Sex Allegations Probed at Local High School

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

“A lot of parent have concerns about this school especially with the administration.”

Word of alleged misconduct at Tahquitz High involving a school employee has this parent wondering if he will ever get the real story.

“This administration here at this school, and this is my personal opinion, is I guess you could say uses their own discretion as what a need to know basis.”

A harsh response to the way the Hemet district is handling the police investigation taking place at the high school¬† — that may involve an inappropriate relationship between a educator and a student.

“This is an ongoing investigation by Hemet PD and at this time we are not able discuss any details specific to the case.”

The district wouldn’t say when it learned of the allegations — but told KTLA it has taken appropriate personnel action and just today notified parents via telephone.¬† The district also said the police are driving the investigation and because it’s a personnel matter that the district won’t release any specifics.

“We should have every right to know what goes on at the school. I pay my taxes I pay their salaries, but they don’t think I have a right to know everything that goes on.”

This parent who didn’t want to give us his name — says although this investigation may involve disturbing claims — he will wait to see what police uncover.

“If these are just allegations I’ve seen somebody sit in jail on allegations so maybe we shouldn’t be quick to judge but if this is true and it’s proven, no mercy.”

— Sara Welch, KTLA News

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