Sheriff’s Deputy Relieved of Duty; Home Searched

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

CORONA, Calif. (KTLA) — An L.A. County sheriff’s deputy has been relieved of duty and is under investigation.

KTLA caught exclusive pictures of a large supply of weapons and other evidence being removed from the Corona home of Deputy Richard Piquette.

Authorities won’t say why the home was searched or why Piquette is under investigation.

Piquette, who works as an in-custody deputy at the jails, has been suspended with pay. So far, he has not been charged with a crime.

Many neighbors, who wouldn’t speak on camera, said they weren’t terribly surprised by the search at the house.

They said there is a lot of traffic in and out of the house at all hours.





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  • friend

    Piquette is a close friend of mine. He does not use or sell drugs. He has alot of weapons that are all registered. He bangs alot of hot chicks and he has alot of tattoos. But with all that comes alot of haters. He likes to have fun and party just like all of us, but he does not break the law.

    • Brad J. Penir

      Well, having woman coming to your house, at all hours of the night, He should be investigated. Period. That's called networking.. It's not normal. I live in Los Angelas, work at the World Airport, my home is on hughes ave, by the freeway, since they turned the old KFC into pot medical shack, all kinds of nuts driving down my street. I don't like it, having so many guns, wrong…

      • shut yourmouth

        Learn how to spell, thats why you work at the airport as a janitor. So your saying that if you own a lot of guns your a criminal? You have a computer so does that mean your a hacker? And Stop your crying nobody cares if you miss the KFC…retard, I hope you get hit by a buss.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve had the privilege of knowing this deputy for quit some time, and honestly I can say nothing but positive things about him. All these allegations are false, he doesn’t sell nor do drugs, all of his firearms are registered properly (nothing illegal), so what if he has tats or hangs out with a lot of chicks. How is that wrong? Sounds like to me there is a lot of haters and jealous people out there! And the sad part about this is, that he would be the first person I know to help out a random civilian in need of help. So stop judging about something you guys know nothing about, and how the news gives some bs half ass story!!

    • peaceout

      You are either dumb or lying, prrof is there….. they don't need to arrest him to prove anything… say bye to the badge though!

  • david

    when I think of rich 3 words come to mind HONOR RESPECT AND INTREGRITY , if u know rich then u know he became a cop to honor is fallen brother david who was a honorable man as well and nothing is more honorable than that, rich is a regular American just like any one of us, he doesn't nor has he done drugs or anything illegal or out of the bounds of the law that he has sworn to uphold, he is a great man and he comes from a honorable family who have served our country in many ways, rich party's on his own time like any other regular blue blooded American and no he doesn't have or sell's illegal weapons and get real cops have weapons like any American dose, I think he will and should keep his job and malice towards a fellow brother is insubordination and cowardly look in the mirror first before u judge all in all rich is a amazing friend and brother and son these are facts and RICHIE P WILL BE VINDICATED with out a doubt in my mind period.

    • informed

      WOW, former Deputy, it seems you have alot of time to write or have your homies respond to all of the posts here since you are on PAID leave. Must be nice. Either way, you should all educate yourselves and learn how to form a proper sentence and spell. It would give the appearance that there is an inteligent person on the other end. That would lead to being more credible. All I see here is anger, bitterness and a soon to be unemployed Ex Deputy. Yoyu could always fall back on the side businesses that landed you in this position in the first place though…. but the retirement system isn't as good….

  • Brad J. Penir

    Do you guys realize how much a keg of beer weights, around 100 lbs, wait, maybe 16 lbs after few hours after piquett e hands been on it.

  • john

    Ya dumb ass nerds get that shit right . Stop running your mouths and get a life you jealous ass lames that have nothing better to do then hate on him . Shit sounds like some ppl wish they got tail like him. Smh jealous ass co workers . MIND YOUR OWN BUSSINESS!!!!!!!!!

    • Chip

      So I picture your cracker ass with a fake gold grill in your mouth , using your two fingers on your outstretched hands , like you are a thug azz rapper… LMAO. Use your time to get an education, stop smoking so much weed, and stop calling Mom for a loan. GROW UP

  • Brad J. Penir

    Officer Piquette is the ultimate cop story with powerful arsenal of enormous inside source of darkest side of inner workings of police department. My sources, which have astonishing credibility tell me, this internal investigation, is just starting, and will effect huge amount of other officers, it has the harness and now, the blackest of horses are about to shape everything you ever imagined in your wildest dreams about police department. This might even turned into best seller novel once completed.

  • friend

    This whole story sounds like a set up. They want to show the media that they found a bunch of guns. Who cares if they are registered.La sheriff discriminating on this man for the way he looks. I don’t think tattoos are against the law or being a player.

  • FarmerJohn

    I think what ACTUALLY speaks volumes here are the comments from everyone. On one side you have his friends who are barely literate and keep talking about all the "Haterz." And you have a bunch of cops saying he is done and was an embarrassment! Soooooo….coworkers that aren't shocked by this story and stupid sounding friends. I'm pretty sure I have a handle on the story here lol! By the way….I've never met the guy and don't work for the LASD. But somehow I was able to hear through the grapevine that he was a douche. Oh…and where are all of you getting this info about him banging hot chicks? Most of his Facebook pics (before he removed them) showed him shirtless and rubbing up against other dudes. I'm pretty sure he was gay and the girlfriend was a front. Just sayin… Not that there is anything wrong with that

    • geta life

      First off if your a cop and your posting here fanning the flames, your a piece of shit. Especially if your on this guys department, gone are the days when partners were men and and didnt pass judgement until hard facts were present, his only down fall was joining that shitty department, no respect for their own. Be a man and stop all the “pee” talk…wait to see what happens.

      • Interested

        WOW! As an outsider it's prety entertaining to see whats going on here. I too have to say after all the comments, it appears he is going to be in some serious trouble. All of his "friends and supporters" have a hell of a time completing a sentence without trying to sound like they are hood and from the street. Not someone a cop should surround themselves with. It does speak volumes as to his character. Calling people HaterZ , bitches, shitbags, pieces of shit and reveling in the fact that he is a "Playa" … cmon, you are fanning your own flames. Weather it is you ( Piquette) or your "friends" , either way, it reflects Poorly on you. Soundls like a case of a cop whi was not mature enough to understand the imporance of what the position entails. Not someone I want representing all of police.

  • friend

    Deputy piquette is the last of a dying breed of old school deputy. He handles everything like a man should. Much respect to him and his family.

    Amicus certus in re incerta cernitur

  • Ridiculous

    "Amicus certus in re incerta cernitur." – (quoted by Cicero "A sure friend is seen in an unsure matter"
    Cicero also said,
    "Good deeds, if badly placed, become bad deeds." – quoted by Cicero.

    If the dying breed of old school deputy does not abide the rules and regulations of the department, they should be shown the door.

  • Romper Room LASD

    The bottom line is that Rich is under investigation, and it should not be taken lightly or thought of as being funny.  Department investigations are not a rinky dink operations. A  lot of time and work is put in before someone is relieved of duty or fired.  The  Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department is currently  under federal investigation, so for those of you with conspiracy theories, that's probably not the case.  None of us  employed by LASD want to be under a federal consent decree. If he did something to dishonor his job or this department he SHOULD face the consequences for his actions. The days of brushing misconduct under the carpet and looking the other way are gone. Maybe he was a bad hire as listed in this report.

    • Rulesisrules

      People just don't get it…. we just don't get to decide to turn the other cheek anymore. This is not the profession to go into if you can not act professional BOTH on and off duty.