Co-Worker: 1st O.C. Shootings Victim Was a Stripper

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

LADERA RANCH, Calif. (KTLA) — There are new details in the violent Orange County shooting rampage that left four people dead, including the alleged gunman.

courtneyaoki692Police have identified the first victim of Tuesday morning’s murder spree as 20-year-old Courtney Aoki, of Buena Park.

Authorities have also released the frantic 911 call made by the parents of the suspect, 20-year-old Ali Syed.

“I think somebody’s shot … in my house,” Syed’s mother says. “Somebody’s shot. I think there’s somebody shot.”

Hysterical, the woman tries to answer the dispatcher’s questions. Her husband eventually takes over the phone.

“Can you please send somebody here?” he says. “Our son lives with us and I think they got into a fight or something and we heard a gunshot.”

The father also tells the dispatcher that their son has a rifle that he purchased legally.

The parents said they had not gone into their son’s room, but they thought he had left the home in their SUV. They said they did not see a victim.

After allegedly shooting and killing Aoki, police say Syed set off on his 75-minute-long shooting spree, killing two more people and injuring three others.

Syed ended up shooting himself to death as he was being pursued by authorities.

Investigators say they’re not sure what might have set Syed off. He has been described as a loner who spent a lot of time alone in his room playing video games.

At a news conference on Wednesday, Orange County Sheriff’s Department spokesman Jim Amormino said Syed left “no evidence, no note, nothing that would explain this very bizarre, violent behavior.”

He said that, after talking to witnesses and those who knew Syed, “nothing indicated… any violence in the past or anything of that nature.

Syed was unemployed and enrolled in one computer class at Saddleback Community College. He had no criminal record.

No drugs were found in Syed’s room, Amormino said, though toxicology results were still pending.

Meantime, KTLA has learned that the first victim, Courtney Aoki, was going to college and was paying for school by stripping.

KTLA spoke exclusively to a man who often drove Aoki and other girls, and provided security for them when they went to entertain clients. He did not want to be identified.

“I was one of her drivers. She was a stripper,” the man said. “She stripped so she can pay her way through college,” he added.

“What you do is drive her to the place of the person who wants her to strip,” the man explained. “And you drive her there, you stand there and wait for her to come out.”

“If there’s a big party, let’s say a bachelor party, and there are five or six people, you go in there with her and make sure no one touches her.”

He said that he wasn’t with Aoki on Tuesday morning, but he feels terrible about what happened.

“Very nice girl, very sweet girl,” he said, describing Aoki. “One of the sweetest girls I know. Very quiet, very respectful, very polite. She had her whole life ahead of her.”

Investigators have not confirmed any information about Aoki’s occupation. They say they are still trying to determine how she met Syed and why she was at his home.

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  • BradKT

    Another loner endlessly playing video games. Anyone wanna bet that they were EXTREMELY VIOLENT VIDEO GAMES?

    The US Armed forces learned decades ago that you desensitize new recruitssoldiers to killing by constantly exposing them to violent images. This has happened again and again with these violent mass murderers.

    • CentralOC

      "Another loner endlessly playing video games. Anyone wanna bet that they were EXTREMELY VIOLENT VIDEO GAMES?"

      Except that there's no objective statistical link between video games and violence, other than anecdotally. Statistically speaking, the rate of video game involvement among the general populus is about the same as the rate of video game involvement about those who commit violent crimes.

  • Anonymous

    Perhaps this loner who played video games way to much & got way out of reality, ordered a "stripper" & when reality collided w/ his fantasy, he lost it. I'm not a gamer, but I'm thinking Grand Theft Auto & an Avatar (Stripper) scenario.

  • Bill Grant

    I dont know why every parent of an unemployed gamer punk keep giving them guns and other things like violent video games to keep them busy until the time comes when their boredom takes over and they go off like a bad version of Rambo. Parents should really suffer for this asshole.

    • Debra

      As far as I am concerned, you are exactly right. The common denominator in all of these shootings seems to be a rich, spoiled, brat, teenage to 20something yr old male, living off of his parents, who for whatever reason, seem to be in denial and continuously supplying their brat with money, video games and guns–God forbid any of them ever had to actually work. The idiot who shot all the people in the movie theater in CO was charging guns, ammo, etc on cr crds and his idiot parents were footing the bill, never questioning anything. Now, let them get sued by the victims and their families.

  • Anonymous

    These kinds of killings are a growing problem in society….and our government needs to come up with a better solution then talking gun control. it wont change shit! the media needs to refain giving so many details!! This needs to be fixed…because if these killings continue at this rate, I wont want to send my kids to school…and Ill demand I get to carry a gun so I can protect my family. This is ridiculas. You cant feel safe doing anything anymore!

    • CentralOC

      "These kinds of killings are a growing problem in society"

      Actually, not. According to FBI crime statistics, violent crimes such as this are at an all-time low, and have been dropping steadily for over a decade.

  • wtf

    The father also tells the dispatcher that their son has a rifle that he purchased legally.

    No it was a shot gun that his father purchased for him do some research.

  • uterkaos

    "what a f**king chump", this punk was probably a spoiled rotten, angry brat that was catered to by his parents his whole life. Hearing the parents 911 call gives the impression they were afraid of him. They didn't say they were afraid of him but their tone just gave me that vibe. I hope he burns in hell!! RIP to all the victims

  • BrooklynGuy

    Anyone who diminishes the value of a life lost due to a victim's occupation, deserves to trade places with the victim. Who cares if she was a stripper/prostitute? Does she have less value as a human being than a person of any other occupation?

    A life has been cut brutally short. She could have moved on to becoming an educated professional, a wife, a mom, and lived a full life. Now that is not possible.

    Shame on anyone who devalues a human life due to an occupation you do not approve of.