Activists Rally in Downtown L.A. Against Climate Change

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

LOS ANGELES — Hundreds of protesters marched on Los Angeles City Hall on Sunday as part of a nationwide demonstration to pressure President Obama into rejecting a Canadian pipeline that would bring oil into the United States.

climate-rally-picThe local demonstration — led by environmentalist and actor Ed Begley Jr., Rep. Henry Waxman (D-Beverly Hills) and L.A. Councilman Jose Huizar — was focused on rejecting TransCanada’s Keystone XL pipeline as a first step in taking action on climate change.

“We’ve seen climate change coming for a long time, but now it’s here, and it’s getting worse faster and causing greater harm than we ever expected,” Waxman said.

“There is simply no more important fight for the future of our children and grandchildren.”

A coalition of 90 groups, led by Tar Sands Action Southern California and the Sierra Club, organized the march to coincide with a larger group of demonstrators who converged on the White House.

“You cannot occupy the White House, but you can surround it,” said Bill McKibben, an environmental writer who founded, whose name alludes to keeping greenhouse gases at less than 350 parts per million.

That’s the level scientists believe to be a dangerous tipping point for the planet.

McKibben and hundreds of others have been arrested in protesting the pipeline, which would carry what he considers some of the “dirtiest oil on the planet.”

The oil from Alberta, Canada’s tar sand deposits is bitumen, which is heavier, more viscous and contains more impurities, and thus takes more energy to extract and process.

The demonstrations and arrests are beginning to emerge as the largest green civil disobedience campaign in a generation.

The target, for the moment, is the proposed construction of the 1,600-mile Keystone XL pipeline from Alberta to U.S. refineries that ring the Gulf of Mexico.

Locally, clean energy supporters also rallied behind a recent initiative by the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power to wean itself from two out-of-state coal plants that now supply nearly 40% of the city’s electricity.

“That will help reduce our city’s climate change pollution footprint,” said Aura Vasquez of the Sierra Club.

“But the time has come for the federal government to take strong action too, before it’s too late and global warming spirals out of control.”

-Los Angeles Times

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    • One man one voice

      You idiots just don't get it. There is no such thing as climate change. You stupid liberals are being used by Gore and others to further their own cause and earn millions at the same time. You folks are truly nothing but losers.

      • siouxsie wawa

        whose the idiot? this was also about the keystone XL pipeline and fracking, do you know anything about that? that's about the ground, and the health of our planet. Do some research before pretending to know what you are talking about

        • One man one voice

          Of course you know it all. Probably driving your SUV, living in your big house, just don't want me or others to have the same. You are the" hippo" crap Al Gore had hoped for.

  • Auntie Nuke

    The entire environmental community must understand that nuclear is NOT an option in greening our energy. The carbon footprint of the nuclear fuel cycle is enormous, exceeded only by that of fossil fuels. The radioactive waste created by nuclear reactors contains plutonium, with a half-life of 24,000 years and an effective radioactive lifespan of 480,000 years. We have no way to safely neutralize radioactive waste, no way to store it safely, and more of it gets produced every day. For all of you working against global warming, learn the facts. Go to: and download the "Bust the Nuclear Myths Factsheet" to learn what nuclear is really all about.

    • Monoxide

      Don't bother adding a link, there's too much virus filled spam on KTLA and nobody clicks anything around here these days. Even if it's legit..

  • Reality Check

    I heard that if you throw a virgin into a volcano it will please the gods and then the volcano will not erupt….maybe it will work for climate change too.

  • guest

    I agree nuclear is "not" an option. Wind is the best most logical green choice. Currently we also have the option of Air powered cars and vehicles that would greatly reduce emissions but manufacturing of these vehicles is being squashed by the oil industry.Considering the lack of comments and interest here people look at this as people living in California are pretty lucky and spolied with the great weather they have and shouldnt complain and set their priorities to include immigration control and overpopulation of our cities which ultimately impacts air quality due to the number of automobiles on our roads soon to be bumped up by 15 million or more contributing to over all air pollution, poor air quality and global warming.

