4 Arrested in Biker Freeway Proposal

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

WEST COVINA, Calif. (KTLA) — Four men have been arrested in connection with a marriage proposal that shut down part of the eastbound 10 Freeway in West Covina

The men, Hector Martinez, 24, of Covina, Mike John David Gutierrez, 38, of Lynwood, Giovanni Mendez, 19, of La Puente and Rudy Cadena, 24, of Long Beach were booked at the sheriff’s Industry station on suspicion of misdemeanor public nuisance and participation in an unlawful assembly.

Martinez, who actually made the proposal, was also booked on suspicion of exhibition of speed.

It all happened on Sunday January 27 on the 10 Freeway in West Covina.

More than 300 bikers took to the freeway to help their friend Hector Martinez propose to his girlfriend Paige Hernandez.

The motorcyclists came to a halt in the middle of the freeway and backed up traffic for the dramatic proposal, which was filmed by family members from an overpass.

In the video, Martinez’s wheels begin to emit a cloud of pink smoke, and then he gets off his bike and down on one knee.

The risky move upset the father of the bride-to-be.

“Like I said, I was just a little ticked off, but nothing happened, everybody’s okay,” Luis Hernandez told KTLA.

“They’re both good kids,” he added. “I think they meant no harm. Nobody got hurt, once again… That’s all I gotta say.”

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  • jay

    how about when we get randomly stuck while LAPD decides to stop the whole freeway looking for someone? Anybody ever been stuck in one of those for hours?

  • Joe

    As one poster stated, this should carry with it a kidnapping charge. This is no different than what OJ did in Vegas…holding people in a room and telling them they couldn't leave. They did the same thing to people driving on the freeway.

    What's hilarious is, the girl's father is stupid enough to think it's no big deal. His daughter is marrying a selfish, insoncderate jerk and it's no big deal! I hope you remember this 10-20 years down the road, when he leaves her to raise a kid or two on her own. Selfish, inconsiderate jerks often do.

    What an absolute JOKE, that charges are merely being "considered". They should already be locked up.

  • Rome

    What a bunch of ignorant people we have here haha No one realized all the money raised for charity with this ride. The engagement was just a side note.

    • Joe

      Whatever good they may have done is completely meaningless, in light of their wreckless, inconsiderate and selfish behavior. It's hilarious you'd be stupid enough to think it makes everything OK.

  • Wes

    DA will not do anything because they are afraid of biker retribution. Yes, I realize that the bikers will have to look up that big word…retribution.

    This means that we will be held hostage on freeways more and more often…because authorities are afraid to punish these thugs in order to train them to be civil like the rest of us. You know, like children need to be trained.

  • RJrall

    I’m stunned that so many people can be so stupid. (The groom can be explained by his father.) Maybe we really do need this Police State…These idiots couldn’t get away with this if they were chipped. All persons within these geofence coordinates would be summoned to court. No-shows would lose their ability to purchase and have their spending accounts adjusted. The worst offenders would be subject to torture and rendition. Oops…They already are.

  • Old guy on a Bike

    Wow. Really? I think this act of love is commendable. I do agree it wasn't the best choice of location and, yes, they did break the law. But to call them, "Knuckle dragging neanderthals" is ignorant. To suggest that this type of behavior is why inattentive drivers kill numerous responsible cyclists each year, by "Aim[ing] for them" is also ignorant. Also, if more people had a higher degree of personal responsibility in their own time management, they would fly down the road at excessive rates of speed while trying to apply make-up or stuffing a biscuit down their throat. Late for work? Please!? Selfish?!

    Simply, it was a bad choice that could have hurt a large amount of people. In this case, it made some late for whatever appointment they had. I haven't seen any other reports of accidents caused directly by this. It says the slowed down to a crawl. Had drivers been paying attention to what was happening around them, no accidents would have ensued (if any actually did). For breaking the law, yes, give them a ticket with some community service in a trauma center or in a wrecker service with a CHP contract so they may see exactly what their actions "Could" have caused. A small fine and congratulations on the nuptials. Case closed.

    Thank God, I don't have to worry about drivers who wish to run down and kill a cyclist simply because that driver has some serious prejudice issues.

  • tanyajones123

    Now that is a little extreme don't you think. 300 bikers backing up traffic, to propose on a highway? That's just wrong and stupid.

  • Talena

    I wonder why this particular spot was soooooo significant? Maybe they had an accident there and she saved his life! Maybe they were stuck in traffic and were next to each other and it's when they met for the first time! Romantic!!!

  • kika reyes

    first off all of a sudden people wanna act like they give a funk about other people being late & blah blah blah,dont be hypocrites this proposal wasn't even that long so dont go acting like they shut it down for like an hr damm it!! second of all for your fyi all these bikers got up early in the morning to do a charity which i bet half of you lil haters on here probably have never or never will do,well these bikers risk their life's to actually do something productive on a sunday morning !! third i think this is the best freakin way to show some of you reckless drivers driving a car how to share the freaking road cause so many bikers loose their life because stupid car/truck/ drivers are not paying attention or are on their damm cell phones so a motorcycle is only as dangerous as the person driving a vehicle not paying attention. && last but not least dont be haters this was the best proposal ever && dont be jealous if you dont ride a motorcycle && you cant stop the freeway like these riders who cause no harm to anyone !! so to all you haters share the road & actually give bikers props for all the charities they do for the community<3

    • Joe

      You are obviously a crying, little spoiled turd who thinks the world revolves around you. Raising a few bucks for a charity doesn't make up for the fact that the riders who did this are a bunch of inconsiderate, selfish jerks. Other people shouldn't have to sit around, while an incredibly selfish person does what's important to him. It's amazing that you're too stupid to comprehend this. Obviously, the bimbo to whom he proposed is too dumb to recognize this flaw in her fiance's personality.

      Considering how bad your writing is, I'm not shocked you're too dumb to see how wreckless & selfish this was.

    • Joe

      By the way, since your ignorance seems to know no bounds, I HAVE done charity rides. We do as little as possible to interfere with other traffic. We aren't so selfish that we impose our priorities onto others.

      Years down the road, Paige is going to be left raising a kid or two on her own, or something equally bad. She'll have only herself to blame, for saying "Yes" to an incredibly selfish and inconsiderate jerk. It's a shame that she's also too stupid to see the obvious.