, really believe he was innocent in the firing case,” Alaniz said of Dorner.

Alaniz held a sign that read, “Trying to clear your name.”

Her daughter, Andrea Tovar, said Dorner “has his supporters.”

“Murder is never right, but neither is the law when it’s unjust,” said Tovar, 18. She said police need to know they “can’t get away with everything.”

Los Angeles Times

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      • hbarge

        Half of the country supports & voted for Obama whom agrees with and allows the act of murdering children. So you're saying that over half of our country is insane? I would actually have to agree with that part of your statement since Obama did get re-elected, how? I HAVE NO FUCKING CLUE. Funny how people pay so much attention to murders when executed with a GUN but if a baby's head is sucked out of their mothers body by a vaccum and jammed into a jar, that somehow makes the MURDER acceptable.

      • Tam Da Ham

        I can see your point. He shouldn't have killed the innocent but if he had left them out of it, then he would be just. Sometimes you have to spill blood in order to make your point across or to make things right again. It doesn't mean to go out and kill innocent people.

    • stop LAPD corruption

      yah right, wait untill LAPD come to U, stupid ass, we are not support what did Dorner done. We asking to lunch the investigation for who order to burn down the cabin where last's stand off Dorner.
      We asking for the investigation the LAPD got promotion to commander after King's beating issue on 1991…..

  • lacofortwenty

    Wouldn't you know a nigger is holding a sign up to support the nigger killer. The cops would save her fat nigger ass in a second if she called them, but instead she's out there flapping her teeth not knowing what the hell she's talking about. WHAT AN ASSHOLE.

    • Trebor Reipan

      Isn’t it against the law to spew racial slurs? I have obtained your email address (and IP address) and forwarding it to the FBI.

      • Noodle

        KTLA LOVES COMMENTS LIKE THIS.. Sometimes, I think KTLA is the one making comments like this. But God forbid you type comment about Whites. They're erased before you type "."


      If anyone is a nigger, which means ignorant person, dumb, stupid, low-call. it's you. You should take the time to post comments that are more intelligent and meaningful.

    • carmel

      It sounds as though you are an angry individual unable to properly communicate a statement. Your ignorance does not let you understand they do not support Dorner's action of killing innocent people, but they understand what drove him over the edge. You are obviously looking for attention which is why you communicate with racist statements. It is obvious somewhere along the lines your mother and father did not love you in the proper manner. We should pray that your soul is released of such hatred.

    • Encomium$blues

      Wish you were next to me with all that nigger shit so i could rip your head off! Speaking as a vet, you are a typical asshole and I'm almost sure you are white cause I'm black and the cops have never had to come to my aid for anything…….you probably have cops helping you seven days a week……ASSHOLE. Truly speaking, nobody needs them, only the WEAK. Besides they never show up when they're needed anyhow.

  • Big Daddy K

    Dorner is dead because he killed others. If he did not kill others he would still be alive. HE got what he had coming. To bad he did not burn a slow death….

  • lacofortwenty

    The killer SHOULD HAVE gone through the PROPER channels at the very beginning, when he was first fired, if he thought it was unjustified, and maybe retain a lawyer. NOT go around shooting/killing people as he chose to do.

    The innocent people he killed did not deserve to die.

    The killer had no intention of killing anyone else once he was surrounded in that cabin. The cops were going to blow him away, but the fucking coward blew his brains out instead. Too bad he couldn't have burned to death instead, as he soooo richly deserved.

    • Scarlet

      You have no idea what you're talking about. If you read the manifesto or any news coverage on it, you would know that he DID obtain a lawyer in the beginning when he was fired and he claimed the lawyer was in cahoots with the police department (corruption), therefore he was not given a fair trial and he lost. The woman that he killed was that lawyer's daughter. LEARN and then speak.

    • susette

      I hope he was still alive when he started burning. So he could feel a fraction of the pain he caused others. BOOHOO so he lost his job. There are a lot of people that get fired for no good reason. He needed to just suck it up and find another job. I know for a fact most cops are the best you will ever meet. It is the most thankless job in the world.
      Why don't all you people complaining about how this was handled get your ass into the sheriffs academy. LETS SEE IF YOU CAN DO ANY BETTER.

