Massive Oil Drums Moved to Chevron Refinery

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. (KTLA) — Two massive oil drums that arrived this week at King Harbor in Redondo Beach were on the move overnight to the Chevron Refinery in El Segundo.

oil-drumIn the early morning hours Thursday, the two huge oil drums were escorted slowly north from Redondo, up Pacific Coast Highway to Sepulveda Boulevard.

From there, they were transported west on Rosecrans Avenue to Pacific Avenue, where they were dropped off at the Chevron Refinery.

“The drums are 100 feet long, they’re about 30 feet in diameter, they weigh a half a million pounds fully loaded on the transports,” said Jeff Wilson, of Chevron Oil.

According to Wilson, the transports themselves are 280 feet long and weigh over a million pounds fully loaded.

Each of the huge oil drums is larger than the space shuttle, and Chevron plans to ultimately move a total of six to the refinery.

The first two were expected to arrive at the refinery at 3 a.m. Thursday. The other two pairs of drums will be moved on Wednesday nights over the next two weeks.

The drums, which were manufactured in Spain, will be replacing 1960s-era models in the refinery’s coker unit, where materials like gasoline, diesel and jet fuel are derived from crude oil.

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  • G man

    Why couldn't these drums be Made in the USA? There are A LOT of Americans who would have love to have a job, but yet the jobs were sent to Spain.

    • Sharky

      dont we have inland oil fields in the USA? rather than get it elsewhere. they think stuff is cheaper outside the States. Yeah. maybe cheaper but our question is, how long will these last for? They save money buying stuff outside the states yet everything is expensive here.

      • Guest

        It had nothing to do with the price of the drums. Unfortunately there is not a company in the US that had the ability to produce the drums of that size.

  • Sam Sleepless

    Haven't been able to sleep on account of the helicopters in a holding pattern over our house!

    Sleepless in Hermosa Beach

  • Jobs Export

    If your unemployed, underemployed, broke or know anyone in this situation you can blame companies like Chevron for destroying the American working class and middle class for exporting our jobs to countries like Spain. These parts are replaced every 45 years or so and could of employed Americans or people right here in California. Due to actions like this from big companies our economy remains weak and unstable. Just think of how many other companies are doing the same thing Chevron just did.

  • Jose

    Why do business people not care to manufacture stuff in the United States? Unemployment in the United States is created by the exportation of jobs. It is that simple.

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