  • guest

    I wish the Sierra Club would get more active. If they could see whats taking place in local areas of Los Angeles County and surrounding counties. Biohazardous liquds, diesel fuel,oils, gasoline, parts cleaners, vehicle tires, paints, trash and refuse and raw human waste dumped directly on the ground near our Aqueduct system to seep and degrades into our water, water table and aquifers. "Shocking" and Counties too irresponsible to do anything about it.

  • satan

    here we go with the planet save this save that people find something better to do.the planet is already fuck up go clean the la river n pick up dog shit.

  • Chris

    These activists are so self-centered it's sick. They don't care about what anyone else has to pay for fuel. They don't care about how their ideas would destroy the economy and the government. Their would be less work for everyone and everything would fly up in price if they had their way. If the pipeline doesn't get built, then we are looking at $7 per gallon gasoline, less buying power of the people, and then less jobs. If people stop driving then the government loses money on taxes and then the government has problems. How do you want it, activists? You activists go drive your hybrids or ride your bicycles all around. Quit trying to screw everyone else with your ideas.

  • Stella

    There is no such thing as Global Warming. And how did all those people get to D.C. or where ever it was for they're little pony show. Why should we be dependent on oil from other countrys. The earth heals it self. And we need jobs so people can stop getting Obama dollars. I don't want my pay check supporting lazy people or illegals anymore.

  • megan473

    as Clarence responded I'm blown away that a person able to make $7963 in four weeks on the computer. did you read this web page jump15.comCHECK IT OUT

  • Aspblom

    They need to be calling for a major reduction in population to reduce the eco-footprint. That means illegal aliens go home and we end 'family reunification'.

  • YankeeDoodleDoggie

    These leftist anarchist lunatics need to "gather and protest" in
    Saudi Arabia or China or Iran or Russia. Please list me as a
    15% beneficiary on your life insurance policy before traveling.
    Our country is infinitely more aware of keeping our living space
    clean than all the other planet's countries combined. Yet these selfish
    "greenies" would prefer to destroy our economy over helping the
    rest of the world wake up, and catch up, to environmental awareness.

  • anybodyhome

    and of course none of them complained about the high cost of gasoline even though everyone one of them used it in some form to get there. I am sure the only thing they complain about at the pump is the large amount of money out of their pocket.

    Did they walk ALL THE WAY from home to get there?

  • guest

    Whats taking place in an around the foothills near Los Angeles is far worse than this pipeline. People are blind to whats taking place right under their noses. People being allowed to trash California literally. Dumping trash and refuse over hundreds of acres of prestine wild grassland and poppy fields along the border of Tejon Ranch. "Google it". You'll see hundreds of acres of old tires, dismantled vehicles, dozens of trailers with people called squatters using open cesspools dumping acres of human waste right on open land. Then you have the burning of tires and biohazardous wastes from the dismanteling vehicles all mixed together making a biological toxic sludge that enters the air and water table.

  • guest

    People just dont get that we are care takers of the planet just as we are care takers of our children. If you dont care about your own life at least think about your kids for heavens sake. Like one guy said get out there and get involved to clean up LA, the rivers and waterways and adopt a sheltered dog. Do what you can.

  • guest

    This pipeline is the least thing these California's have to worry about. Obama's opening the door to 15 million illegal anchor immigrants with criminal records. Los Angeles will soon be nothing more than a glorified extension of Tijuana slums. Just look whats happened to Los Angeles the last two years. Historical buildings in Hollywood boarded up, graffiti everywhere you turn or look, trash in the streets. Just try to go to a park in Azuza long San Gabriel River. Park Rangers spend their whole day picking up trash after these scum bags.

  • Save Creation

    Our country needs to take responsibility for the ways we have ruined our planet. As a parent I am disgusted by the individuals and corporations who continue to defile creation and make childish excuses for their actions. Since every scientific organization and society has agreed on the science all that is left is to decide whether to take immediate action or to sign off on allowing polluters to pick over the bones of what was once our sacred legacy to future generations…. a survivable planet.