Two of Dorner’s Potential Targets Speak About Ordeal

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

LOS ANGELES (KTLA) — Two officers who were being protected by the LAPD during Christopher Dorner’s alleged rampage spoke about being potential targets at a news conference Tuesday.

“For the first two to three hours I was in disbelief,” Sergeant Emada Tingirides said with her husband, Captain Phil Tingirides by her side.

“When you get a phone call and they tell you that somebody’s after your family, and within a very short distance of your home. They’ve already killed somebody else’s daughter. It made me sick to my stomach.” said Capt. Tingirides.

Between them, the couple have six children.

“We’d go in the garage and just cry, because we didn’t want our kids to see the anguish and the hurt that we were feeling,” said Emada Tingirides.

Phil Tingirides chaired the police disciplinary panel that recommended Chris Dorner be fired from the LAPD back in 2009.

Dorner blamed Tingirides for that and named him in his manifesto.

“Never ever did I think that somebody would go to this extent in their rage over the discipline that was handed out to them,” Phil Tingrides told the media.

The Tingirides family lived under 24-hour police protection for six days.

Oddly enough, they were offered a chance to get away from their home and stay in Big Bear, where Dorner eventually turned up.

The family says they spent most of their time in their home playing board games and not watching TV coverage of the Dorner manhunt.

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    • mufon

      Hey begone and Manxie, are you guys going to start up a Facebook support page for the guy who murdered the three people in OC this morning? Surely that killer isn't accountable for his actions either, right guys?

  • IP Freely

    Already investigated, including vetted by a court, when he filed a motion to overturn his firing. But those facts might be too inconvenient for cop-haters.

  • Wisebeyondyears

    At Mark, it's a shame you can't fix STUPID. So until you can speak without offense or sounding like a blithering idiot and a fool at the same time, BE QUIET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • astrid

    Oh my God the poison that spews from your mouth hopefully my children and grandchildren will grow up in a world without hate….You might not like some one but how can you judge them without even knowing.
    Mark go get a life….

  • real talk

    it was refreshing to see someone take the offensive to these PIGS. hopefully the sheep will wake up and will teach these government thugs a lesson they will never forget. its only starting…

  • guest

    Beck's suit today and this couple are carefully orchestrated "damage control". Dorner's case was only heard by a biased 3 panel jury/judges who are all 3 members of LAPD. People need to view the hard evidence in this cas for "themselves". The video deposition of victim Christopher Gettler avaliable from Fox. Gettler testifying LAPD training officer Teresa Evans kicked him [Gettler] in the face. The man has the scar to prove it. LAPD refused to accept Gettler's testimony. In that case it would he said she said and a "draw". Zero grounds to dismiss Dorner.

    • Slap Dick

      Yep except one of the members is a civilian, usually an attorney or probation or parole officer. the decision comes down from the Chiefs office by phone calls during deliberations regardless of what they tell you about the independent boards decision. Dorner had already caused too many problems by making complaints and shooting himself in the hand at this point and they had enough of him so they fired a whistle blower of excessive force. That sends a terrible message to any future whistle blowers of police misconduct.

  • guest

    No one is defending what Dorner did after he snapped. But the man was obviously devastated and shattered, mind and soul. Where does a man with the stature and build of Dorner get a job after LAPD? Dorner was losing his house in Las Vegas. He was in financial hardship. Everyone keeps saying he should have taken just taken his case to a higher court. That takes money, lots of money. LAPD know in there hearts of hearts they did this man wrong. They started more than one fire and now they have to take the heat.

    • S4287

      I can see your point, but you need to look at this with an open mind. This guy was a walking screw up, he had several issues in the academy in which he should of been fired. The misconduct that he reported several weeks after it happen and only after his training officer gave him an unsatisfactory rating, was witnessed by other wits including civilian/citizens that stated that they witnessed no such incident. He only reported it after he knew he was not going to make the cut. He also had issues in the Navy. Hey I'm a LEO and no fan of LAPD but I'm calling how I see it.

  • guest

    Dorner's training officer was black too. What does this couple prove? That lower ranking female officers have relationships and infuence over higher ranking officers?

  • Ret Sergeant

    It is tragic and unfortunate that several innocent people were killed over a Board of Rights (BOR) decision and of course IAG contacting the US Navy to ensure that Christopher Dorner would be screwed. I want to send out my deepest condolences to the officers who lost their lives, as well as those officers critical wounded.

    I would also like to extend my heartfelt condolences to the Quan and Lawrence families.. For years everyone within the LAPD has known that if you were ordered to a BOR, its a kangaroo court. The IAG advocate job is to find you guilt and look for the truth. Also from time-to-time the captains seating on the boards have specific orders from their chain of command to dispense discipline as ordered.

    I trult believe the UOF in Harbor Division occurred. This so-called re-examination will not yield any new evidence. Unfortunately, Sergeant Phil Jackson is no longer available. The comment by Sergeant Tingrides that she has not experience any racism within LAPD is absurb. Her statement that the LAPD hires folks from the human race is straight out of the Department manual. There is definitely nepotism within LAPD.

    As a retired Sergeant II myself, I am embarassed that innocent people were killed because LAPD wanted to ruin a person's life. What happened to the Department Core Values – Integrity in everything we say and do, Reverence for the law, RESPECT for people, Service to the community, a Committment to LEADERSHIP, which by the way is sorely missing starting at the top.

    How do you send out black and white police vehicles as a crime deterent a.k.a. high visibility with no supervisor or a tactical operation's plan. Just look at the unfortunate Torrance OIS. Accountability starts at the top. But, it will probably not play out like that. Wake up LAPD you are better than that. Shame on you for not disemmnating the information about Dorner's arsenal and his skill set to the other law enforcement agencies. So when you state you will be re-examining the merits of the IA investigation, how can you expect the general public to believe you.

    • I'm a Cracker

      you sound very disgruntle, guess that is why you retired, it could be that you could promote any further. Why are you hiding behind a handle/

    • S4287

      Hey Sgt, everyone knows that a BOR is a kangaroo court and your probably right that the members on the BOR already had orders to get rid of this fool. But this guy was a walking screw up, he should of been fired in the Academy after having AD on the range, or putting his hands on another recruits! Instead the idiots at the academy let him become someone else's problem. The background and hiring personnel also bare a lot of the blame too. As far as his training, I refuse to say this guy was highly trained he had no more training than any other vet. He was just fueled with hate and motivated to do some damage. I hate to say it, but this is probably one time that the kangaroo court got it right and fired someone that the academy should of.

      As far as the wrongful shooting of the two ladies delivering news papers the truth of the matter is that
      the officers involved were from the building with no experience in the field. Exactly like this captain and his old lady. Just to let you know this captain on TV has a bad rep with the troops as being a complete AH. If he was stressed out during this incident then it's probably a little payback for all the cops he has screwed in the past. It would not be surprising if one of the clowns on the BOR called the Navy to put the dagger into Dorner's rep, because I know from personal experience that LAPD will not only shit can you but will also go out of their way after that to ruin your future. Beck is a pandering idiot to the mayor's office and all the other fools looking for media time. Don't want to offend you sir but LAPD is a joke, they don't make them like Phil Jackson anymore. They want make a change for the better start at the chief level.

  • Anti-Spam Guest

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