      • john

        Thats the whole point. Nobody with any morals will apply for that job because they know what will happen now. You need to be ok with kicking disables people in order to apply.

        • Get ALL the facts

          You are as guilty as what you accuse others of. Sterotyping all law enforement, and believing only the writings of a disturbed person.

      • Anonymous

        Your MISSING the bigger issue here Susette….Are you that nieve?? If you cant figure out the bigger problem that exists then you need a serious reality check! Keep living in your little bubble, it doesnt take a rocket scientist to get it. You missing the point of what most people are trying to explain…..It doesnt take supporting Dorner killing people to support the BIGGER cause in all this.

  • Global Power

    Tick tock ticktock.Only a matter of time. The police become more emboldened as do the people. As I see Dorner was successful in striking back against those who perpetrated crime against him. I do not do bad things because I do not want retribution against me or my family. Just saying. This opens a new chapter in revenge,…sadly. In this web of life we are all connected, If your a cop or a thug busting heads cheating people or are corrupt and stealing frim the system I would say it is now open season…on you. Only a matter of time and nature will seek equalibrium. The pension funds are a ponzi so hand out more tickets…this will not help. Now the police lack credibility and respect by the majority. tick tock and god help us.

  • Buford

    As the IDIOTS would have you believe the LAPD killed him, but NO. SBSO was controlling the situation and he fired on them so he really got what he deserved and then some.

  • Monoxide

    The corruption (corporate, professional, government) will be protected at all costs, that's how America works now..

    Protests, unions, etc. doesn't work anymore.

  • Christina

    I think LAPD would actually be surprised if they really knew how many people were rooting against them! That officer can say "small group" but I'm sure there's a whole lot of people that aren't feeling the police corruption. RIP Christopher and also my brother who was killed by the police!

  • Paul

    Dorner receive due process and had his chance in the courts, He was an egomaniac, who felt the world owned him something, when he wasnt treated like a God, he snapped. So if I feel wrong I can go kill anyone I want, including a young couple! Also it shows your critical thinking skills when you will believe the worst about LAPD and all its officers but will idolized a psycho killer

  • jesmeen

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  • teresa

    lapd is corrupt and its not a small group that supported dorner its actually a pretty big group how come the white man that killed 12+ people in colorado went to trial when dorner only killed 4 and theyre mission was shoot to kill (according to the two ladies that got thier truck shot down) why couldnt they take dorner to trial same with the 1million reward which was bs why? because thier intentions where never to have him in custody and convicted… lapd is a brother hood they cover each others wrong doings i support dorners message and i do hope someone can address this in a way.. Rip Chris dorner and anyone who lost thier lives in this.

  • RAS

    Use common sence.. This guy was fired for a variety of legal reasons. He made it very clear he did not care for his training officer, so he lied in his report ( which took him to long to get done) to get her in trouble. Not just one supervisor but others saw he iwas not being able to do the job. His false complaint , along with other job related issues, along with an investigation, made it clear he was a liability to the city and dept. His firing was upheld by an Appallate Court. This was 3-4 years ago

    Then he writes a " wordy, confusing " document which included everything from, police officer names to celebrity names. Then he executes, two young people. The young kids who had NOTHING to do with any of this. They had their whole life's taken from them. Then he murders an officer, sitting in his patrol unit at a red light. He shoots at and wounds other officers too.

    Now, as he is was planning his next move, he is asked by numerous people to turn himself in! He would not! He was not asked to drive to some remote area or change his apperance. to turn hiimself in. if he turns himself in, this court process could begin.

    Instead, he makes more people his victims, commits more crimes, shoots at officers and then breaks into a vacent cabin. Deputies yell " more than a few times " for him to walk outside and surrender. Instead, he decides to shoot at the deputies, wounding one and killing a deputy. To send a team of deputies into that cabin, with the weapons etc he had, would had been a suicide for those deputies.

    This guy sealed his own fate! He murdered 4 people , ruining the life's of their families and children! As for people who show him support, you support a murderer! Period !!

