L.A. Mayoral Candidates Weigh In On Animal Rights

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

NORTH HOLLYWOOD, Calif. (KTLA) — Several candidates running for mayor of Los Angeles gathered at the Beverly Garland Hotel in North Hollywood on Sunday to discuss animal rights.

Animal advocates at the event said the issue is important because cruelty to animals is a sign of deep violent tendencies.

“My campaign is about giving a voice to the voiceless, and that includes animals,” said Emanuel Pleitez.

More than 50,000 cats and dogs were euthanized in L.A. county animal shelters in 2009.

Housing unwanted pets costs the state of California $250 million every year.

“I want us to go through a 100% no kill policy here in the city of Los Angeles,” said L.A. Councilwoman Jan Perry.

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  • USAGuest

    Dahmer and others of his ilk have shown a serious mental deprivation from an early age with cruelty to animals.

    Parents that show lack of morals themselves by allowing/permitting and/or ignoring/denying this fact that to NOT stop the behavior early on only leads to further cruelty and deviant behaviors….FACT!

    There are many case studies that show this as fact.

    Now, dogs especially are victims of cruelty and violence yet they are guide dogs, life that would put themselves in harms way to protect the owners.

    Animals like cats and dogs show love in spite of the owners mood/behavior' shey will show love.

    Sorry but most humans are unworthy of life and the love that animals can show.

    Yes, they should be granted higher protections and punishments need to be more severe to those that hurt, cause harm, endanger their lives.

  • One man one voice

    You people are out of your mind. The state, county, and city are going bankrupt and all you're concerned with is animal rights? Are you serious? Wasting time and resources on animals, yet neglecting children. Shame on you. Throw your animals out and start taking care of your children.

    • 1miho

      Shame on YOU! Throw the animals out? Why can't we keep animals AND children both? I work very hard evey single day to make sure I never have to be faced with that choice…. Teach your children to respect animals and once the committment is made we can't just "throw them out"… They are family just as much children!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Monoxide

    Has anyone ever seen those videos about animal medical testing? The screams of dogs and monkeys having their spines snapped in half while awake, strapped on a table blew me away. And the one where a pig's skin was melted off with a torch while it stood there squealing and dying, yikes!

    There's so many areas where animal abuse needs alot of attention IMO..

    • One man one voice

      Really? What about all the abused/mollested children who are overlooked due "case overload" by state and local offices? We need to put children first.

      • Joan

        We do put children / people first and have for way too long often for trivial reasons. We don't raise billions of them each year to be eaten, an activity that is supported by all levels of government for animals. Do you expect animals to wait until all human suffering is non-existant? I don't.

  • megan473

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  • Animal Lover

    LA has such horrendous gang problems – why not focus on making children's lives better? That would stem animal abuse, elder abuse, etc. LA is about the silliest city in the country – you haven't a clue!!!! You have illiterate kids and adults. And – NO studies prove that a child who abuses an animal will become an abusive adult. SO – WHY NOT CONCENTRATE on the kids – make them responsible and literate and productive. Why encourage the kids to stay in an uneducated state worshipping bangers and idiot celebs???

    Get REAL!!!!!!

    • JojoPerey

      The city tried and did take care of the gang issue. It was called CRASH.
      They were so effective, the families and friends of the gang members protested so much, the city gave in and got rid of CRASH

  • 1miho

    I was there yesterday and I must tell everyone it's about time we start seriously think about ways to protect our animals… Spay/neuter laws must be enforded… Animal abusers must be prosecuted…. Adoptees must be screened…… Using animals for human amusement (circuses) must be stopped…. Intelligence must overcome the ignorance through educating our children to not follow what they see at home but what's RIGHT

  • YJDraiman777

    Who can save the City of Los Angeles from bankruptcy? – YJ Draiman for Mayor of LA

    I am a firm believer that you can accomplish more with honey than with vinegar.
    The City of Los Angeles is on the brink of Municipal Bankruptcy. If that happens all of LA City employees will sustain a severe economic and financial blow, which cannot be rectified. The people who reside in the City of Los Angeles will sustain much hardship if this financial situation is not resolved amicably.
    I propose that all parties handling the city finances and all Union organizations and other organizations that service the city should put all the cards on the table. Show all expenses and liabilities, a conservative approach to projected revenues, no fudging of expenses or revenues.

    YJ Draiman http://draimanformayor2013.com

  • JojoPerey

    Animals? Nice distraction!
    Let's say you had 15 friends and they always hung out and loved to spend your money.
    They promised to do good with it, but all they did was buy unnecessary things. They loved to impulse buy.
    They they all asked for a car, but you worried that their partying mind cause issues with being responsible.
    These 15 friends never left each other's side and made a pact, that they would always stay together, because they were afraid to do anything else, because they had no skill other than talking and picking ideas (voting)
    And then they all got DUI's in the car YOU bought, drinking the boos YOUR money bought.
    Would you keep buying them car after car?
    Well this is what the LA City Council is. The same 15 people doing the same thing over and over.
    The same ideas just mixing up the sentences.
    Enough. Get all of them out and replace them with new people.
    Stop the musical chairs of the City Council. They just never seem to get off city payroll. They always seem to create a position for themselves in city government.
    Sweet. How do I join that club?