Cops Confront Armed Men at Lakers Star’s Condo

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Lakers star Metta World Peace got a scare Monday night, when police responded to a report of four armed men outside his Westside condo complex.

metta-picAccording to TMZ, the LAPD got a call around midnight about four armed men — three with handguns and one with a shotgun — lurking outside Metta’s home.

Police initially handcuffed Metta’s brother and cousin after they heard the commotion and came out to speak with cops.

Officers had to wake up the Lakers forward, who quickly vouched for his family.

Eventually, the so-called “armed suspects” came out and proved to police that they were actually residents of the complex.

They were apparently returning home with BB guns while recording a video, TMZ reports. The website says that the four men got off with a warning.

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    • lacofortwenty

      YOU are a moron. Why not call your local police station and ask them WHY they handcuff these baboons AS THEY ARE APPROACHING a volitile situation. You're so quick to jump on the cops. They have to deal with niggers every single day, in mostly high crime areas. If you think you have all the answers, try doing THEIR job. THEY risk their lives for IDIOTS like you 24/7/365.

      Get an education.

    • Peacetrain

      What's the harm in having them handcuffed. Once it can be explained that they are not the ones carrying the weapons, they get taken off. No harm to anyone. What, no weapons? Just toys? The one calling the police didn't know that. No one knew no weapons until those with the toys came out to explain why they were outside with the toys.

      • lacofortwenty

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    • lacofortwenty

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  • kindlady1

    Here we go, again! There is never any excuse for using the "N" word, mouths ought to be wiped out with a large bar of brown soap. It's protocol for police to handcuff anyone they think might be "suspect" and what were those kids doing running around holding bb guns? Stupid, could have gotten shot. Stupid and rude, disrespectful. Also, FYI, I think LAPD is still on edge from the Dorner incident, it would not be wise to piss them off unnecessarily. Once on scene, they handcuff everyone for safety reasons until things are sorted out.

  • mark


    • CAMissy

      Mark, grow up. You don't know what he would be doing if he wasn't playing basketball. But from all your remarks I can see that you are not so bright (intelligent). LAPD should take out all those that need to be taken out, blacks, whites, etc. GROW UP!!!!!

  • topsy

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    • lacofortwenty

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  • lacofortwenty

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  • JVictor

    jeez, Midnight …reports of 4 black men with guns…I would've brought in the SWAT. These men had no business walking around with BB guns that resembles the real thing. People get robbed and raped with fake guns,