Man Carjacked by Dorner Wants Portion of Reward Money

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. (KTLA) — A Big Bear resident who was allegedly carjacked by Christopher Dorner spoke to KTLA on Sunday evening.

Rick Heltebrake said he recognized the former LAPD officer on a road in the Big Bear area on February 12.

Dorner then approached Heltebrake’s car with a gun and ordered him out of the vehicle.

Dorner told him he wasn’t going to hurt him, Heltebrake said.

Once Heltebrake felt he was out of harm’s way, he alerted authorities of the carjacking.

Heltebrake told KTLA he felt qualified for some of the reward money offered by the city for the capture and conviction of Dorner.

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  • EXER

    Sounds like an entitled prick if you ask me! If memory serves me correctly, wasn't this guy a fish and wildlife officer? So isn't it his public duty to report such incidents?
    I think the LAPD should keep the money and start a fund and reward program to start offering officers cash rewards for turning in corrupt or dirty cops.

  • Daisy may

    All i see here is greed, greed , greed !! You bring him on tv to what !! tell his story again !! we have heard it 100 times if not more. all i heard was he is filing a lawsuit because he feels he deserves the reward money, this numbnut says ya they captured dorner in the cabin and convicted him right there. What !!
    You called your fish and wildlife buddy to let them know he took your truck, then you called your buddy rick to come pick you up, you didn't call 911, your nothing but a greedy person that deserves nothing !!
    If anyone at all gets this money it should be the couple in big bear that dialed 911 first, key word here is first !! remind me never to put my boys in your boyscout troop, greedy bastard !!

  • Daisy may

    Why are you filing a lawsuit when noone has decided where (who) this money is going to yet. Talk about jumping the gun, i really hope you eat your words and get nothing !!

  • TheeUnknown

    Oh this old fella believes he is entitled to the reward money? He should count his blessings he is still alive,….since the PD could have mistaken him for Dorner.

  • Geeze

    If it goes to anyone, it should go to the couple at the condo in Big Bear. They are the one's who gave a description of the first car he stole, and based on that the police (Fish&Game) spotted him and gave chase. As the driver of the second car said, it was only a matter of ten seconds or so after he was carjacked that he heard shot's fired. Before he even made the call.

    • Nan Hartzell

      Hey it wasn't any of you with a automatic rifle in your face . Rick isn't money hungry he just wants what is coming to him.. It is called a reward..Tell me if it were you , you wouldn't try to get the reward offered. There was no chance of Dorner getting tried, because the cops were afarid to go in after him. So quit being asshole's about it and help Rick Helterbrake get the reward that was offered.

      • Daisy may

        You must be a relative looking for your cut also, poor rick had a gun pointed in his face, ahhhhhh, lucky dorner didn't blow it off !! the couple in big bear suffered much more than your poor uncle rick

  • anonymous

    This Helterbrake guy really has no brains whatsoever !! The administraters of this money have not come out and said who was getting it, if anyone, this joker comes out and says he has a lawsuit filed for this money, who knows maybe he would have got a cut, now these administrators know they will be taken to court if they don't pay him something. Rick you blew it for anyone else who may have been elegible also.
    Why do you think they haven't handed it out yet, i'll bet now they will use the "capture and conviction" clause not to pay anyone. Real brilliant pal !!

  • anonyymous

    Hey Rick, You have had your 15 minutes of fame. If I see your mug on the news just one more time, I am going to barf. You are making a FOOL of yourself. Big Bear is sick of you, and the way that you are acting. Enough is enough.

  • Justice6

    At first it was two maids who came to clean the cabin then some how they turned into a couple. This whole thing sounds like a badly written science fiction fantasy. There are shape changers (the maids to a couple) and I would say Dorner was being kind when he did not tie them up real tight and uncomfortable as I am sure he knew how. That is of course if they are not a figiment of someones imagination. Then we have the wonderful indistructable traveling wallet and two vehicals that must have morphed into the same kind of vehical that Dorner was driving so they got shot at and it goes on……….

  • Sickened

    Liar liar pants on fire. First you told the media that you ran through the snow and hid behind a big pine tree. Now you walked away. You can't keep your story straight. Which is it? Dept. of Fish and Wildlife were chasing Dorner long before you were even in the picture. What is next? Thank goodness that Larry King retired. As for your friend, Nan you did not hear the sheriff's scanner that horrible day. If you did you would have heard what happened to the two deputies that were trying to protect the residents of Big Bear. I heard the whole thing as it happened. It is disgusting how both of you are acting. Parents, wives and children are grieving and all you can think of is making a quick buck. Shame on you both.

  • Dorner_supporter

    what an idiot! Dorner was never captured and even if he was, he would of never been convicted because the police would of never gave him a fair trial. nobody should get the reward money. go back to your cave loser. cry me a frikken river!

  • Anonymous

    As usual nobody cares much about the bigger issue….Guess he was nice to not make him sound like a raging killer like everyone likes to claim.