2 Bears, Mountain Lion Spotted in Monrovia

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

MONROVIA, Calif. (KTLA) — Residents in Monrovia are on edge after two bears and a large mountain lion were spotted in the area.

The two large brown bears may have been a mother and her cub.

monrovia-bearsThey were seen roaming around a neighborhood near Norumbega Road.

Several large garbage cans were knocked over where the animals were likely looking for food.

A short time later, a large mountain lion was spotted on Ridgeside Drive.

Fortunately, no one was hurt, and the animals all quickly returned back into the wilderness.

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    • One man one voice

      Hope it is somebody's pet as these bears and other wild animals have to eat. We have invaded their territory and expect them to just survive on air and water.

      • Elizabeth

        There are other things to eat besides people's beloved pets. One of our major problems, here in Monrovia, are residents who SET OUT FOOD FOR THE BEARS. They're sneaky (the people), and therefore keep getting away with it.

  • Snowman1937

    Time to round them up and give them free food, housing, healthcare, and education. Plus don't forget to print everything in Bear and Lion now

  • USAGuest

    How adorable!

    I hope they stay off the roads and do not get injured or killed by any vehicles : (

    So much land of theirs is being more and more encroached upon…I do hope they get back to a wilderness area where they can be safe.

    • One man one voice

      The same people who are barking about climate change and animal(pet) rights, are the ones living in the bears' land. I hope they along with their pets are all eaten by the bears.

  • Monrovia Guest

    We are so blessed to live in Monrovia, CA. where our community is shared by wonderful neighbors as well as many types animals and birds . For the most part we humans have learned to co-exist with the deer, bobcats, bears, coyotes, wild parrots, turkey vultures and yes, even the mountain lions. It's part of our City's charm and we are lucky to be here. Residents are mindful of what they need to do to be safe if they live in the neighborhoods where the bears and other wild things visit regularly. The bears occasionally come down a bit too far, but in most cases they return to the wild on their own. They do, however, know when trash pickup day is………..Smart bears!

    • Another Guest

      The bears have even adapted to our adapting to them and now know to prowl for trash early Monday instead of late Sunday. In terms of who's made the most adaptations, it has to be us, not them. I've earned a PhD in creative garbage storage:-)

  • Jim5108

    They may be brown in actual color, but they're black bears. Brown bears are Grizzly Bears, which luckily for residents of Monrovia, do not live naturally in California any longer.

  • MonroviaGuest2

    These bears were in our yard on Saturday, and I was able to get a close look at the larger one. They use a wall along one side of our house to travel between the back neighbors' properties and our front yard and across the street to the hillside. The top of the wall is level with the windows, and is only about 2 feet away from the window, allowing for an "extreme close-up". We love the bears, but I do worry about them crossing the street.

  • mark vincent

    The animals are in their natural habitat, we moved into their habitat. Because of the feral cat problem the mountain lions and coyote’s have found a new food source.

  • Lurkin'

    What about the animals that live next door at santa anita racetrack? No! I'm not talking about the race horses, i'm talking about the people!!!!!

  • Jay

    You guys do realize that we (humans) were here before these bears were, right? These bears were introduced to these mountains by people….