Chief Beck: Dorner Reward “Should Be Paid Out”

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

LOS ANGELES (KTLA) — The LAPD held a news conference on Tuesday morning to provide an update on the Christopher Dorner case.

It was the first time that LAPD Chief Charlie Beck has spoken since the standoff in Big Bear last Tuesday that ended with Dorner’s death.

beck-presserDorner, a former LAPD officer who was fired in 2009, is believed to have killed four people in a revenge-fueled rampage, outlined in an online manifesto.

His victims included a young Irvine couple, a Riverside police officer and a San Bernardino County sheriff’s deputy.

“Even though much of this is about the discussion of Christopher Dorner, we have to remember the victims,” Beck said on Tuesday.

He also spoke about the 50 LAPD officers and their families who were named in Dorner’s manifesto, and who were under protective details during the manhunt.

“Yes, we’re police officers. We all sign up for some degree of risk,” Beck said. “Our families don’t sign up for that. Our children don’t sign up for that.”

He said that the LAPD is making its psychologists available to all the families “so the kids can have some sense of normalcy, some sense of security.”

Beck then addressed the LAPD’s re-examination of the process that led to Dorner’s firing, as well as the claims he made in his manifesto.

He said his special assistant for constitutional policing, Gerald Chalef, has been working “non-stop” on the review.

“I have great confidence in Mr. Chalef, and I know the police commission will do what is right with this, and so will the Los Angeles Police Department,” Beck said.

Beck also commented on the more than $1 million reward, saying it’s the largest in local law enforcement history.

He said it’s also the most complicated, with over 31 donors involved, including many municipalities that have their own rules for giving rewards.

The LAPD has put together a commission to review the various investigations and make recommendations on who the reward should go to.

“It had its desired effect,” Beck said, noting that the reward generated over 1,000 tips.

“It should be paid out. But it has to be done fairly,” he said. “It has to be done according to the rules that govern these things.”

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  • dogandponyshow

    The entire Beck/LAPD news conference could have been summed up in one sentence:
    "We will become better at covering up our misdeeds."

  • not fooled

    Beck's attitude sure was different from the first time he was asked if he would reopen the investigation into Dorner's employment termination.

    At that time he smirked for the cameras and replied "No".

    And at that moment he truly was open and transparent and represented the culture that is nurtured at the LAPD.

  • fred S.

    The people that notified the police as to the whereabouts of CD deserve the reward because they prevented more bloodshed. The police were spending a lot of money guarding the families in the manefesto round the clock. I do believe however that he was executed because they were pumped up on adrenelene and were seeingblood over their fallen comrades. They did not want this man to come to trial. It reminds me of the movie "Judge Dredd" where the police in the future have become judge, jury, and exectioner. There are recordings of the saying burn that place down before they shot the hot tear gas in, even though they had him surrounded and could have brought in a negotiator. They wanted him gone. The reward had no chance of being paid out with that attitude. He was never coming to trial. Also don't forget that they burned that house down and the owners need it to be rebuilt by the taxpayers. Another expense because of itchy trigger fingers of the police.. It shouldn't matter but I am white not black so this is not a racist rant.

  • guest

    Lies have a way of becoming insidious. Mistakes happen lies dont. What people want from our law enforcement departments is honesty and unnecessary violence that leads to lost lives to "stop" and "everyone" including our officers deserve nothing less.

  • guest

    I guess Beck thinks the suit helps his public image. I love the way Beck tried to come off less of a hard tack when he was zigzagging around telling everyone the money should be paid out "BUT">>> which equals = more damage control and more run around

  • begone

    How come Beck didn't wear his uniform? Trying to give the appearance that he's just like us? Sorry Beck, it's not working and it's a lame attempt.

  • PennyNot

    1000 tips? Not one of which said "Hey, try looking in the cabin next to your media center." Two valid tips, the couple he tied up and the guy he carjacked. Those 1000 tips were time and resource wasting.

    • Daisy may

      Brilliant lapd had access to the keys of the cabin in big bear, the owners live on-site and rent cabins daily, they never thought to ask for a key to search those cabins, dumb dumb lapd, could have saved a life and more destruction, just another bungled operation justified by lapd !!

  • Daisy may

    Didn't beck look all pretty in his suit today, what a respectful chief…lol… He comments that the reward "should" be paid out, more twisted words, if you don't know don't speculate, i can see where this is going, no payout, please prove me wrong beck !!