NASA: Mars Could Have Supported Life Long Ago — Carolyn Costello Reports

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

mars-rocksIt’s was the most important part of curiosity’s 2.5 billion dollar mission to mars.

The car-sized robotic rover drilled into bedrock and then analyzed the powder to discover : a life sustaining environment once existed on mars.

Scientists say we humans could have drank the water that once flowed on ancient mars, but if life did once exist there it was likely far less complex.

“Like plankton floating on surface of the water or little microscopic amoeba living in a pile of sediment at the bottom of the lake,” says Joel Hurowitz, JPL.

And even though scientists, like Joel Hurowitz, at NASA’s JPL, doubt there was ever a civilization of Martians on the red planet, the discovery of once habitable conditions shows a universe of possibility.

“For us this is the first step in establishing whether or not we are alone in solar system or alone in the universe,” Hurowitz says.

With billions of planets orbiting billions of stars, the odds indicate that life took hold and began to evolve in other places somewhere out there.

“To me it seems improbable that there wouldn’t be life somewhere out there, whether it’s an advanced alien civilization or just a bunch of plankton floating in ocean. I can’t say, but I’d be surprised if we were alone,” Hurowitz says.

While we can only imagine, for now, what or who else is living far beyond our solar system we can safely assume, here on earth, we are not alone.

— Carolyn Costello, KTLA News

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