  • Lying Corrupt Media

    Wow so took what we did today and twisted it. Just like LAPD. We where there protesting police brutality coreruption and the use of excessive force. What was done to Dorner was unconstitutional there is auto showing the set the fire intentionally. KTLA FOR THIS COMPLETE SHOWING OF FALSE REPORTING U R ALSO SCUM

  • kathryn1233

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    • usaisgreat

      Maybe your a supporter of illegal aliens that take the jobs we want, they are taking all jobs, not granerners or diswashers, so what if these people are on welfare? what abut the thousands of government employees getting pensions equal to the pay they got when they were employees?
      whats that? welfare also,

  • CityEye

    OMG there were only 15 PROTESTERS other stations showed the entire small group but this station is spinning to make something out of this story. The media is milking this tragedy for everything cause they are desperate for ratings. The media insults the intelligence of people and that's why many watch cable news or the internet because local Los Angeles media is a joke. Anyone with a brain knows Dorner was a cold blooded killer. He took his complaint against LAPD thru the courts and LOST. The adults protesting are the same losers who don't have a job, a life and nothing better to do.

    • Knows Better

      If you really knew what you were saying is FALSE you'd think again. Dorner went before a well known corrupt judge David Yaffee who has been proven to have accepted bribes so he would always rule in favor or Los Angeles city even when guilty. This is the whole reason why Dorner went to such extremes, the system is broken and most people don't want to accept the corruption in our courts, police departments and government.

      • S4287

        Knows Better
        Dorner was a coward and the fact that you are trying to make him some kind of folk hero let's me know that you don't know any better. I would be surprise if you know your head from your ass.

  • Anonymous

    If you cant see that the LAPD has responsibility in this too then your ignorant…It doesnt take having something personally done to you to realize there is corruption. The Media as usual would like to point out him as a horrible person….They are just as ignorant. This was a waaaayy bigger issue then just some man that was angry about life and killed cops. As usual though the point will be ignored and the bigger cause wont be considered. Typical.

  • Anonymous

    For whoever made the game….serously??? You can easily understand where Dorner was coming from without agreeing on him kiling people…but whoever made that game just made everyone who does that look bad. They are just as stupid as those who dont believe there is corrupton and want to see a positive change for people.

    • IsThisMECA

      Maximum-Emergency Compensatory Action:

      (1) The willful and deliberate elimination of one or more Racists (White Supremacists), through death, and, the willful and deliberate elimination of self, through death, by a Victim of Racism [non-white person], acting alone, according to a detailed plan, and acting only after he or she has judged that he or she is no longer able to effectively promote justice except by eliminating one or more Racists, as well as eliminating him or herself, as a subject of the Racists.

      (2) Swift, efficient, surprise execution of one or more Racists (White Supremacists), by an individual Victim of Racism, acting openly and alone, at a time and place of his or her own choosing continuing to execute as many Racists as possible, without respite or surrender, until he or she is forced to eliminate self, rather than be eliminated or captured by others.

      [Note: Maximum-Emergency Compensatory Action is enacted only under prolonged conditions of extreme and practical hopeless deprivation, and acute suffering (of injustice), caused, and/or promoted by those persons [white] who practice White Supremacy (Racism)]


    Google Jonathan Cuevas who was ambushed by a LAPD patrol officer.
    Tell me there's not something wrong there.
    The cops shot the kid, not once, not twice, but 7 times… the back!, then claimed self-defense. You're taxpaying money is still keeping these coward cops on the job and your dollars are also going to all the wrongful death lawsuits brought on by their actions. At least gangbangers that kill people get jailtime……not a $50,000+ paycheck. HEY KTLA….HOW MANY NEWS REPORTS HAVE YOU DONE ON INNOCENT PEOPLE MISTAKENLY GETTING SHOT BY LAPD? THOSE OF YOU THAT SUPPORT DORNERS KILLING SIMPLY BECAUSE HE KILLED INNOCENT PEOPLE, WELL TAKE A LOOK AT SOME OF THE OFFICERS THAT HAVE DONE IT TOO. JUST CUZ THEY WEAR A BADGE DOESN'T MAKE IT OK!

  • John q public

    I w ish dorner placed bombs by the trees to get those pigs. Last post someone posted he is a hero and I think he is a hero. Cops think they are god, they need to be stopped