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More Cuts Planned After Voters Reject Sales Tax Hike — Glen Walker Reports

LOS ANGELES — One day after voters soundly rejected a proposal to raise the city’s sales tax by half a cent, the city’s chief budget officer said officials have begun looking at new ways to cut the city’s budget.

“Everything has to be put back on the table, from the size of the police force to the restoration of fire services to the paving of our streets,” said Miguel Santana, who added that he hopes to have budget-cut options for council members to consider before the week is out.

“What the voters have said is … they are expecting us to solve 100% of the problem now, without new revenue,” Santana said.

Measure A, which would have raised Los Angeles’ sales tax to 9.5%, one of the highest in the state, was opposed by 55% of the voters.

Glen Walker reports.